Cyber security deployment guide to effectively safeguard systems & data

Following are the cyber-security measures, in a step by step delineation, that can be deployed to safeguard systems and data.

Z-wave pairing flaw could leave smart homes at risk

Attackers could utilise the Z-Shave downgrade attack to open your smart lock.

“Price and convenience” - why brick and mortar retailers must adopt mobile

High street retailers can fight back against their online competition with the latest mobile app-based technology.

US jury awards Apple $539m for iPhone patent infringement

Samsung may have lost the retrial but the Korean tech giant could still appeal the decision.

How traditional finance companies can safeguard their future in the age of blockchain

By having the right cloud infrastructure and security solutions in place, businesses will be fully prepared to take advantage of the blockchain.

5 things to do now for GDPR compliance

With the regulation set to go into effect today, now is the time for your organisation to invest in compliance.

How to solve big growth problems in fintech? Part One

What problems do fintechs need to solve to scale up and grow profits?

Cloud migration: The CIO’s five allies for success

A successful mass migration to the cloud requires every department at an organisation to be on board.

Patching: The forgotten hero

Take the time to update and patch your system on 'National Clean Up Your Computer Day'.

Not all digital threats are created equal

The challenges of discovering, investigating, assessing risks, and mitigation and prevention require urgent attention.

Creating the right culture and environment for employees to thrive in a digital age

A more human approach is needed to hire and retain employees as we move into a completely digital era.



After Media Storm Over User Safety, Q&A Site Surpasses 100 Million Signups, 60% “Active”, the personal Q&A site that's been steeped in controversy over safety concerns for its predominantly teen user base, shows little sign of growth slowing. It's now surpassed 100 million signups to its web and mobile apps -- up from 65 million in June last year -- and is adding between 180-200,

Latest Update Brings KitKat to Google Glass

It's been a while since we last heard of a software update for Glass and now I guess we know why. The team over at Mountain View has been busy updating the face-computer to run on the latest version of Android (4.4.2 a.k.a. KitKat). Read more...

Southeast Asia Celebrates the New Year With Huge Water Fights

It's the neighborhood water fight your 10-year-old self could only dream of.From Sunday to Tuesday, people across Southeast Asia participated in their respective country's water festivals to celebrate the New Year. In Thailand, it's called Songkran; in Myanmar, it's called Thingyan.

LinkedHashMap实现LRU算法 - 孟衡

LinkedHashMap特别有意思,它不仅仅是在HashMap上增加Entry的双向链接,它更能借助此特性实现保证Iterator迭代按照插入顺序(以insert模式创建LinkedHashMap)或者实现LRU(Least Recently Used最近最少算法,以access模式创建Linke...

DPDK内存管理-----(三)rte_malloc内存管理 - MerlinJ

rte_malloc()为程序运行过程中分配内存,模拟从堆中动态分配内存空间。1 void *2 rte_malloc(const char *type, size_t size, unsigned align)3 {4 return rte_malloc_socket(type, size...

原來 iPhone 6 Plus 及 iPad Air 2 螢幕色準完全不及 Galaxy Note 4

iPhone 6 Plus 及 iPad Air 2 所採用的 Retina 螢幕質素一向都有很高評價,不過是否無懈可擊就可能有所保留了。

KONAMI发表官方声明 解释社长访谈带来的误会




Kangaroo Roams Free in Staten Island During Glorious Morning Romp

A kangaroo just trying to have a nice morning on Staten Island Saturday morning has been captured and returned to his life of quiet indoor desperation.Read more...

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