Microsoft won’t immediately fix a vulnerability in its Skype for Windows app - 云聚网

Microsoft won’t immediately fix a vulnerability in its Skype for Windows app

Microsoft’s Skype for Windows desktop app appears to be suffering from a pretty serious vulnerability, one that the company won’t immediately fix.

Select Xbox Insiders can now test a new Shopping Cart feature in the Xbox Store

Xbox Insiders in the Skip Ahead, Preview Alpha and Beta rings can now test a new Shopping cart feature in the Xbox Store that syncs with the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and the web.

Microsoft releases “Patch Tuesday” build 17134.228 with additional Spectre protections, battery life

This new Windows 10 build brings a fix for a new variant of the Spectre CPU security flaw that was discovered earlier this year, as well as some battery life improvements for laptops and tablets users.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17738 to Fast Ring, here’s what you need to know

This build does not come with any new features and just has some fixes and known issues in tow. Here's what you need to know before installing.

Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary now playable on Xbox One, get them while they’re on

Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary are the latest Xbox 360 games to join the Xbox One Backward Compatibility List.

Ex Google tech lead says Surface Go is nothing more than a cheap netbook

There have been a few scathing reviews of the Surface Go, and an ex-Google tech lead has decided to chime in with his, two weeks into Surface Go's public lifespan.

Microsoft unveils new Phantom Black and Grey/Blue Xbox controllers

Microsoft has just announced new Phantom Black and Grey/Blue Xbox One controllers, giving you more ways to customize your gaming setup.

Cortana collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa could happen as early as this week, says WSJ

After missing a 2017 deadline, The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the much-anticipated Cortana/Alexa integration could go live “as early as this week.”

IBM suing Microsoft for hiring their former Chief Diversity Officer

BM is now suing Microsoft over the hiring of Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, citing the fact that the new position at Microsoft violates a year-long non-compete agreement.

Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2 are 35% off with this week’s Deals with Gold

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can now save up to 33% off Call of Duty WWII, Destiny 2, Injustice 2, three games released on the Xbox One last year and already enhanced for the Xbox One X.

Microsoft’s Mixer is “doing things right” in creating a positive community, says Polygon

The company is doing a good job at offering gamers a more "positive" community alternate to YouTube and Twitch.

Unity依赖注入使用详解 - 田园里的蟋蟀

写在前面构造器注入Dependency属性注入InjectionMethod方法注入非泛型注入标识键ContainerControlledLifetimeManager单例Unity注册配置问题Unity的app.config节点配置后记 关于控制反转(Inversion of Control)和....

华为D3曝光 配备全新八核处理器无边框?

华为昨天发布了荣耀系列的两款手机的升级版,华为荣耀 3C 的 4G 版和华为荣耀 3X Pro,不久前还在巴黎发布了华为 P7。分属荣耀些列和 P 些列。

Snapchat Files Trademarks To Handle Payments

Snappay? Snapchat may try to monetize by processing peer-to-peer payments, money transfers, or online payments, according to two trademarks it filed earlier this week. Owned by Snapchat and filed on July 11th by an attorney at Cooley, which is known to be Snapchat’s law firm,

[图]运行WebOS系统 LG发布65/77英寸弧形OLED 4K智能电视

根据最新官方预告韩国手机厂商LG在下周柏林召开的IFA 2014大会除了展示全新的移动设备之外还将会进一步拓展电视和屏幕业务,公司今天正式宣布力求能够全新的弧形OLED电视已经开始在韩国接受预订,这是目前市场上首次使用该屏幕技术打造的4K分辨率电视。

Bigger than bigger:WISE创业者大会,即氪启程




Analysis of Spacecraft Data Reveals Most Earth-like Planet To Date

sciencehabit writes: Scientists analyzing data from NASA's Kepler satellite have boosted the tally of known or suspected planets beyond our solar system to more than 4000, they reported at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Most are inhospitable — too big, too hot,

JavaScript--变量、作用域及内存(12) - 翌子涵

// JS变量是松散型的(不强制类型)本质,决定了它只是在特定时间用于保存特定值的一个名字而已;// 由于不存在定义某个变量必须要保存何种数据类型值的规则,


香港2015年4月9日电 /美通社/ -- Lanson Place Hospitality Management Limited (逸兰) 欣然宣布,刚于上海举行的第十届中国酒店星光奖颁奖典礼勇夺两个奖项。

微软前Office部门总裁回归 监管未来企业战略

据彭博社报道,微软周一表示,于2013年重组期间离职的前Office部门负责人科特·德尔贝恩(Kurt DelBene)将重新回归公司,并负监管企业的战略发展。

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