Start paying attention to call quality, service availability and UX

Stop playing conference call bingo.

Box reveals multi-region support ahead of GDPR

UK one of eight regions to get upgrade for Box Zones.

Moving blockchain beyond the finance industry

Blockchain technology has applications across a number of industries and could transform the way many businesses operate.

Avoiding the biggest threats to data backup

Organisations that put the right solutions and procedures in place can mitigate the risks and severity of an attack.

Will the Facebook scandal lead to a ‘hard’ GDPR?

Businesses should learn from Facebook's example and prepare accordingly for the upcoming regulation.

Comcast looking to buy 21st Century Fox

It has its eyes fixed on Hulu.

AI in the enterprise: three steps to empowering intelligent digital assistants

Adopting AI-powered intelligent tools can raise productivity, efficiency and even revenues at your organisation.

AI could be set to transform the world of sales

Sales leaders in the UK are expecting AI adoption to grow 112 per cent by 2020.

Charting a course through the changing world of the CIO

How can CIOs take advantage of increased responsibilities within their organisation?

Google hires former Samsung executive to head up IoT business

Injong Rhee will coordinate new IoT operations, including both consumer and enterprise projects.

Amazon reveals major job cuts in sign of business model change

News shows shift in focus from Amazon's consumer business towards cloud and voice-controlled computing.


张艺谋今天现身某影业年度峰会,宣布将打造其个人也是国内第一部IMAX 4K版电影《归来》,严格按照4K标准拍摄、制作和发行。迄今为止,中国还没有一部4K标准的电影。

NASA Tried (And Failed) To Build Jet Shoes in the 1960s

The folks over at Popular Science have a new post about NASA's trials and tribulations in creating "jet shoes" during the mid-1960s. And they look straight out of some old science fiction comic.Read more...



Infinite Browser Universe Manyland Hits 8 Million Placed Blocks

j_philipp (803945) writes Manyland [Here's the twitter feed and a FAQ] is an html5/ JS-based MMO universe created by a community and two indie developers from Europe. Everything in the world can be freely drawn and placed: From the cars, animals, plants, houses, bridges, to everyone's own bodies.

11 Delightful Things We Learned From Paul McCartney's Twitter Chat

Who is the Walrus, really? Paul McCartney's finally addressed this question and more during a Twitter Q&A session on Monday.McCartney dug deep into his musical soul to answer pressing questions like, "What's your favorite color?" and "Do you ever twerk?" (Short answers: Blue and yes,

This may be the most dangerous toilet in the world

That port-a-potty you are seeing perched atop that massive metal structure may be the most dangerous toilet in the world, installed on the precarious structure of the new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. Here's a photo from afar so you get the idea (and some vertigo):Read more...

table表格实现点击修改 PHP同步数据库 排序 - 马辉








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