Cortana comes to all Android Microsoft Launcher users in latest update

This latest update for the Microsoft Launcher brings the much anticipated Cortana integration, and you can use the digital assistant right from your home screen to make calls, schedule meetings and more.

Android 6 Vs. iOS 9: The Showdown

It wasn’t too long ago that we put the major mobile operating systems head to head, but with big updates from both Google and Apple in the meantime, we think it’s worth another look at where they both stand. Is there a clear winner? Or are they barely distinguishable any more?Read more...

Microsoft announces new product badges for Microsoft Store apps and games

Microsoft's new product badges feature makes it easy to promote apps and games from the Microsoft Store.

Sprint to offer free, unlimited data for Windows 10 on ARM devices until the end of the year

Sprint is offering free, unlimited data for Windows 10 on ARM devices until the end of 2018.

Microsoft Edge Beta updated on iOS with new hub design, developer options menu, and more

Microsoft has just released an update for Edge Beta on iOS, and it adds in a new hub design, a developer options menu, and more.

Xbox 360 SmartGlass app is being retired on all platforms today

Microsoft is retiring the Xbox 360 SmartGlass apps for all platforms today, encouraging users to switch to the more modern Xbox app for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Details of Gates’ science and innovation meetings with president Trump surface, and they’re not good

Unfortunately, Gates' session with Trump is more like bad stand up than an enlighted discourse about leading world change.

Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things to take the Xbox Game Pass Challenge

Caleb McLaughlin, also known as his character on Stranger Things, Lucas Sinclair, will be taking the Xbox Game Pass Challenge on May 20.

Former Microsoft exec Qi Lu steps down from leadership role at Baidu

Lu joined last year with the express intent to evolve the Baidu platform into an AI first solution as well as center the company around a similar mindset moving forward.

Microsoft’s hires a new Chief Diversity Officer

Microsoft yesterday announced the hiring of Lindsay-Rae McIntyre as its next chief diversity officer. She will be responsible for implementing and driving initiatives to further Microsoft’s progress in building a diverse and inclusive culture

Microsoft again ranked one of the world’s most ethical companies

For the eight year in a row, Microsoft has been chosen as one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute

Save up to $229 on Surface Pro with Type Cover bundle, starting at $699

You can now save up to $229 on a Surface Pro with Type Cover bundle, with some models starting at $699.


Numbers don't lie. 最近发现大家对如何成为一名数据科学家?的答案比较关注,表示受宠若惊。最近有点小忙,但作为一名DMer鄙人决定继续分享一些知识来回报各位厚爱。下面是看统计报告时要注意的点。




北京2014年7月1日电  /美通社/ -- Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) 最近发布了一款低功耗无线电收发器 ADF7024,其具有一组配置特性,可优化无线电性能、减少系统开发时间并缩短数月之久的产品上市时间。

[视频]研究发现比起成人 孩子更愿意教授机器人玩游戏



作者:bert ,“专注于交互设计领域,热爱并关注互联网产品及用户体验。 爱读书,求甚解,怀旧,喜欢王家卫和老友记。”首先是一则老新闻:2011年2年美国电子书销售额已经超过纸质书籍的销售额。然后是一则近期的 ... ...

New Microsoft Project Makes Shakey Timelapse Video Watchable

Trying to keep first-person video steady involves skill and the right equipment, but a new Microsoft Research project aims to help the everyday adventurer create hyperlapse creations that won't induce unintentional nausea.Read more...


(一篇旧作)因为有乱收藏影碟的癖好,前阵在浏览各国新片信息时,偶然看见一则新闻说,韩国 8月11日上映的本土电影《最终兵器:弓》击败美国《蓝精灵》等片,登上韩国暑期票房榜首。

充满想象力的 JavaScript 物理和重力实验 - 梦想天空(山边小溪)

在这个列表中挑选了9个物理和重力实验,用来展示 Javascript 的强大。几年前,所有这些实验都必须使用 Java 或 Flash 才能做。

美国地质勘探局:2014年全球发生大地震12次 比2013年明显减少




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