Amazon reveals major job cuts in sign of business model change

News shows shift in focus from Amazon's consumer business towards cloud and voice-controlled computing.

East of Palo Alto’s Eden

What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

Cybercrime could cost companies $5.2 trillion over next five years

As companies rush to enable digital business models as fast as possible, they leave the doors open for possible cybersecurity incidents.

Cybersecurity funding hit record levels in 2018

$5.3 billion invested into cybersecurity organisations last year.

IBM and Vodafone sign major new tech partnership

The two parties want to help businesses everywhere innovate faster and ultimately succeed in the digital world.

Three steps for avoiding devastating security breaches

With the cost of endpoint attacks climbing to a record average of $7.12 million, the stakes have never been higher. Companies must act fast.

Smarter and more connected technology will lead intelligent transformation in 2019

In 2019, the dawn of limitless connectivity, full automation and immersion into extended realities will inch closer than ever before.

China says Huawei 5G ban will mean "repercussions"

Trade war continues to heat up following latest Huawei warning.

Mis-valuation of data poses a huge threat to businesses

A business must fully understand the value of its data if it is to protect it properly.

Oracle boosts AI capabilities for data management and more

Company adds automation to "pretty much every service" it offers in major AI push.

Microsoft ups security protection for older versions of Windows

Windows 7 and 8.1 will get Windows Defender protection.

Five ways to supercharge your investment in learning tech

An ongoing learning programme can be quite beneficial to your organisation if executed and managed effectively.

[图]Xbox One玩家使用时长已经超过7.4亿小时

根据NPD集团对2014年1月份的调查发现Xbox主机(包括Xbox 360和Xbox One)销售量为227万台,成为行业内最畅销的游戏主机。此外自Xbox One主机平台发布以来丰富的游戏、应用和流媒体服务帮助玩家使用时长超过7.4亿小时。    

你知道三星曾经生产过Palm OS系统手机吗?

一提到三星智能手机,我们首先想到的一定是Android系统的产品。当然,三星也推出过几款Windows Phone系统产品,但是它们在三星旗下产品的阵容中地位并不重要。

Researchers Print Electronic Memory On Paper

MTorrice (2611475) writes Electronics printed on paper promise to be cheap, flexible, and recyclable, and could lead to applications such as smart labels on foods and pharmaceuticals or as wearable medical sensors. Many engineers have managed to print transistors and solar cells on paper,


最近在与几名站长的交流中真切地感受到了 PC 社区的发展不容乐观,在 2012 年前后纷纷告别高增长继而出现停 […]



新版 Evernote Android app 将功能列塞进很弹的浮动按钮之中

还在嫌 Android 版 Evernote 都没什么改进的朋友,这次的使用界面改版应该可以让你总算比较有耳目一新的感觉了。在他们最新的 Evernote 6...

深度对话苹果CEO库克:Apple Watch幕后故事

美国《彭博商业周刊》日前苹果CEO蒂姆•库克(Tim Cook)进行了专访,详细解读了库克执掌苹果之后的管理风格、产品战略和对外关系,并且披露了苹果新产品Apple Watch的幕后故事。

leaflet开源地图库源码阅读笔记(三)——浏览器&移动设备判断(browser.js)(by vczero) - 山鬼谣

一、源码结构继上一篇blog说到整个leaflet的结构,这里重新贴一张图(src -> core),直观点,如下图。这篇blog主要研读core文件夹的源码Brower.js。因为怕篇幅较大,所以Class.js,Events.js,Handler.js,Util.js后续开博。


据 WMPU 报道,在经过数周的种种传闻与猜测后,@WindowsPhone 官方社交网络账户终于宣布将在本周五更名为 @Microsoft Lumia,之后推出的新设备也将采用这一名称。

[视频]《光晕5》多人游戏视频泄漏 HaloFest将公布更多细节


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