Equifax hack may have been worse than previously thought

More data was compromised than initially believed, new reports have claimed.

Security firms warn most ATMs still run Windows XP

ATM security is nothing more than a nuisance for hackers, researchers claim.

Germany urged to ban Huawei 5G hardware

Senior government officials want to follow in the footsteps of the US.

Samsung reveals major 5G and AI investment

Tech giant wants to take 20 per cent of the 5G market share by 2020.

Microsoft acquires AI development company

Deal marks another step towards conversational AI.

Google Maps lets you message businesses directly

Why call when you can text them from a map?

Localisation assurance: Ensure rich UX by avoiding these three common misconceptions

The below sections list down the top three misconceptions about localisation assurance.

Can AI keep the ‘human’ in HR?

Despite the obvious benefits that AI can bring, there is real concern that the technology poses a threat to job roles such as HR managers.

Ransomware costs European SMBs £71 million in downtime

Some businesses still decide to pay the ransom as they see it as a cheap way out.

Digital transformation: Demystifying needs and challenges

Riverbed Technology’s CIO, Richard Hillebrecht, shares his thoughts on the challenges that CIOs face with digital projects and shares some critical factors that can determine the success of any digital transformation.

UK government websites infected by cryptocurrency miners

Hackers injected malicious code into a plug-in for the blind in order to mine for the cryptocurrency Monero.

BSD Real-Time Operating System NuttX Makes Its 100th Release: NuttX 6.33

paugq writes "NuttX is a real-time operating system (RTOS) with an emphasis on standards compliance and small footprint. Scalable from 8-bit to 32-bit microcontroller environments, the primary governing standards in NuttX are POSIX and ANSI standards.


我不知道有多少人会像我一样,哪怕多次来同一家购物中心,仍然会在这些巨大而复杂的空间结构里找不着北,仍然厌恶为了 […]



众筹网站Kickstarter修改规则,推“Launch Now” 功能,60%的项目将有可能无需审查直接上线

今日,众筹网站Kickstarter更新了官方博客,CEO兼联合创始人Yancey Strickler宣布,他们修改了项目发起规则,剔除了已不合时宜的条款,将1000条规则缩减为300条。



Ubi Interactive is offering up an affordabl Kinect-powered touch screen solution for education

Earlier this week, we reported Microsoft's commitment to educational change through it's reestablished partnership with New York City Public School district. Well, continuing on the trend of utilizing Microsoft software and devices to transform traditional forms of education, Victor Cervantes,

With $3M In Funding, Honest Dollar Hopes To Make Retirement Plans Affordable For SMBs

Honest Dollar wants to eliminate the hurdles associated with setting up and maintaining employee retirement accounts for small businesses. The company also wants to help reduce the fees workers are hit with through typical 401(k) programs. Read More



Apple’s iPhone 6s Produces A Colorful Vision Of Haiti Through A Painter’s Eyes

In advance of the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple gave one to RYOT, maker of VR and documentary films. They produced a short about a painter in Haiti who is trying to transform the very poor neighborhood he lives in into a bright palette of colors.

Android入门2:从GridView控件使用到自定义Adapter - jt.tian


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