Uber launches a new lower-priced service called Chap Chap in Nairobi

Uber has launched a new, lower-cost service in Nairobi called Uber Chap Chap. Made possible by using a fleet of fuel-efficient budget sedans, Uber Chap Chap (Swahili slang for “hurry, hurry”) is currently available in several areas of the Kenyan capital, including its central business district.

Could Walmart be the next big company to launch a game streaming service?

Google stole this spotlight at this year’s GDC with the launch of Stadia. What the game streaming service lacked in specifics, it more than made up for in buzz. The software giant certainly isn’t the only one eying the space, however. A new report from US Gamer puts Walmart in the running, as well.

Homeland Security warns of critical flaws in Medtronic defibrillators

Homeland Security has issued a warning for a set of critical-rated vulnerabilities in Medtronic defibrillators which put the devices at risk of manipulation.

Facebook staff raised concerns about Cambridge Analytica in September 2015, per court filing

Further details have emerged about when and how much Facebook knew about data-scraping by the disgraced and now defunct Cambridge Analytica political data firm. Last year a major privacy scandal hit Facebook after it emerged CA had paid GSR, a developer with access to Facebook’s platform,

North Korea’s new website and pro rata rights

From Extra Crunch We have published the transcript for Brian Heater’s conference call on robotics. Arman published report reviews on China’s luxury goods and consumer spending as well as on perceptions of automation in Europe.

Lyft’s IPO is hot, YC demo day, two new unicorns, and what’s Boy Brow?

This week on Equity: Glossier and Rent The Runway enter the unicorn club and YC debuts 200 startups.

Indonesia’s Kargo comes out of stealth with $7.6M from Travis Kalanick, Sequoia and others

Travis Kalanick may be busy cooking up a cloud kitchen business, but that hasn’t stopped the former Uber CEO’s VC fund from making its first investment in Southeast Asia. 10100, the firm that Kalanick launched last year for investments in Asia, just took part in a $7.6 million seed round for Kargo,

Keatz, a European ‘cloud kitchen’ startup, raises further €12M

Keatz, one of a growing number of so-called “cloud kitchens” — delivery only restaurant brands running on the rails of Deliveroo and UberEats — has raised €12 million in new funding. Backing the round are existing investors Project A Ventures, Atlantic Labs, UStart, K Fund and JME Ventures,

Skydio’s $2499 ‘self-flying’ drone knows where you are and where you’re going

A four-year-old autonomous drone startup founded by MIT researchers and backed by Silicon Valley’s top investors is finally ready to show off what it’s been building over the last several years.Today, Skydio is showcasing the R1,

Google wants to use AMP to make email more interactive

Google’s AMP format has always been about making mobile pages render faster. But Google is now taking it beyond posts, recipes and how-to articles. First, the company launched the new AMP story format earlier today and now it’s also announcing a preview of AMP for Email. At first,

PicoBrew announces a modular and scalable professional brewing appliance

PicoBrew today announced a new product in its growing line of brewing appliances. Called the Z Series, this product targets serious brewers with a scalable design that allows for greater precision in repeatable larger batch sizes. And with the largest model, the Z4,


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css3开门效果 - nikon

css3瞎捣鼓,弄个开门的小效果,只针对webkit内核浏览器,最好用谷歌打开,其他高级浏览器的兼容代码就没写了 1 .door{ position:relative; width:400px; height:300px; overflow:hidden; border:2px solid #000...

2014年一季度PC出货量下跌1.7% XP终止支持带来减缓作用


Mind-blowing video shows how all humans are basically fakes

Vsauce, the master answerer of life's toughest questions and professional blower of minds, tackles something so philosophical in his latest video that you'll start to wonder what in the hell our purpose is on this Earth. And if it's any different than a purpose of a rock.

Tech News Weekly podcast 19: NSA vs Cisco and Facebook takes over the world

In this week's podcast episode, we chat through the latest NSA scandal and Facebook's plans to launch a brand new app to rival the global success of Snapchat.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/23/tech-news-weekly-podcast-19-nsa-vs-cisco-and-facebook-takes-over-the-world/

Congressman Introduces Bill To Limit FCC Powers

An anonymous reader writes "Representative Bob Latta (R-OH) introduced a bill on Wednesday that would limit the FCC's power to regulate ISPs in a supposed effort to keep the internet free. The bill's text is currently not available on the Library of Congress webpage or on congress.gov,



php面向对象的简单总结 $this $parent self - 范长法@三月软件

虽然接触php比较长时间,但有时在使用一些基础东西的时候还会有些不确定,有些疑惑。面向对象涉及到的比较多,大概总结整理一下php的属性、对象,以及访问方式$this $parent self 的使用场景。1.

Laser Analysis Reveals That Astronauts' Skin Gets Thinner While Space

Astronauts have thin skin. That’s not a slur on their ability to fend off criticism, but the finding of a study being carried out by European scientists to understand how the dermal health of spade travelers changes while in orbit.Read more...


上海2015年12月11日电 /美通社/ -- 12月4日,以“创建未来”为主题的2015新华教育论坛“大国教育之声”活动在京隆重举行。

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