Sourcify is connecting entrepreneurs directly to pre-vetted overseas factories

If you’ve ever tried to order and source products from overseas you likely know the process is broken.

The case against behavioral advertising is stacking up

No one likes being stalked around the Internet by adverts. It’s the uneasy joke you can’t enjoy laughing at. Yet vast people-profiling ad businesses have made pots of money off of an unregulated Internet by putting surveillance at their core. But what if creepy ads don’t work as claimed?

Thanks to Hulu, Disney lost $580 million last fiscal year

The streaming media business is tough. Disney, which has a 30 percent stake Hulu, saw losses of $580 million last fiscal year, according to an SEC filing. This was, the SEC filing states, “primarily due to a higher loss from our investment in Hulu,

Uber is exploring autonomous bikes and scooters

Uber is looking to integrate autonomous technology into its bike and scooter-share programs. Details are scarce, but according to 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson, who said Uber announced this at a DIY Robotics event over the weekend, the division will live inside Uber’s JUMP group,

Facebook launches petition feature, its next battlefield

Gather a mob and Facebook will now let you make political demands. Tomorrow Facebook will encounter a slew of fresh complexities with the launch of Community Actions, its News Feed petition feature.

The AI market is growing, but how quickly is tough to pin down

If you work in tech, you’ve heard about AI: how it’s going to replace us, whether it’s over-hyped or not and which nations will leverage it. Our interest? How much money is going into startups?

Stung by criticism, Facebook’s Sandberg outlines new plans to tackle misinformation

Stung by criticism of its widely reported role as a platform capable of spreading disinformation and being used by state actors to skew democratic elections, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg unveiled five new ways the company would be addressing these issues at the annual DLD conference in Munich,

Technology’s dark forest

We used to be such optimists. Technology would bring us a world of wealth in harmony with the environment, and even bring us new worlds. The Internet would erase national boundaries, replace gatekeepers with a universal opportunity for free expression, and bring us all closer together.

Dbrain pitches a new token paying users crypto to train artificial intelligence

One of the continuing challenges that artificial intelligence programs face is how they receive and process the information they need to take actions.

Microsoft acquires classroom collaboration startup Chalkup to expand Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is beefing up its Slack-like collaboration software, Microsoft Teams, with the technology (and the founder) from collaboration software startup Chalkup. Following the acquisition,

German court finds fault with Facebook’s default privacy settings

A court in Germany has ruled that Facebook’s default privacy settings and some of its terms and conditions breached local laws. The Berlin court passed judgement late last month but the verdict was only made public this week. Read More

AP Will Now Accept 'Over' as a Synonym for 'More Than'

Here it is, the tweet that ended decades of global grammatical stability and secure stylistic norms:AP Style tip: New to the Stylebook: over, as well as more than, is acceptable to indicate greater numerical value#ACES2014— AP Stylebook (@APStylebook) March 20,

三星Galaxy Tab 4价格曝光 起步价为1700元

荷兰零售商Tabletcenter已经放出三星刚刚发布的Tab 4系列中端平板电脑价格,其中Wi-Fi版Galaxy Tab 4 7.0售价为199.99欧元(约合人民币1700元),Galaxy Tab 4 8.0售价为269.99欧元(约合人民币2300元),Galaxy Tab 4 10.1售价为349.

UK Prime Minister Holds First Ever Startup Pitch At No.10 Downing Street

UK Prime Minister David Cameron played host to the first ever tech startup pitch event at his residence yesterday, entertaining 10 high-growth tech companies, venture capitalists, angel investors and invited guests on a hot Summer’s day in London.



Mobile Payment App Isis Changed Its Name Because of the Other ISIS

Isis is now Softcard. But probably not the Isis you're thinking about. Read more...

HMRC calls public to arms against fraudulent email

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has urged the public sector to work together to solve the ever-growing problem of fraudulent email.Read more:


iPod 产品线当中最贵的是 iPod touch,这款设备目前在苹果在线商店中的起售价为 1498 元人民币。


北京2015年8月20日电 /美通社/ -- 近期在知乎上看到一篇文章讲“共享经济”,这个词可能让人感觉有些陌生,但如果我们报上一串公司的大名,你就会懂得,我们已经在怎样享受着它带来的福祉 -- Uber 让出行变的简单; Airbnb 让你在旅行途中住进意想不到的私人别墅,主人也许还亲自为你烹饪了早餐; Lending Club 让一部分人逃脱了股市里的心跳和陷阱,有了新的理财之道…… 更重要的是,当这些红透硅谷的新贵公司在中国市场遭遇他们的同类竞争者时,轰轰烈烈的补贴和营销大战让我们体验到了真正的便宜。

SOS: Someone please tell this girl how pizza works

Pizza is a classic on-the-go meal. It's so easy to eat, you can even munch while you walk.Unfortunately, this girl has not yet mastered the art of consuming this beloved cheesy delicacy. We'd go so far as to say she doesn't know how to pizza at allCan someone get this girl into Pizza 101?

Serial Entrepreneur B.V. Jagadeesh Talks Bootstrapping And Mentoring

In this podcast, B.V. Jagadeesh, a Silicon Valley veteran who co-founded and led iconic companies such as Exodus Communications, talks with Mayfield’s Navin Chaddha about bootstrapping Exodus in its early days. Read More

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