Foxconn spins off new R&D arm - 云聚网

Foxconn spins off new R&D arm

Chinese manufacturer may even reportedly spin off its lucrative iPhone manufacturing operation as it looks to widen research aims.

Android phones will soon connect to your hearing aid

Google and Apple bring hearing aid support to smartphones.

Q&A: Craig Stewart, SnapLogic – Academia and AI innovation

When it comes to testing AI, academia is free from the many constraints that often hold back businesses.

Mozilla removes 23 Firefox add-ons in security clampdown

Firefox add-ons found to be tracking users web activity and sending data back to remote servers.

Disruption or evolution? Why blockchain is the future of global lending

Blockchain and its distributed ledger technology is poised to change the way banks lend to customers on a global scale.

Data collection: good for your health?

When it comes to healthcare, data collection is all about providing useful information on a patient's well being.

It’s electrifying… what does the future spell for the auto industry?

Car manufacturers must adapt their current technologies to ensure their brands survive.

Trump relaxes rules on US cyberattacks

Obama's 'Directive 20' is no more as current administration prepares for cyberwar.

Why Looker wants to be the power behind the "third wave" of BI analytics

Improved analytics can be the key to a major cultural shift in changing how your business uses data, Looker CEO says.

Start paying attention to call quality, service availability and UX

Stop playing conference call bingo.

Charting a course through the changing world of the CIO

How can CIOs take advantage of increased responsibilities within their organisation?


Facebook 宣布允许用户将自己性别设定为女性、男性、中性、双性等十种类别,并且很体贴地提供性别公开范围设置。 Facebook 对于非主流性向人群一直持开放态度,联合创始人Chris Hugh 已于 2012 年 7 月与同性伴侣完婚。

Apple Opens Up Touch ID To All Apps

If you ever thought that the future creeps up on you slowly, and then all at once, behold Touch ID for all apps.Announced today as a side feature of iOS 8,



学习的枚举类型,结构以及初步了解数组 - 雪?

今天首先总结了前面学习的顺序结构,分支结构,循环结构和跳转语句。 然后就开始了新课的内容:枚举类型,结构和数组。

Back to the Future II Takes Place This Year. How Close Did We Get?

Every decade produces iconic pieces of futurism that help to define a generation. For the 1960s it was The Jetsons and Star Trek. For the 1970s it was Future Shock and Soylent Green. What about the 1980s? It was almost certainly Back to the Future Part II.Read more...

IBM 2014年美国专利获得量蝉联第一 谷歌苹果排名攀升

据《华尔街日报》网络版报道,在美国商业专利数据库(IFI Claims Patent Services)2014年的美国专利获得量年度排名中,IBM连续22年蝉联第一。谷歌和苹果的排名继续攀升。

主界面图标排列还得用户说的算:《Boxy 2》


[组图]迈阿密新店即将开业 涂鸦艺术家HENSE新作品欣赏

最近,苹果与知名涂鸦艺术家 HENSE 合作,准备为迈阿密新 Apple Store 零售店带来不一样的体验。中国杭州和重庆的 Apple Store 开业都有艺术家的参与,这次苹果选择了与 HENSE 合作。

每周要闻回顾:Google Project Fi、Nexus 7 下架、X-47B 空中加油

Google Project Fi、Nexus 7 下架、X-47B 空中加油等。...

CROMSOURCE推出TalentSource Life Sciences人事解决方案服务

意大利维罗纳2015年6月10日电 /美通社/ -- CROMSOURCE 今天宣布推出 TalentSource Life Sciences,让其成熟的临床生命科学行业人事解决方案服务采用新的名字和品牌标识。

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