Equifax hack may have been worse than previously thought

More data was compromised than initially believed, new reports have claimed.

Z-wave pairing flaw could leave smart homes at risk

Attackers could utilise the Z-Shave downgrade attack to open your smart lock.

“Price and convenience” - why brick and mortar retailers must adopt mobile

High street retailers can fight back against their online competition with the latest mobile app-based technology.

US jury awards Apple $539m for iPhone patent infringement

Samsung may have lost the retrial but the Korean tech giant could still appeal the decision.

How traditional finance companies can safeguard their future in the age of blockchain

By having the right cloud infrastructure and security solutions in place, businesses will be fully prepared to take advantage of the blockchain.

5 things to do now for GDPR compliance

With the regulation set to go into effect today, now is the time for your organisation to invest in compliance.

How to solve big growth problems in fintech? Part One

What problems do fintechs need to solve to scale up and grow profits?

Cloud migration: The CIO’s five allies for success

A successful mass migration to the cloud requires every department at an organisation to be on board.

Ransomware costs European SMBs £71 million in downtime

Some businesses still decide to pay the ransom as they see it as a cheap way out.

Digital transformation: Demystifying needs and challenges

Riverbed Technology’s CIO, Richard Hillebrecht, shares his thoughts on the challenges that CIOs face with digital projects and shares some critical factors that can determine the success of any digital transformation.

UK government websites infected by cryptocurrency miners

Hackers injected malicious code into a plug-in for the blind in order to mine for the cryptocurrency Monero.

Polaris Partners Grows Out West, Adding Ex-oDesk Chief Gary Swart

Polaris Partners, the eighteen year old venture capital firm headquartered in Boston, has added former oDesk chief executive Gary Swart as its first general partner focused on technology on the West Coast. Already an active angel investor,

BCN:2014年上半年华硕平板日本销量超越iPad 市场份额占38.9%

根据市场研究公司 BCN 的最新统计数据,2014年上半年,华硕平板电脑在日本的销量超过了苹果 iPad。今年上半年,华硕的市场份额同比去年增长了8%,占有日本平板电脑市场份额的38.9%。苹果 iPad 占有日本市场份额36.4%。



Police cadets boo NYC mayor during graduation ceremony

NYPD cadets booed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio before and during his speech at their graduation ceremony on Monday, days after some officers turned their backs to the mayor while he spoke at a fellow officers' funeral on Saturday.




'Rewilding' takes formerly incarcerated men on the road trip of a lifetime

The transformative power of travel is being put to the test in a new web series."Rewilding" is the brain child of Jesse Spiegel, self-described adventurer and entrepreneur, and filmmaker Doug Metzger. In the series,

Here's how to bend nails and rip phone books apart, weaklings

Professional strongman Chris "Wonder" Schoeck stopped by Mashable to teach non-strongmen (and women) how to bend nails and tear a deck of playing cards in half. Sounds easy, right? Well, we clearly need to start training if we are to impress our friends with feats of super-human strength.



These are the 15 most impressive looks from Comic Con in London

LONDON — There were panels from The Walking Dead and Dr Who, eSports contests and signings galore, but as ever it was the public who won London Comic Con.The capital's Excel centre was overrun by Stormtroopers,

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