Bilingual? Tarjimly lets you help a refugee or aid worker right now

All over the world, language barriers are limiting the ability of refugees and immigrants to seek help, and aid workers to provide it. Tarjimly is a new service that connects people who speak one language but need to speak in another, with a person who speaks both — in just a couple minutes.

Facebook changes algorithm to demote “borderline content” that almost violates its policy

Facebook has changed its News Feed algorithm to demote content that comes close to violating its policies prohibiting misinformation, hate speech, violence, bullying, clickbait so it’s seen by fewer people even it’s highly engaging. In a 5000-word letter by Mark Zuckerberg published today,

Zuckerberg denies knowledge of Facebook’s work with GOP opposition research firm

Today in call with reporters preceded by a frantic if fairly uneventful distraction-pushing media blitz, Facebook responded to a damning New York Times story published yesterday that cited interviews with more than 50 sources privy to Facebook’s decision making.

Citrix pays $200M to acquire Sapho, which connects legacy software with ‘micro apps’

As large organizations grapple with adopting modern work practices without throwing out all of their legacy software, a company that works with them is making an acquisition that it hopes will help with that process. Citrix today is announcing that it has acquired Sapho,

Wonder Ventures aims to dazzle L.A. startups with its new seed-stage fund

Dustin Rosen thinks L.A. has a problem, aside from its famously car-choked highways. There aren’t enough investors willing to write small checks. Most of the so-called micro venture funds have grown their funds to the size of traditional venture firms, and are making bigger bets as a result.

Canonical plans to raise its first outside funding as it looks to a future IPO

It’s been 14 years since Mark Shuttleworth first founded and funded Canonical and the Ubuntu project. At the time, it was mostly a Linux distribution. Today, it’s a major enterprise player that offers a variety of products and services. Throughout the years,

SpaceX gets FCC approval to add 7,518 more satellites to its Starlink constellation

SpaceX's application to add thousands of satellites to its proposed Starlink communications constellation has been approved by the FCC, though it will be some time before the company actually puts those birds in the air.

Facebook will pass off content policy appeals to a new independent oversight body

Facebook doesn’t want to be the arbiter of decency when it comes to content policy decisions, similar to how it looked to third-party fact checkers rather than becoming an arbiter of truth. Today on a press call with journalists,

US Representatives pile questions on the FCC regarding net neutrality comment process

The order to roll back net neutrality may have been made (though it’s not quite in effect yet), but the fight to restore it is ongoing.

HackerRank raises $30M to match developers with jobs

HackerRank, the skills-based recruiting platform and online coding challenge community, today announced that it has raised a $30 million Series C funding round led by JMI Equity, a fund that specializes in helping software companies scale. Exiting investors Khosla Ventures, Battery Ventures,

Sourcify is connecting entrepreneurs directly to pre-vetted overseas factories

If you’ve ever tried to order and source products from overseas you likely know the process is broken.

iOS- 给App添加内购& 验证购买iOS7新特性 - 清澈Saup

1.内购——应用内购买 我所说的内购——也可以说是应用内购买大家都知道通过苹果应用程序商店有三种主要赚钱的方式:1.直接收费(与国内大部分用户的消费习惯相悖,如果要收费,直接收高的,别收6块钱)2.

Google is reportedly gearing up to let anyone in the United States buy Glass--for about a day.

Google is reportedly gearing up to let anyone in the United States buy Glass—for about a day. In other words, you won't have to be a fancy Glass Explorer as long as you have the $1500 to pay for the specs. The full consumer rollout of Glass is supposed to hit later this year. [Verge]Read more...


近段时间,记者Glenn Greenwald披露了由斯诺登提供机密文件中的最重要信息。


苹果的蓝宝石玻璃合作伙伴 GT Advanced Technologies(GTAT)周一表示,位于美国亚利桑那州的蓝宝石玻璃制造工厂将近完工,很快就能从试产过渡到量产。苹果于去年 11 月份与 GTAT 达成一项价值 5.

回收应用程序池解决方法 - 韩大风





据CNN网站报道,史蒂夫•乔布斯(Steve Jobs)已经去世三年了,但他说过的话历历在耳,并继续成为攻击他的工具。最近有人因为不满苹果iPod只能播放iTunes下载的音乐,向苹果发起集体诉讼。

澳门巴黎人 蓄势建造

拉斯韦加斯金沙集团获许可完建澳门巴黎人工程 澳门2014年12月22日电 /美通社/ -- 拉斯韦加斯金沙集团股份有限公司(纽约证券交易所:LVS)宣布其附属公司金沙中国有限公司已获得澳门特别行政区政府之建筑许可,完建其耗资27亿美元、以巴黎为主题的澳门巴黎人综合度假村酒店工程。

使用Httpclient来替代客户端的jsonp跨域解决方案 - digdeep


TW2015技术雷达中文版发布 - 破狼

今天thoughtworks 2015新版技术雷达pdf发布了,在这里你可以了解到我们都在用什么技术,那些技术是推荐的,那么技术是不再推荐的.技术雷达主要分为技术、工具、平台和语言及框架四个象限,

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