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Microsoft plans to remove Windows 10 Phone Companion app

According to a report Microsoft is planning on removing the Phone Companion app in Windows 10. The app originally launched in 2015 and was designed as a guide for helping users connect and integrate their mobile devices with the Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10 is old news, now Microsoft needs to modernize it

Windows 10 has been pushed out to customers and the feedback has been positive. While there are still many questions about how and why Window 10 respects user privacy and data there are still...The post Windows 10 is old news, now Microsoft needs to modernize it appeared first on WinBeta.

WinBeta's Back to School Guide 2014 - the best Windows laptops, tablets, and phones to get you going

As the summer rolls to an end here in the United States, schoolchildren and university students, are grabbing their supplies and getting ready to head back to their respective institutions for another year of intense learning and disheartening cafeteria food. However,

HTC One M8 for Windows Review: It's No Lumia, But That's Just Fine

Until recently, buying a Windows Phone probably meant buying a Nokia phone. But it doesn't need to be that way. HTC has just turned its flagship Android smartphone, the HTC One (M8), into the best all-purpose Windows Phone you can buy.Read more...

Windows 10 Twitter PWA picks up ability to upload videos, see profile cards with hover

The Twitter PWA on Windows 10 recently picked up both the ability to upload videos and also see a profile card with a hover

Microsoft takes Store shopping cart feature offline, says it will return in the next few weeks

Microsoft's Brad Rossetti just announced today that the feature is now going offline, and will return in the next few weeks.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17741, here’s what’s new

The preview build 17741 is bringing more minor fixes and improvements today, and Microsoft highlighted that it's now easier than ever to get started with the Your Phone app with a new desktop pin that will take you directly to it.

Skype Preview app adds new option to archive conversations

Microsoft is adding a new Archive feature to its new cross-platform Skype app, for the times when you want to hide conversations instead of deleting them.

The Wider Web: Google’s Location History, Twitter tightens 3rd party access, and more

As usual, there’s lots happening in the tech world, and not all of it involves Microsoft. Of course, there was some big cross platform news that did involve Microsoft and Amazon, as the long awaited connection between Alexa and Cortana is finally live in preview.

Microsoft fixes log in and activation issues in Office 365

Microsoft announced that it has fixed an issue preventing Office 365 users to log in or activating their Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android also gets book annotations, breaking news alerts

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android is also getting book annotations, breaking news alerts, and other features from the iOS version.

No, beer is not coming in the Minecraft Aquatic Update

The Minecraft Aquatic Update is set to overhaul everything water, and also introduce a number of new features to the hit game, but just not beer.

Cortana comes to all Android Microsoft Launcher users in latest update

This latest update for the Microsoft Launcher brings the much anticipated Cortana integration, and you can use the digital assistant right from your home screen to make calls, schedule meetings and more.

Microsoft’s hires a new Chief Diversity Officer

Microsoft yesterday announced the hiring of Lindsay-Rae McIntyre as its next chief diversity officer. She will be responsible for implementing and driving initiatives to further Microsoft’s progress in building a diverse and inclusive culture


威锋网讯 2 月 25 日消息,根据日本媒体的报导,日前有统计机构公布了 2013 年日本国内智能手机的出货数据,其中显示苹果仍然是排在首位的手机品牌,该公司旗下 iPhone 占据日本智能手机市场 32% 的市场份额。

LBS数据分析:使用地图展示统计数据——麻点图与麻数图 - sink_cup

作为一个LBS的APP,都获得了用户经纬度,也都使用了友盟统计、google ana等等统计分析系统,不过没有地图展示功能,不能进行直观的展示。


导读:除了没有真刀真枪,如今的互联网跟古代的战国时代没有什么区别,豪强并起,今朝还是王者,明日就一命呜呼。战胜 […]

任天堂申请模拟器专利 用于阻止第三方开发



纽约2015年6月11日电 /美通社/ -- 环球资源Global Sources Ltd. (NASDAQ: GSOL) 今天公布,计划于2015年6月底前开始,并预计在2015年7月底前完成一项发行人要约收购,以每股7.50美元的现金价格收购最多6,666,

Google Earth:少小离家老大回,纵使相逢应不识

相信许多人有过这样的经历,在绿色和蓝色组成的 Google Earth 上寻找自己的家在哪里,找到熟悉的街道熟悉的楼宇,再或者找自己的学校或者办公室在哪里。


部分科学家认为从400 MHz至700 MHz的UHF频谱更为适合,首先其无线电波可更好的覆盖目标。尽管如此,它们并不只有交换那样简单。这一UHF频谱被用于电视广播,这些设备是最先使用 这一频谱的,因此它们可以选择最佳的频率。


加州洛思加图斯--(美国商业资讯)--智能模块市场的领导者Tigo Energy今日公布其充满活力的TS4平台的模块化功能,该平台为全球首个JBox平台,其可取代传统JBox,向客户提供不同的功能。   这份智能新闻稿包含多媒体内容。


近几天一向被认为是聚集高水平用户的知乎卷入了一件欺诈案中。一位帐号名为“童瑶”的用户,涉嫌伪造身份和事迹,捏造了一个给“患先天性心脏病女大学生(她本人运营的另一个帐号)”捐款的故事,骗取知乎用户捐款,诈骗金额高达 15 万。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博


去年魅族副总裁李楠就曾透露,魅族将有一款4.7寸的小屏旗舰。没错,就是传闻中的PRO 5 mini,该机搭载的是定制版的Helio X20处理器,售价在2499元左右。业内盛传,该机是魅族用于死磕小米5的新机,但现在来看,一切都要成为泡影了。刚刚,李楠在微博上确认,Hannstouch(和鑫光电)厂房受灾严重(因台湾地震),绝大部分的存货都损失掉了,原来说的小屏旗舰恐怕要推迟很长时间。

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