IBM suing Microsoft for hiring their former Chief Diversity Officer

BM is now suing Microsoft over the hiring of Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, citing the fact that the new position at Microsoft violates a year-long non-compete agreement.

New Fable video game launches on Xbox One & Windows 10 this week

Fable Fortune, a digital card game based on the popular Fable video game series, is officially launching on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 devices after being in Game Preview (beta) for several months. The Fable Fortune video game will receive an update on Thursday,

McAfee WebAdvisor Edge extension is now live for Windows 10 users

An official McAfee extension for Microsoft’s Edge browser is now available to download on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Named, McAfee WebAdvisor for Microsoft Edge, this new extension places its own safety ratings on search results and blocks untrustworthy sites and content.

Star Wars Battlefront II gets new mode, skins, & fixes in latest update

Star Wars Battlefront II updated today on PC and Xbox One with patch number 1.2. This latest patch made numerous fixes to gameplay and corrected a variety of bugs but the more noteworthy changes include the addition of the new Jetpack Cargo game mode, three new skins for Han, Leia, and Luke,

Microsoft patent reveals a Surface Pen with haptic feedback features

The Microsoft patent for "Haptic Stylus" shows the company is considering using electromagnets in the tip of the Surface Pen to create haptic feedback.

EA is running a big Xbox Games sale, starting tomorrow

The Microsoft Store will be holding a special one-week sale on select EA titles starting tomorrow, February 20, 2018.

Disney Pixar and Xbox are giving away 5 Coco inspired Xbox One S consoles.

Feeling lucky this week? If you are, you might want to try your luck at winning 5 Coco inspired Xbox One S consoles.

These eleven Xbox Game Pass games are “leaving soon”

Eleven Xbox games are reportedly on the chopping block and will no longer be apart of the Xbox Game Pass library. As noted by Stevivor, Reddit user Aliensvslemon posted the eleven Xbox One and Xbox 360 games that are leaving Xbox Game Pass on March 1, 2018 (see Aliensvslemon’s screenshot below).

Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2 are 35% off with this week’s Deals with Gold

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now save up to 33% off Call of Duty WWII, Destiny 2, Injustice 2, three games released on the Xbox One last year and already enhanced for the Xbox One X.

Microsoft’s Mixer is “doing things right” in creating a positive community, says Polygon

The company is doing a good job at offering gamers a more "positive" community alternate to YouTube and Twitch.

Microsoft is working on a decentralized Digital Identity system, using blockchain and Authenticator

Microsoft announced today that will soon integrate blockchain-based digital identities within its cross-platform Microsoft Authenticator app.

克丽:PC稳主板狂泄近16点 DIY办公设备跌超3点



1、从前一个国家里住着两种居民,一个叫宝宝族,他们永远说真话;另一个叫毛毛族,他们永远说假话.一个外地人来到这个国家,碰见三位居民,他问第一个人:“请问,你是哪个民族的人?”“匹兹乌图”.那个人回答.外地人听不 ...

SharePoint 中用户控件的开发及应用 - 霖雨

1、新建解决方案以及SharePoint项目,步骤比较简单略过,然后映射CONTROLTEMPLATES文件夹,在里面添加用户控件(仅场解决方案),如下图: 2、解决方案结构,如下图: 简单介绍一下,部署以后dll会到GAC,ascx控件会部署到CONTROLTEMPLATES文件夹下面,不要问我这.



【精品】《精通Visual C# 2008 语言基础、数据库系统开发、Web开发》 - 清风网络

内容简介:《精通Visual C#2008:语言基础、数据库系统开发、Web开发》由浅入深、循序渐进地讲解了微软公司的核心开发语言C# 3.0和最新版的开发工具Visual Studio 2008,以及在该环境下如何开发各种类型的应用程序。




由于在 2014 年第二季度,Windows Phone 甚少有新产品发布,而且微软正处于收购诺基亚手机部门的前后过渡期,因此这个季度对 Windows Phone 来说确实是艰难的,我们可以从一份权威的市场统计报告中获取更多的详细数据。  

Senator Al Franken Asks Uber’s CEO Tough Questions On User Privacy

Senator Al Franken, Chairman of the Subcommittee On Privacy, Technology, and the Law, has posted a public letter to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick in which he addresses many of the claims made over the past few days that the company has consistently compromised user privacy as a matter of course.




阿里研究院:”互联网+“——中国经济新引擎研究报告 您可能也喜欢的文章: 阿里研究院:发现新农人——2014新农人研究报告 阿里研究院:2015年3月互联网+研究报告 CNNIC:2014年下半年中国企业互联网应用状况调查报告(附下载)

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