Leaked video suggests Xbox Live Free Play Days coming this weekend

A new video tweeted out by notorious Microsoft Leaker WalkingCat suggests Xbox Live Free Play days coming this weekend.

Windows 10 news recap: Windows 10 version 1809 finally begins “phased rollout”, build 18317 splits W

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft launches XAML Studio,

Microsoft news recap: Bing Ads exclusive platform for Yahoo and Verizon search advertising, $500 mil

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! SwiftKey on Android finally lets users remove the search bar with latest update Users of Microsoft’s keyboard alternative for Android, SwiftKey,

Next-generation consoles could be powered by leaked AMD Zen and Navi APU

An avid hardware leaker by the name of APISAK has leaked an as-yet-unannounced AMD APU. According to APISAK (via Neowin), the APU is codenamed Gonzalo, with the specification 2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9. APISAK breaks down the specification in an image, explaining what the different parts mean:

Xbox offers 1 month of Game Pass + 1 month of Sling for $1 for first month

Microsoft is running a limited promotion, giving users both Xbox Game Pass's digital library of games and discounts and Sling TV's live television channels and on demand content to for just a dollar.

Microsoft’s launches XAML Studio, a free app for making UWP XAML UIs

A new app from the Microsoft Garage Project studios emerged in the Store recently called XAML Studio which was released to help "rapidly prototype UWP XAML" projects and copied for further development using Visual Studio.

Backups for Windows 10 Mobile won’t work after March 2020

App downloads and device resets will still be as up to date as OS 1703 and 1709 for the next year and some change.

Cheat Sheet: Outlook, OneNote, To-Do, or Sticky Notes? Microsoft’s note-taking apps explained

Over the years, Microsoft has launched a myriad of solutions for taking notes, manage tasks, and create reminders, and the Redmond giant is now using Microsoft Exchange as the cement to create synergies between all these apps.

Adobe XD February Update brings Windows 10 pen and touch support, more

Adobe today announced several updates for the Adobe XD UWP app on Windows 10. Not only does the app pick up Windows 10 pen and touch support, but it also gets several enhancements which help make the app even more powerful.

Microsoft won’t immediately fix a vulnerability in its Skype for Windows app

Microsoft’s Skype for Windows desktop app appears to be suffering from a pretty serious vulnerability, one that the company won’t immediately fix.

IBM suing Microsoft for hiring their former Chief Diversity Officer

BM is now suing Microsoft over the hiring of Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, citing the fact that the new position at Microsoft violates a year-long non-compete agreement.

5 handy tips on making Windows 7 more secure

If you’re running Windows 7, and are interested in your PC’s security, then check out this small collection of useful tips.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/03/27/5-handy-tips-on-making-windows-7-more-secure/

Microsoft Jigsaw app is available in the Windows Store once again

Back in March, Microsoft Jigsaw, a puzzle game, made its way to Windows Store but was later pulled due to unknown reasons. The app is now back in the Windows Phone store for users to test their skills. The main motive behind the game is pretty simple:




软件开发者Bruce Dawson发现,英特尔x86/x64处理器的三角函数指令fsin在某些情况下会产生极其不精确的结果。英特尔已经确认了这一问题,表示将会修正软件开发者手册中的相关描述。

工信部:截止2014年10月全国4G基站为70万个 中移动占71.4%


Webs with millions of baby spiders cover entire fields in Australia

If you thought exploding spiders with baby spiders inside were terrifying, think again.In the middle of the Australian countryside, a phenomenon has been taking place that is often described as "spider rain." The event, which sees paddocks covered in kilometres of spider webs,

Country stars are surprisingly great at rapping the 'Fresh Prince' theme song

NASHVILLE — Mashable traveled to the CMT Awards and put country artists on the spot, forcing them to rap the classic '90s theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.Always ready to impress,

Black woman road-tripping to her new job is arrested, found dead in Texas jail

Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman driving from her old home near Chicago to a new job at her alma mater in Texas, never made itTexas Department of Public Safety officers arrested her after they pulled her over for allegedly signaling a lane change improperly. She wound up on the ground,


物化和人格化这个概念太大了,要仔细解释起来估计无穷无尽。我简单举几个我理解的类别来阐述下 :)首先说物化,我理解为dehumanize,什么样的物化在人类社会中特别常见并且古往今来都存在呢?答案之一就是将女性看做为一种获得性快感的工具 (Sexual objectification)。通常来说,大家估计都会认为只有男性会将女性这样物化,但是事实上女性自身也会,只是物化原因不同。有研究设计了3个实验去探究这个问题 (Vaes et al, 2011)。实验1:探究物化与非物化的男性和女性的公众照片与人性(或是动物性)的联系如何。

去年第四季度中国智能手机出货1.2亿台 同比增8%

凤凰科技讯 北京时间2月15日消息,IDC发布的数据显示,2015年四季度中国智能手机出货达1.173亿台,同比增长8%,增长主要是双11光棍节在线购物和华为带来的。受到2015年四季度出货量上升的拉动,2015年全年出货量的同 ... ...

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