Run Cortana on Android’s Microsoft Launcher in any country with this little trick

There is now a neat little trick which can help you enable Cortana on Android regardless of your country.

Play Dark Souls: Remastered right now on Xbox One

The remaster of the original Dark Souls video game is now available on all Xbox One consoles and with visual enhancements when played on an Xbox One X. Here’s the official game description and trailer. Then, there was fire. Re-experience the critically acclaimed,

Universal Zip app is now free on Windows 10 Mobile and PC for a limited time

The Universal Zip app is currently free to buy and download on Windows 10 Mobile and PC for one week. The app usually retails for $4.99 so it’s a worthy download if you ever think you might need a new program for compressing and uncompressing files. Here’s the official store listing.

Windows 10 Preview 17677 comes with heafty list of fixes and known issues for Fast Ring and Skip Ahe

Windows 10 Insider preview 17677 is another solid release with a handful of new tweaks and features and another healthy dose of fixes and known issues that have cropped up over the past week and a half for Insiders.

First Windows 10 Redstone 5 Bug Bash set for June 22nd – July 1st

To tie in with the day's release of Build 17677, Microsoft also announced the first First Windows 10 Redstone 5 Windows Insider bug bash for June 22nd – July 1st.

New in Windows 10 build 17677— clearer settings in Microsoft Edge, narrator improvements, and more

Microsoft made some service-side changes last night and just pushed out Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17677 to the desktops of Windows Insiders across the world. There's some new stuff with this build, and here's what you need to know before installing on your PC.

Miramar, PUBG’s new desert map, arrives on Xbox One

PUBG on Xbox One is finally getting Miramar, the game’s new desert-themed map that previously launched on PC and mobile.

Battlefield 1943 is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today

Microsoft's Major Nelson today announced that Battlefield 1943 is coming to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility today.

Leaked video suggests Xbox Live Free Play Days coming this weekend

A new video tweeted out by notorious Microsoft Leaker WalkingCat suggests Xbox Live Free Play days coming this weekend.

Adobe XD February Update brings Windows 10 pen and touch support, more

Adobe today announced several updates for the Adobe XD UWP app on Windows 10. Not only does the app pick up Windows 10 pen and touch support, but it also gets several enhancements which help make the app even more powerful.

Microsoft won’t immediately fix a vulnerability in its Skype for Windows app

Microsoft’s Skype for Windows desktop app appears to be suffering from a pretty serious vulnerability, one that the company won’t immediately fix.

紧跟 Facebook,雅虎测试应用安装广告

据新浪科技报道,雅虎正在测试一种与 Facebook 类似的应用安装广告,以期通过移动应用开发社区赚取提高营收。 雅虎希望通过这种广告吸引用户下载第三放开发者开发的应用。这一理念与 Facebook 的应用安装广告类似。

Large DDoS Attack Brings WordPress Pingback Abuse Back Into Spotlight

angry tapir writes "Attackers have abused the WordPress pingback feature, which allows sites to cross-reference blog posts, to launch a large-scale, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, according to researchers from Web security firm Sucuri. The attack involved over 162,



阿里5000万元投资刘春成立内容工作室 后者与爱奇艺合作终止

刘春  9 月 23 日消息,阿里巴巴投资刘春成立内容工作室。该投资由阿里巴巴战略投资部操刀,交易已经于今年 8 月份完成,投资金额达 5000 万元人民币。  今年 4 月,爱奇艺曾在三亚宣布与刘春成立工作室,刘春还 ... ...


众所周知,过去几十年间,中国城市的发展是以对农村土地和资源的掠夺来实现的。而与城市商业的欣欣向荣形成鲜明对比的 […]


近十年,盖茨基金会一直致力于全球健康大挑战计划(Grand Challenges in Global Health )的发展,它与众多科学家合作,集思广益,让创新焕发光彩。

测试发现iPad Air2屏幕抗反射能力大幅提升

除了配备 A8X 三核处理器和 2GB 内存之外,iPad Air 2 的抗反射屏幕也是一项值得注意的升级,显示屏研究机构 DisplayMate 今天证实了这一点。


调查显示,75%的美国智能手机用户在厕所使用手机,其中女性用户比例超过男性用户(76% vs. 74%),,而男性用户对手机的沉迷程度大于女性用户,30%的男性用户表示每次去厕所都会带手机,女性用户的这一比例为25%。

Apps 容量越用越大,「清掃神器」一鍵騰出數 GB 儲存空間

Apps 初初安裝時,佔用容量和 App Store 標示的差不多。不過隨著你一直使用,容量就可能會慢慢增加,有時可以變成原本的好幾倍。這些額外的容量,其實是 apps 累積下來的快存檔案。尤其是 Facebook, WhatsApp,


周一Elon Musk曾经高调宣布Tesla将会通过 OTA 对 Model S 全线产品进行升级,升级后将终结用户的“里程焦虑”,即车主发现电池寿命开始下降时,担心无法到达目的地的焦虑。

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