Charting a course through the changing world of the CIO

How can CIOs take advantage of increased responsibilities within their organisation?

China, US, Australia, all in front of UK firms in adopting new tech

UK needs to step up if it wants to compete, GBG and Forrester report says.

Amazon expands B2B marketplace to cover medical industry

Amazon wants to be a major supplier of US hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Google exposes security flaw in Microsoft Edge

Google's Project Zero gave Microsoft additional time to fix the vulnerability before making it public.

Intel hit with 32 lawsuits surrounding Meltdown and Spectre

Latest patches have apparently done little to reassure customers and shareholders affected by the security flaws.

Why targeted phishing is the most dangerous fraud businesses face today

Preventing business email compromise requires more than a one size fits all approach.

The GDPR journey – 6 steps that must be taken now

Preparing for the upcoming regulation must be a top priority for all organisations.

Digital transformation in the public sector: balancing the risks with data-driven cyber security

The possibility of falling victim to a cyber attack should not deter the public sector from moving to the cloud.

Google hires former Samsung executive to head up IoT business

Injong Rhee will coordinate new IoT operations, including both consumer and enterprise projects.

Amazon reveals major job cuts in sign of business model change

News shows shift in focus from Amazon's consumer business towards cloud and voice-controlled computing.

Oracle boosts AI capabilities for data management and more

Company adds automation to "pretty much every service" it offers in major AI push.

Telecompaper:2014年Q1 3%荷兰智能手机用户使用华为智能手机

鉴于华为手机口碑不错,预计未来市场份额将会有所上升。该研究还显示,在2014年第一季度, 47%的荷兰智能手机用户使用三星智能手机;苹果占23%的市场份额;其次是HTC(7%)、索尼(5%)和LG(5%) 。


《每日电讯报》报道,马航MH370航班失踪事件调查人员在机长Zaharie Shah家中的飞行模拟器上恢复了一段被删除的飞行模拟路线,发现机长曾模拟在南印度洋一个不知名的岛屿上做短跑道降落。


游戏软件的优化和一般软件是有一些区别。游戏通常是软实时(soft real-time),就是说运行上有时间限制,但没有硬实时般严格。先谈固定硬件的游戏平台,如游戏机和街机。

致使黑莓在 2015 年 Q1 扭亏为盈的「debentures fair value adjustment」中的 debenture 具体指什么?

一、结论: 可转债。二、原始财报信息。“The Company has also issued unsecured convertible debentures due in 2020 (the “Debentures”) with a fixed interest rate. Consequently, the Company is exposed to interest rate risk as a result of the long term of the Debentures.



移动游戏开发商 Next Games 宣布收购 Helsinki GameWorks

这起交易结束后,Helsinki GameWorks 的知识产权将被转移至 Next Games 名下。目前,Helsinki GameWorks 拥有12位雇员。



9 things 'The Muppet Show' reboot needs to suceed and satisfy on TV

It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to meet the Muppets back on network television? On Friday, reports surfaced that ABC is exploring a Muppet Show revival, setting the Muppet Theatre stage for a primetime return of slapstick sketches,


-公司第九个兆瓦级电池储能系统项目- 东京--(美国商业资讯)--东芝公司(TOKYO:6502)今日宣布获得为俄亥俄州汉密尔顿的电力频率调整项目提供大规模电池储能系统(BESS)的订单。

印度平霸汽車 Tata 再推新款 繼續 2.5 萬有找

由於經濟等考慮,不少印度人都會選擇以電單車代步,不過超載問題令意外頻生。印度車廠 Tata Motors 於是推出了價錢廉宜又安全的 Nano 汽車,最近 Tata 推出了全新 GenX 系列,四座位設計的迷你小車價格低至 24,255 港元。

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