New patent provides clues to Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard features

It’s been quite some time now since Microsoft publicly discussed the new Cloud Clipboard feature, but a recently published patent seems to reveal more about all the use cases Microsoft has in mind.

Windows 10 Creators Update and Anniversary Update get new patches

Microsoft has pushed out new cumulative updates for both the Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607.) These patches push the Creators Update up to build 15063.936 and the Anniversary Update to build 14393.2097.

Fast Ring PC Insiders are warned of a few Known Issues for Windows 10 Preview 17107

Insiders are given a few cautions about some known issues, that most likely won't be addressed by the Windows team this weekend or before the next release.

Windows 10 Insider Preview 17107 drops for Fast Ring PCs with ‘Settings’ fixes in tow

While there might now be a shiny new Skip Ahead release scheduled for today, Windows 10 Insiders are still being greeted with a much appreciated Fast Ring fix it build. Hello #WindowsInsiders we have released Build 17107 to the Fast ring. There won't be a Skip Ahead build for this week. https:

You’ll soon be able to run multiple instances of some UWP apps at the same time

Starting in Redstone 4, developers will be allowed to opt-in to a behavior which supports running multiple instances of some UWP apps at the same time.

Two new Microsoft patents reveal locking mechanism, detachable hinge for foldable mobile device

Two new patents that seem to be related to Microsoft's rumored "Surface phone" have been published this week, and one of them could gives “2-in-1 device” a whole new meaning.

Here’s how Microsoft Photo Companion on iOS has made my life easier

Photo transfer can sometimes get messy, so enter Microsoft Photo Companion on iOS, the app that made my blogging life much easier.

Microsoft’s iOS OneDrive app updates with enhanced security

Microsoft’s official OneDrive app for iOS devices has now updated to Version 10.4. This latest update fixes a bug relating to the upload button but also adds support for multi-factor authentication powered by Symantec VIP. Symantec is a company that specializes in IT security,

Microsoft plans to remove Windows 10 Phone Companion app

According to a report Microsoft is planning on removing the Phone Companion app in Windows 10. The app originally launched in 2015 and was designed as a guide for helping users connect and integrate their mobile devices with the Windows 10 OS.

No, beer is not coming in the Minecraft Aquatic Update

The Minecraft Aquatic Update is set to overhaul everything water, and also introduce a number of new features to the hit game, but just not beer.

Cortana comes to all Android Microsoft Launcher users in latest update

This latest update for the Microsoft Launcher brings the much anticipated Cortana integration, and you can use the digital assistant right from your home screen to make calls, schedule meetings and more.






见过 Michael Thomasson,一个经金氏世界纪录认证、41 年来共收藏了超过 11,000 套以上游戏而成为世界上拥有最多游戏的收藏家。而在前阵子他决定将整套收藏放到网上拍卖后,这个包括...

天猫手机一战成名? 塑造品牌 完胜京东

貌似今年618电商大战远不及前几年的激烈,这可能是因为世界杯分散了大部分人的注意力,而京东、苏宁、国美等已经上 […]

How New York Could Stop the Comcast-TWC Merger

This week, the world was reminded of just how awful Comcast can be, thanks to the recording of one appalling customer service call . But flare-up was also a reminder of how many people could find themselves trapped in similar situations, with fewer ways out,

Millward Brown:移动视频广告比电视广告更能激发消费者兴趣


求医问药谷歌帮忙 谷歌推出Google Trail服务


诺基亚之后 Rovio又将让芬兰人失望?

诺基亚之后, Rovio 成为了芬兰的“新名片”。然而,现在的 Rovio 或将给芬兰带来又一次失望。据路透社报道, Rovio 日前宣布裁员 110 人,关闭位于芬兰西南部城市坦佩雷的游戏工作室。

拨云见日:Xbox One全球销量终破一千万

根据数据统计网站vgchartz的消息,微软的本世代游戏主机Xbox One已经在世界范围内卖出了超过1000 […]

windows 10 新特性变化研究

早在win10刚出消息的时候,笔者就一直有对它进行关注,而笔者对win10的有些猜测居然和前几天发布会上的版本 […]

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