Microsoft ups security protection for older versions of Windows

Windows 7 and 8.1 will get Windows Defender protection.

Microsoft: Here is why Internet Explorer 11 is faster and safer than older versions

Internet Explorer 11 is Microsoft's latest version of the Internet Explorer browser. In an official blog post today, Microsoft is touting several reasons why Internet Explorer 11 is the perfect browser, since it is faster and safer than older versions.

Windows 10 Version 1511 gets new XTS-AES BitLocker encryption algorithm

BitLocker Drive is an extremely useful security feature which integrates within the operating system, and protects the data from threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen, and unattended computers. With the latest Windows...

Microsoft outlines why governments should upgrade to Office 2016

With the official release of Office 2016 today, Microsoft is also pitching why it believes upgrading to this new version is a good idea. While Office 365 users will be automatically updated to the latest...

Zero-Day IE Flaw Highlights The Danger Of Lingering Windows XP Market Share

If you are reading this in Internet Explorer, you should probably close it and fire up Chrome -- and come back after a newly reported zero-day flaw is patched. Even the U.S. and U.K. governments are warning against use of Internet Explorer for now.

Jim Blasko Explains 'Unbreakable Coin' (Video 2 of 2)

Today, the conclusion of my talk with Jim Blasko (here's part 1), who encourages you to go start your own crypto currency, because it's a fun exercise and because every entrant adds new ideas to the mix. As you'd expect,

Spotting vulnerable customers – How quality assurance can help

Vulnerable customers are hard to define, hard to legislate for and even harder to identify. This is reflected in much of the diagnosis and provision targeting vulnerability in the financial sector.

What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2018

The transformative forces of digital solutions do not recognise industry boundaries

Business success stories of digital transformation that will leave you thinking

Companies are now progressively launching more and more digital enterprises in order to grow. There are many success stories related to business who invested more in digitalisation.

Everything became code (and why that’s good)

In a world where businesses have to deliver high-quality software fast in order to remain competitive, IT organisations are turning to practices such as continuous delivery and DevOps.

The Land Rover Explore is a rugged smartphone inspired by the road

Land Rover Explore draws inspiration from the Discovery, promising to survive virtually anything you throw at it

Five reasons why companies should be worried about click fraud

Your competition could be using click fraud to undermine your business' online advertising efforts.

Tech innovations and trends for digital marketing in 2018

The most recent digital marketing trends and advances not only prepare you for any changes within your specific market but help to establish a comprehensive marketing strategy - designed to increase visibility and maximise revenue.

Five ways to supercharge your investment in learning tech

An ongoing learning programme can be quite beneficial to your organisation if executed and managed effectively.

Huawei talks up 5G and AI ahead of MWC 2018

Next-generation technology comes to the fore as Huawei unveils investment and research priorities ahead of Mobile World Congress.

Brexit could see UK lose status as global business leader

Lack of access to talent could hit growth hard, new report says.

Eat That, Apple: Study Says Google Is Now the World's Most Valuable Brand

Google and Apple have been fighting for the title of the world's most valuable brand for years now, but last year Apple has been dominating the lists as number oneNow, according to Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ study, Google is back on top, with its brand value estimated at $158,843,000,


编者按:本文经作者@水哥 授权SocialBeta转载 当业界沉浸在互联网思维此起彼伏的喧嚣中时,另一种声音正逐渐浮出水面,笔者暂称其为“90后思维”。

Startup Assembly Banks On Paid, Open-Source Style Development

enbody writes A year-old startup, Assembly, is built on the premise of creating products using open-source style development, but structured in a way that you get paid for your contributions. Open-source development is well-known in the Slashdot community,

Hulu's former CEO thinks his new venture can be the next ESPN

Would you pay to watch a video three days before it appears on YouTube?Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is convinced that many people willSee also: 18 new shows we can't wait to see in 2015Vessel, a new premium Internet video platform, launched in private beta on Wednesday.

Walgreens now lets women refill birth control prescriptions via smartphones

Women can refill their birth control prescriptions with a few smartphone swipes, thanks to a deal between Walgreens and GlowGlow, a data science company that focuses on women's reproductive health, has integrated Walgreens' Prescription Refill API into its eponymous app.

Samsung Looks Set To Unveil The Galaxy S6 On March 1

It’s February, which means Samsung is back in tease mode as it prepares to introduce the latest smartphone in its flagship Galaxy S family. That device looks like it will be unveiled March 1 in Barcelona, Spain, at the same time as Mobile World Congress, the telecom industry’s big trade show.

Secret vote underway to decide fate of Australian leadership

A secret vote, which began at 9 a.m. on Monday, is being held at the Australian parliament in Canberra to decide the future of the country's leadership.The vote will decide whether a spill motion will be upheld by the Liberal Party — if this is the case,




GitHub推出大文件存储扩展, 采用MIT开源协议

日前,GitHub推出了全新的Large File Storage (LFS)但文件存储开源扩展,适用于所有主流平台。免费用户可以存储1GB文件,每月1GB流量。 By 魏星

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