Bilingual? Tarjimly lets you help a refugee or aid worker right now

All over the world, language barriers are limiting the ability of refugees and immigrants to seek help, and aid workers to provide it. Tarjimly is a new service that connects people who speak one language but need to speak in another, with a person who speaks both — in just a couple minutes.

Former journo Alexia Bonatsos takes the wraps off her new venture fund, Dream Machine

Five years ago, Alexis Bonatsos, née Tsotsis, was co-editor of TechCrunch, a job that made her renowned in startup circles and familiar with a wide number of startups and their founders. What she really longed to do, in fact, was invest in some of them.

Collections is a better way to organize those photos you snap as mental notes

Wi-Fi password sticker on your router? Snap. Cute sweater in a store’s window display? Snap. Party invitation? Snap. Cool gift idea for mom? Snap. If any of this sounds familiar to you,

Tesla brings on new VP of engineering from Snap

Tesla announced a number of new hires today, including Stuart Bowers, who is joining as VP of engineering. Bowers is joining Tesla from Snap, where he worked as VP of monetization engineering. Other new hires include Neeraj Manrao, who left Apple to become Tesla’s director of energy manufacturing,

Facebook has a very specific Pepe the Frog policy, report says

Facebook doesn’t ban fictional characters with hateful content as a rule, but interestingly Pepe the frog is well enough established as a hate speech symbol that Facebook has a very particular policy devoted only to the cartoon frog.

Fortnite had a $296 million April

Just how big Fortnite? Very big. Very, very big. $296 million in April, big. That’s according to SuperData Research (via The Verge), a service that tracks digital game sales. The number, which includes sales from the console, mobile and PC versions of the game,

Yahoo shuts down social savings app Tanda only months after launch

Well, that didn’t take long. Yahoo Finance’s new social savings app Tanda, which launched just this January, is already shutting down. The company announced the news of the app’s closure via a blog post, which vaguely hinted at a lack of traction.

U.S. news sites are ghosting European readers on GDPR deadline

A cluster of U.S. news websites has gone dark for readers in Europe as the EU’s new privacy laws went into effect on Friday. The ruleset, known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),

US Representatives pile questions on the FCC regarding net neutrality comment process

The order to roll back net neutrality may have been made (though it’s not quite in effect yet), but the fight to restore it is ongoing.

HackerRank raises $30M to match developers with jobs

HackerRank, the skills-based recruiting platform and online coding challenge community, today announced that it has raised a $30 million Series C funding round led by JMI Equity, a fund that specializes in helping software companies scale. Exiting investors Khosla Ventures, Battery Ventures,

Sourcify is connecting entrepreneurs directly to pre-vetted overseas factories

If you’ve ever tried to order and source products from overseas you likely know the process is broken.

Guy makes building collapse by jumping on the ground

No, this is not a prank. It was posted on February but got no attention until yesterday, when these guys found it. And while it may have been staged, I have no problem believing it—there have been many similar cases of rotten or fragile buildings falling under minimal vibration.Read more.

Computex 2014 :來自英國的客製耳機與醫療保健廠商 ACS ,展出基於 3D 列印的 T15 準量產耳機

來自英國的客製耳機與聽力保健廠商 ACS 也透過此次的 Computex 宣布即將在台灣推出, ACS 的創始人本身也是音樂人,由於自己的聽力受損有感而發,以樂手的需求為出發點推出包括客製化耳機以及聽力保健耳塞兩種類型的產品,標榜不光只是要聽好音樂,也要有良好的聽力保健習慣才能維持音樂鑑賞能力。

Android -- 桌面悬浮,仿360 - 我爱物联网

实现原理 这种桌面悬浮窗的效果很类似与Widget,但是它比Widget要灵活的多。


业界恶名昭著的专利流氓公司 VirnetX 曾经打赢了与苹果的官司。按照此前法院的判决, iPhone 4、iPhone 4s、Phone 5、iPad 2、iPod touch、和运行 Mac OS X 10.

如何理解央行在 2014 年 9 月 30 日发布的「首套房首付最低 30%,贷款利率最低 7 折」带来的影响?


電子產品變成飾物 – NATIVE ONION

一條 USB 充電線除了顏色仲可以有咩變化?近日 LRT 正式代理 NATIVE ONION,它們的產品曾獲 Reddot 及 A' Design 設計獎項,簡簡單單一條 USB 充電線都有別的設計融入生活當中。(以下有更多資料。

F2工作流引擎之-纯JS Web在线可拖拽的流程设计器(八) - F2Flow


Windows 10版Xbox Live将免费开放多人游戏

微软越来越开放了。继几天前宣布未来数月内面向所有开发者开放Xbox One SDK之后,今天这家软件巨头又宣布未来在Windows 10平台的PC或手机上玩Xbox Live将不再收费。

California shuts off beach showers, dooming beachgoers to stay gritty all summer

LOS ANGELES — The outdoor showers at beaches across drought-stricken California will be shut off to save water, so surfers and sunbathers will have to get creative this summer when it comes time to shake off the sand.

Death of Flash inches closer as Mozilla blocks Firefox plugin

It's not looking good for Flash.Mozilla's web browser Firefox blocked Flash Player, Adobe's once-ubiquitous browser plugin that brought us multimedia, games and video throughout the naughts, on TuesdaySee also:

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