Digital transformation: Demystifying needs and challenges

Riverbed Technology’s CIO, Richard Hillebrecht, shares his thoughts on the challenges that CIOs face with digital projects and shares some critical factors that can determine the success of any digital transformation.

Z-wave pairing flaw could leave smart homes at risk

Attackers could utilise the Z-Shave downgrade attack to open your smart lock.

“Price and convenience” - why brick and mortar retailers must adopt mobile

High street retailers can fight back against their online competition with the latest mobile app-based technology.

US jury awards Apple $539m for iPhone patent infringement

Samsung may have lost the retrial but the Korean tech giant could still appeal the decision.

How traditional finance companies can safeguard their future in the age of blockchain

By having the right cloud infrastructure and security solutions in place, businesses will be fully prepared to take advantage of the blockchain.

5 things to do now for GDPR compliance

With the regulation set to go into effect today, now is the time for your organisation to invest in compliance.

How to solve big growth problems in fintech? Part One

What problems do fintechs need to solve to scale up and grow profits?

Cloud migration: The CIO’s five allies for success

A successful mass migration to the cloud requires every department at an organisation to be on board.

UK government websites infected by cryptocurrency miners

Hackers injected malicious code into a plug-in for the blind in order to mine for the cryptocurrency Monero.

Three quarters of UK businesses are ready for EU GDPR

Despite Brexit, optimism is high, with some organisations spending up to £3.5 million on becoming compliant.

Raising customer service productivity with gameification

Speech analytics can allow call centres to implement gameification in a new and more engrossing way.

3 out of 5 broadband households now have a connected TV

More and more people are connecting their TVs to the internet -- and as a result, they may be starting to watch less traditional television.    

支持iOS 7.1!苹果发布Xcode 5.1更新

在苹果正式推送iOS 7.1的同时,在苹果开发者中心,我们也迎来了Xcode 5.1的更新。全新的Xcode SDK不仅完全支持iOS 7.1、OS X Mavericks和OS X Mountain Lion,还进行了一系列的功能新增、Bug修复及稳定性改进。

Vonage CEO Marc Lefar To Step Down

Home VoIP pioneer Vonage is looking for a new chief after its longtime CEO announced his retirement. Marc Lefar joined Vonage in 2008 and the company today announced he will step down after his replacement is found. And this replacement has a tough act to follow. Read More

Behind 'Halt and Catch Fire': Compaq's Rise to PC Domination

For his day job, Brian McCullough is the CEO of and has founded several companies in the online careers space. He started the Internet History Podcast as a crowd-sourced history project in February of this year. You can subscribe to the podcast here.This Sunday,

IT firms earn more from government contracts than any other industry: HP bags almost £2bn

According to a government think tank that looked at over 38 million transactions, IT companies received the most money from government spending over the last two years. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

大数据预测世界杯 八种方法谁靠谱


Kim Jong-un Visited a Lube Factory, and Of Course It Became a Meme

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently visited the Chonji Lubricant Factory and was very, shall we say, "excited" — no, let's go with "pleased" — by the lubricant-making machines he saw.

日美科学家发现远古宇宙第一代恒星痕迹 比太阳大数百倍


'Afraid to Ask Andy' Meme Perfectly Captures Your Insecurities

Self conscious of subjects you know nothing about? The Afraid to Ask Andy meme can help.The latest trending captioned series gives timid people an outlet for asking questions with help from Chris Pratt's dim-witted character on Parks and RecreationSee also:



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