Foxconn spins off new R&D arm

Chinese manufacturer may even reportedly spin off its lucrative iPhone manufacturing operation as it looks to widen research aims.

Huawei unveils Mate20 and Mate20 Pro with boosted AI and in-screen fingerprint sensor

New Mate20 and Mate20 Pro devices look to target “young entrepreneurs” with souped-up AI power.

MoD secrets exposed in major cyberattack

Secrets of the Ministry of Defence have been exposed in numerous cyber security incidents last year.

The future of commerce will be the human touch

Bringing emotion and empathy to the online experience will be the defining characteristic of a successful eCommerce retailer.

Contactless becomes most popular form of in-store payment

Worldpay study sees 30 per cent increase in contactless as consumers drop cash payments.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies

Allen died in Seattle due to complications caused by the non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The future of the fintech will require security, not just innovation

To stand a chance of remaining successful in the future banking market, financial services companies must ensure IAM policies are thorough, while guaranteeing API security. Any lapses here will cost a company dearly.

GCHQ demands companies shape up their IoT security

Security protector publishes rules to be followed by tech firms, with the likes of Hive already on board.

Why Looker wants to be the power behind the "third wave" of BI analytics

Improved analytics can be the key to a major cultural shift in changing how your business uses data, Looker CEO says.

Start paying attention to call quality, service availability and UX

Stop playing conference call bingo.

Charting a course through the changing world of the CIO

How can CIOs take advantage of increased responsibilities within their organisation?

PHPer 应聘见闻 - 咖啡学习

关于我自己 我,很普通的一个开发,88年出生在皖南山区。从小学到高中毕业都没想过自己会从事软件开发,高考的误打误撞,被某普通二本院校收编。

Dajax 的安装以及详细使用 - Jghost

Dajax 的安装以及详细使用 上篇博已经详细的介绍了Dajaxice 的安装配置,以及简单使用,具体参见:。 写这篇博客的主要目的介绍下Dajax的是配置和使用,因为Dajaxice只是简单的应用,在form表...

RAII和unique_ptr - 圣剑君^_^

RAIIRAII是Resource Acquisition Is Initialization的缩写,是在面向对象(object-oriented)语言中使用的一种编程习惯,主要是用来在C++中处理异常安全资源管理(exception-safe resource management)。在RAII中...



【DRP】-完成物料修改页面Servlet和JSP开发 - 树语


浏览器端javascript调用手机终端本地功能实现03-拍照 - 挥洒6月雨


Eden Hazard asks Google to "forget" his World Cup performance

In one of the more unusual "right to be forgotten" requests, the Chelsea winger has reportedly asked the search engine to remove listings that scored him with a four out of 10 or less.Read more:


本文作者Charlie O'Donnell,著名VC,曾为First Round Capital和Union Square Ventures工作,后为Brooklyn Bridge Ventures的创始人之一。有一些投资者会很幸运。

The history of all religions explained in one fascinating graphic

I spent some of my college years studying with the Jesuits, which inevitably led to theology classes and the fascinating history of religion. That class is summarized in this new version of a great graphic by Simon E. Davies, a complex tree of myths and traditions continuously evolving into remakes.

React Native并非原生

主张“Learn once, write everywhere”的React Native让开发者用JavaScript开发移动原生应用,但事实却非如此。React Native其中很大一部分利用了原生架构,却也包含了一些非原生架构。

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