Microsoft is working on a decentralized Digital Identity system, using blockchain and Authenticator

Microsoft announced today that will soon integrate blockchain-based digital identities within its cross-platform Microsoft Authenticator app.

Microsoft patents reveal continued interest in bendable devices

Microsoft is continuing its development of a folding device, as can be seen in a recent patent, which shows off a mechanism that allows a single display to be folded shut by a hinge from inside the device.

Google plans big gaming news at GDC, will Microsoft respond?

Google is apparently planning to make some big gaming announcements at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March.

How to create a Windows 10 recovery drive

Having a Windows 10 recovery drive should be a key component of your backup and recovery strategy. While not a backup itself, a recovery drive can be used to repair and recover your PC in the event of a startup failure.

London Microsoft Store to open this Summer according to reports

New details have emerged online as to the grand opening date of the Microsoft Store in London.

Lenovo Yoga C630: A promising future on an interesting evolution

The Lenovo Yoga C630 sits in the shadows of its predecessors eagerly awaiting the engineering and technology to catch up to its future promise.

Images leak of Microsoft’s new Remote Desktop Preview app

This new Remote Desktop Client will go a long way in convincing hesitant IT Admin holdouts

Deal: Video editing apps discounted in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store app this week

The Microsoft Store app store is currently having a Create, capture and play sale which has discounted a variety of Windows 10 video editing and media apps. Among the apps discounted are PowerDirector 17 Ultra (with a $30 discount), PowerDVD 18 Standard ($10), PhotoDirector 10 Ultra ($30),

Windows Advanced Threat Protection coming to Windows 7 and 8.1 this summer

With support for Windows 7 ending in 2020, Microsoft plans to bring Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.1 starting this summer. Windows Defender ATP offers one security platform that helps to prevent network breaches before they start. Powered by Microsoft Azure,

New patent provides clues to Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard features

It’s been quite some time now since Microsoft publicly discussed the new Cloud Clipboard feature, but a recently published patent seems to reveal more about all the use cases Microsoft has in mind.

Microsoft plans to remove Windows 10 Phone Companion app

According to a report Microsoft is planning on removing the Phone Companion app in Windows 10. The app originally launched in 2015 and was designed as a guide for helping users connect and integrate their mobile devices with the Windows 10 OS.

A French Economics Book Is Dominating Amazon Right Now

The hottest book on Amazon right now isn't by J.K. Rowling or Malcolm Gladwell.It's by French economist Thomas Piketty, whose book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, has generated no shortage of book sales.See also:

[图]下月生效 三星应用商城更名为Samsung Galaxy Apps

今天三星正式宣布旗下应用商城Samsung Apps更名为Samsung Galaxy Apps,将于今年7月1日正式生效。目前尚不清楚更名的原因但外媒猜测此举可能是为了区分三星旗下所涉及的不同系统平台。

传微软Surface Mini重回生产线 预计今夏发布

有关微软新一代小尺寸平板电脑 Surface Mini 的传闻一向扑朔迷离。最初有消息称,微软将会在今年 5 月 20 日的发布会上推出这款设备,但结果却被 Surface Pro 3 取而代之。

js“分享到”侧边框伸缩实现 - 华子的幸福生活

思路:1,临界值是 -150 和 0如果大于临界值,就要隐藏2,隐藏:速度为负显示:速度为正3,如果与临界值相等,就清空定时器否则,就运动--------------------------------html分享到----------------------------------------js

Xbox One 将支持 iOS 使用流媒体电视功能

威锋网 8 月 13 日消息,日前微软宣布旗下的 Xbox One 游戏主机系统更新之后,预览用户将很快可以获得 Xbox One 的流媒体电视功能,设备将支持用户将电视内容实时流放到 iPhone 或者 iPad 上。  


这个问题 @王琨 回答得非常好了。那么在这里,我想带大家回顾一下历史呵呵。《现代知识产权法的演进》一书里梳理了知识产权制度中几种重要类型的演变过程。

银欣发布两款Sugo系列长方体机箱新品 支持mini-ITX和microATX平台

身材苗条的FTZ01和RVZ02机箱并不是银欣(SilverStone)在本届消费电子展(CES 2015)上的全部内容,因为我们还留意到了两款来自Sugo系列的长方体机箱。当然,SG13并没有忘记“mini-ITX”主板是DIY的一个重要组成部分。稍小款机箱的尺寸为8.

微软的新硬件和 Windows 10 能扭转 PC 市场下滑的颓势吗?

刚刚过去的一周对 PC 行业来说意义重大。 微软推出了多款采用 Windows 10 操作系统的新设备 ,而媒体对此的积极反应也超出我的预期。这家软件巨头还宣布,运行 Windows 10 操作系统的设备现已达到 1.


在内容一定的情况下,屏幕越小,页面自然就越长。长滚动页面的兴起并不是没有理由的,移动端对桌面端市场份额的挤压, ...



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