Foxconn spins off new R&D arm

Chinese manufacturer may even reportedly spin off its lucrative iPhone manufacturing operation as it looks to widen research aims.

Spotting vulnerable customers – How quality assurance can help

Vulnerable customers are hard to define, hard to legislate for and even harder to identify. This is reflected in much of the diagnosis and provision targeting vulnerability in the financial sector.

What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2018

The transformative forces of digital solutions do not recognise industry boundaries

Business success stories of digital transformation that will leave you thinking

Companies are now progressively launching more and more digital enterprises in order to grow. There are many success stories related to business who invested more in digitalisation.

Everything became code (and why that’s good)

In a world where businesses have to deliver high-quality software fast in order to remain competitive, IT organisations are turning to practices such as continuous delivery and DevOps.

The Land Rover Explore is a rugged smartphone inspired by the road

Land Rover Explore draws inspiration from the Discovery, promising to survive virtually anything you throw at it

Five reasons why companies should be worried about click fraud

Your competition could be using click fraud to undermine your business' online advertising efforts.

Tech innovations and trends for digital marketing in 2018

The most recent digital marketing trends and advances not only prepare you for any changes within your specific market but help to establish a comprehensive marketing strategy - designed to increase visibility and maximise revenue.

Why Looker wants to be the power behind the "third wave" of BI analytics

Improved analytics can be the key to a major cultural shift in changing how your business uses data, Looker CEO says.

Start paying attention to call quality, service availability and UX

Stop playing conference call bingo.

Charting a course through the changing world of the CIO

How can CIOs take advantage of increased responsibilities within their organisation?

习近平漫画形象萌倒网友 制作团队介绍出炉过程(图)


Not All Online Editors Are Made Equal

What you see is possibly perhaps maybe slightly tangentially almost related to what you may or may not get. WYSIPPMSTARTWYMOMNG. [XKCD]Read more...    





传阿里巴巴 IPO 路演将推迟至 9 月

电商巨头阿里巴巴集团或将其 IPO 路演时间推迟至 9 月美国劳动节过后。据推测,其原因在于 8 月是美国长假期,很多投资人将进入休假状态,8 月 IPO 可能导致投资人缺席。


回顾2010年,当时正是“体感”意气风发的“年代”,微软高调推出了自家的Xbox 360体感控制器——Kine […]

滿足新世代的全新動力:PHEV 插電式混合動力汽車




印度IT发展计划遭遇电力短缺 猴子也成了阻碍


『開箱』輕巧又容易上手的四軸遙控飛機 Parrot Bebop Drone + Skycontroller


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