How may self-driving vehicles lead to job losses?

Autonomous vehicles may lead to temporary job loss but in the long term they will create new jobs and make the roads safer.

Security firms warn most ATMs still run Windows XP

ATM security is nothing more than a nuisance for hackers, researchers claim.

Germany urged to ban Huawei 5G hardware

Senior government officials want to follow in the footsteps of the US.

Samsung reveals major 5G and AI investment

Tech giant wants to take 20 per cent of the 5G market share by 2020.

Microsoft acquires AI development company

Deal marks another step towards conversational AI.

Google Maps lets you message businesses directly

Why call when you can text them from a map?

Localisation assurance: Ensure rich UX by avoiding these three common misconceptions

The below sections list down the top three misconceptions about localisation assurance.

Can AI keep the ‘human’ in HR?

Despite the obvious benefits that AI can bring, there is real concern that the technology poses a threat to job roles such as HR managers.

Cyber security deployment guide to effectively safeguard systems & data

Following are the cyber-security measures, in a step by step delineation, that can be deployed to safeguard systems and data.

Patching: The forgotten hero

Take the time to update and patch your system on 'National Clean Up Your Computer Day'.

Not all digital threats are created equal

The challenges of discovering, investigating, assessing risks, and mitigation and prevention require urgent attention.

SNL's 'Game of Thrones' Author: I'm Out of Plot Ideas

Game of Thrones fans are well aware of the fact that George R.R. Martin — author of the books behind the HBO show — just can't finish the last two novels in the series.Ahead of Game of Thrones' return to the small screen on Sunday night,


本文是徐飞在QCon北京2014大会上分享的内容整理。 By 徐飞


上海2014年7月22日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,嘉兴昌正箱包制造有限公司(以下简称“昌正箱包 ”)邀请 TUV 南德意志集团(以下简称“TUV SUD ”)对其员工及其供应商进行了箱包类产品欧盟出口召回案例以及受限物质解析相关培训,旨在让其员工及其供应商了解欧盟法规要求,把控生产流程,从而提高产品质量、跨越技术壁垒,拓宽欧盟市场。


多年以后,面对乱纷纷的微博主页面,有多少网友如我一样,不由地怀念起当年刚刚诞生的那个Beta版新浪微博? 新浪 […]

内部消息流出:SD 闪投项目频频超募秘密遭破解!

身为创业者,如果至今都不知道天使汇的 Speed Dating 闪投,那你真的需要好好看这篇资料:简单地说,天使汇给创业者与投资人牵线搭桥,弄了个SD 闪投,两厢情愿一拍即合没准儿下一个(或多个)超募的项目就又诞生了。

HTC 2015 年第一擊:平價入門級 3G 手機 Desire 320

雖然現時不少人都將焦點擺放在 HTC One (M8) 的後繼機之上,亦即是傳聞已久的 HTC Hima,不過今日 HTC 今日卻意外地公開了另一款新手機,而比較可惜的是這款全新的 Desire 320 只屬一款平價 3G 手機。


谢 @Zampeli Diana 邀。话说之前拖延的一个回答我补充完毕了,大家可以去看一下。为了回答题主的这个问题,我特意翻了翻两本知名的中级宏观经济学教科书:Mankiw, N. Gregory. Macroeconomics. Worth Publishers, 2012.Blanchard, Olivier, and David R.

Pixelmator 登陆 iPhone 用户上手体验简评

威锋网 5 月 28 日消息,Pixelmator 今天正式更新支持 iPhone,这也是这款功能强大的图像编辑应用程序首次支持 iPhone 平台。喜欢这款应用的用户可以在 App Store 中下载,售价为 30 元。

新版本 Google Glass 年内登场,但仍不是给普通人买到的...

有个好消息给穿戴式设备的粉丝,因为新一代的 Goolge Glass 即将到来。但这次同样不是开发给所有人都可以入手一台,因为根据 Recode 和华尔街日报的报道,谷歌正为企业合作伙伴准备一台以工作为主要用途的新版本智能眼镜。

The last bastion of leaked 'Fallout 4' video: PornHub

Fans desperate to share some low-quality footage of the upcoming video game Fallout 4 have stashed their controversial video at the home of lots of other low-quality, shaky footage: PornHub.

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