How may self-driving vehicles lead to job losses?

Autonomous vehicles may lead to temporary job loss but in the long term they will create new jobs and make the roads safer.

Z-wave pairing flaw could leave smart homes at risk

Attackers could utilise the Z-Shave downgrade attack to open your smart lock.

“Price and convenience” - why brick and mortar retailers must adopt mobile

High street retailers can fight back against their online competition with the latest mobile app-based technology.

US jury awards Apple $539m for iPhone patent infringement

Samsung may have lost the retrial but the Korean tech giant could still appeal the decision.

How traditional finance companies can safeguard their future in the age of blockchain

By having the right cloud infrastructure and security solutions in place, businesses will be fully prepared to take advantage of the blockchain.

5 things to do now for GDPR compliance

With the regulation set to go into effect today, now is the time for your organisation to invest in compliance.

How to solve big growth problems in fintech? Part One

What problems do fintechs need to solve to scale up and grow profits?

Cloud migration: The CIO’s five allies for success

A successful mass migration to the cloud requires every department at an organisation to be on board.

Cyber security deployment guide to effectively safeguard systems & data

Following are the cyber-security measures, in a step by step delineation, that can be deployed to safeguard systems and data.

Patching: The forgotten hero

Take the time to update and patch your system on 'National Clean Up Your Computer Day'.

Not all digital threats are created equal

The challenges of discovering, investigating, assessing risks, and mitigation and prevention require urgent attention.

Xperia Z2 抵港遥遥无期,Z1 Compact 四月底率先上场

分类: 智能手机早在 MWC 2014 就发表的 Xperia Z2 虽然已经被拆解,也在台湾展开发售,但到底何时才会在香港推出仍然是一个谜。早前有消息指出 Xperia Z2 将要延迟到六月才会在香港开售。


蒂姆·库克上任以来的第一桩大买卖,似乎流露出要告吹的苗头。 此前《金融时报》曾报道,苹果正在与著名耳机生产商暨 […]



California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels

cartechboy writes Google showed us what it feels is the car of the future. It drives itself, it doesn't have a gas or brake pedal, and there's no steering wheel. But that last one might be an issue.



Sony's Smartwatch 3 has popped up in the Google Play store, listed for an about-average $250.

Sony's Smartwatch 3 has popped up in the Google Play store, listed for an about-average $250. For that, you'll get all your normal Android Wear features, plus 4GB of onboard storage to let you stream music without the need for a phone. If that tickles your fancy,



Ask Slashdot: How Does One Verify Hard Drive Firmware?

An anonymous reader writes: In light of recent revelations from Kaspersky Labs about the Equation Group and persistent hard drive malware, I was curious about how easy it might be to verify my own system's drives to see if they were infected. I have no real reason to think they would be,


如果你是像我一样,从N年前就在互联网圈混的80后,相信你也感受到了现在90后的凶猛:他们聪明,有创意,有活力。 ...

突破 100 吋!樂視推出 120 吋超級電視 uMax120

今日除咗樂 1s 之外,Letv 亦推出「巨無霸」超級電視 uMAX120,具備 120 吋 4K + 3D 熒幕,十分巨大!據 Letv 方面表示,他們主攻商用市場,相信是用於在商場或公共地方展示內容。The post 突破 100 吋!

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