Microsoft’s Mixer is “doing things right” in creating a positive community, says Polygon

The company is doing a good job at offering gamers a more "positive" community alternate to YouTube and Twitch.

Conan Exiles video game gets a special DLC bundle on Xbox One consoles

The popular Conan Exiles video game just got a special Year 1 DLC Bundle on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. This new bundle contains all of the downloadable content (DLC) that was released for the game in 2018 for a price that’s 25% cheaper than buying each of them individually.

To update Windows 10 to 1903 from 1803 or 1809, you’ll have to unplug your USB drives and SD cards

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is just around the corner but select Windows Insiders are already being given the opportunity to upgrade their systems to it if they so choose. Unfortunately, there appears to be a rather odd issue that’s preventing some users from upgrading. Essentially,

Watch: Microsoft introduces Gaming Tourism with Xbox One X Enhanced marketing campaign

Microsoft has begun a new marketing campaign this week intended to promote the improved visuals in Xbox One X Enhanced video games. The campaign, Visit Xbox,

Microsoft fired on all cylinders in FY19 Q3 with increases in gaming, hardware, cloud and $8 billion

Microsoft has put together another impressive quarter for its investors as it publishes its FY19 Q3 earnings that include significant year over year growth in Surface, Office 365 and commercial Windows products.

Lenovo next wave Legion hardware gets new 9th Gen Intel, GeForce RTX 2080, GTX 1650 and 1660Ti GPUs

Lenovo unleashed a torrent of news regarding its Legion gaming line of laptops that involve processor updates, new GPU's and the addition of two more models to its line up of mobile gaming offerings

Long dead Windows Media Center SDK shows up on GitHub

Charlie Owen, a former Program Manager at Microsoft who previously worked on Windows Media Center uploaded the SDK for Windows 7 on GitHub this week.

Windows 10 1903, Windows Server 1903 to drop password expiration requirements in proposed security g

Today on the Microsoft Security Guidance blog, the company has published an explanation of its draft release of its security configuration baseline settings for Windows 10 1903 and Windows Server 1903. This document sets guidelines for Group Policy baseline settings,

Microsoft is working on a decentralized Digital Identity system, using blockchain and Authenticator

Microsoft announced today that will soon integrate blockchain-based digital identities within its cross-platform Microsoft Authenticator app.

Windows Advanced Threat Protection coming to Windows 7 and 8.1 this summer

With support for Windows 7 ending in 2020, Microsoft plans to bring Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.1 starting this summer. Windows Defender ATP offers one security platform that helps to prevent network breaches before they start. Powered by Microsoft Azure,

New patent provides clues to Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard features

It’s been quite some time now since Microsoft publicly discussed the new Cloud Clipboard feature, but a recently published patent seems to reveal more about all the use cases Microsoft has in mind.

When A Sleepy California Town Was At The Center of War in the Pacific

The newsmen ignored the Japanese bombs shaking seventy-five feet of rock above their heads. It was June 1940, and a team of Chinese and Western broadcasters continued their reports from a tunnel beneath Chongqing, China's wartime capital, the "world's most bombed city."Read more...


虽然蜘蛛侠本来是被蜘蛛咬了一口才基因特变,得到爬墙和喷蜘蛛丝的能力,不过说到爬墙方面,壁虎可能更有代表性。DARPA 早前公布了他们旗下"Z-Man"计划的研究成果,负责计划的剑桥...

裁员被抗议、遭反垄断调查 微软遭遇转型阵痛期


[攝影小教室] 痘痘、雜點都不怕!用 Photoshop / Lightroom 輕鬆修復相片小瑕疵!




$180:Boost Mobile开售中兴预算级4G LTE手机Warp Elite

本月早些时候,我们报道了T-Mobile即将迎来中兴Obsidian这款预算级(99美元)LTE智能机的消息。而现在,Boost Mobile也推出了一款售价180美元的预算级智能机,它就是ZTE Warp Elite。该机的亮点是采用了5.

Instagram photos show the crazy flooding in South Carolina

As more heavy rain is expected to pummel South Carolina on Sunday, Columbia residents and government agencies have taken to social media to document the severe flooding in the state capital.See also: Unprecedented rains lead to disastrous flooding in South CarolinaBelow,

不僅只是作為 5G 世代前的過渡技術,高通介紹具更多連接彈性的 4.5G 技術 LTE-Pro


Yahoo enters the esports market with an eye on video

Chances are if you aren't creating your own esports vertical by now, you might be way behind the curve.Yahoo announced its entry into covering competitive gaming full-time late Tuesday. It will bring on full-time staff and company resources to create a multi-pronged esports platform,

三星发布智能冰箱Family Hub 定价3.7万元

现如今,冰箱已经不仅仅是储存食物的地方,它们已经拥有了在线订购商品、看电视和听音乐等功能。近日,三星公司发布了一款名为“Family Hub(家庭中心)”的冰箱,其功能包括语音控制、屏幕镜像和在线购物等等。  在冰箱门的右侧我们可以看到一块 21.5 英寸的全高清触摸显示屏,比许多笔记本电脑和台式 PC 机的显示屏都要大。它不仅仅是传统的家电,同时还是家庭的数字控制中心,可以把用户和家庭成员连接在一起。  据了解,Family Hub 内置有麦克风和扬声器,允许消费者通过智能手机进行远程语音控制。

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