Using conversational UI for mobile apps and why it matters

Today, people no longer want to communicate with computers on inhuman terms by entering syntax-specific commands.

Why Microsoft’s Cityman and Talkman devices are more than what they appear

For the past week or so, pockets of the internet have been a blaze about the recent surfacing of ‘official’ Microsoft renders for the upcoming flagship smartphones. From tech enthusiasts sounding off in comment sections...

It’s Your Fault Email Is Broken

As an email startup CEO, I hear it every week. “I hate email. Email sucks. Why can’t anyone fix it? And why would you want to spend your life working on something everyone hates?” Email is an obvious target for blame, since we collectively send 183 billion of them every single day.

Looking ahead: Designing for in-car HMI

In Part 3 of this 5-part series we looked at the present and the past — in this section we look ahead into the near future of in-car HMI development.Read more:

Note for Google IO Memory Management For Android

This is the subtitle for Google I/O 2011: Memory management for Android Apps.The VideoThe Subtitles Hi everybody, My name’s Patrick Dubroy and today I’m going to talk to you about memory management for Android. So I’m really happy to see somany people here who care about memory management,

Google IO:Android内存管理主题演讲记录

翻出了3年前的Google IO大会的主题演讲 Google IO 2011 Memory management for Android Apps,该演讲介绍了Android系统在垃圾回收上的变化和如何发现并内存泄露以及如何管理Android中的内存。本演讲对开发者还是有很大的帮助。

Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch launch and reaction

Apple is finally releasing its much-anticipated iPhone 6 handset on 9th September, and ITProPortal is going to be on hand to bring you all the updates in our minute-by-minute coverage.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Security firms warn most ATMs still run Windows XP

ATM security is nothing more than a nuisance for hackers, researchers claim.

Germany urged to ban Huawei 5G hardware

Senior government officials want to follow in the footsteps of the US.

Samsung reveals major 5G and AI investment

Tech giant wants to take 20 per cent of the 5G market share by 2020.

Microsoft acquires AI development company

Deal marks another step towards conversational AI.

Google Maps lets you message businesses directly

Why call when you can text them from a map?

Localisation assurance: Ensure rich UX by avoiding these three common misconceptions

The below sections list down the top three misconceptions about localisation assurance.

Can AI keep the ‘human’ in HR?

Despite the obvious benefits that AI can bring, there is real concern that the technology poses a threat to job roles such as HR managers.

Foxconn spins off new R&D arm

Chinese manufacturer may even reportedly spin off its lucrative iPhone manufacturing operation as it looks to widen research aims.

Why Looker wants to be the power behind the "third wave" of BI analytics

Improved analytics can be the key to a major cultural shift in changing how your business uses data, Looker CEO says.

Start paying attention to call quality, service availability and UX

Stop playing conference call bingo.

TinkerBots Want To Make Modular Robotics Child’s Play

TinkerBots is a modular robotics building set with the aim of encouraging children to learn about electronics through play. The Berlin-based makers behind the project are seeking to raise $100,000 over the next 46 days via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to get their kits to market.

.NET Framework(二) - Breathe Lai

在上一篇的随笔中,我们在理论层面上大致说明了.NET Framework的工作机制,内容的确比较晦涩难懂,但是还是希望大家有时候可以看看。

Verizon Injects Unique IDs Into HTTP Traffic

An anonymous reader writes: Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless carrier, is now also a real-time data broker. According to a security researcher at Stanford, Big Red has been adding a unique identifier to web traffic. The purpose of the identifier is advertisement targeting,

What Sci-Fi Films Actually Deserve a Reboot?

Over the weekend, I watched the always wonderful and under-appreciated Titan AE (via HBO Go). It had been awhile since I'd seen it—maybe a five years or so—and I was amazed how great that movie still is. Think about it:

VC++如何利用Matlab2014b的图形引擎进行绘图 - Vonng

Visual C++ 2015 利用 Matlab2014b图形引擎进行绘图的过程与方法。

Luxe Confirms $20M In New Funding, As It Hires A Business Chief And Expands To New Markets

Last week we reported that on-demand valet startup Luxe had raised $20 million in Series A funding from Venrock Partners and Redpoint Ventures to expand its service into new markets. Today the company is confirming that funding,

NASA's Radar Found 4 Men Trapped in Rubble in Nepal By Their Heartbeats

A couple years ago, NASA and DHS unveiled a portable radar unit based on technology used to detect alien life on distant exoplanets. This radar unit, though, would be used closer to home—to find people burried under rubble. In the first real-world demonstration of its use,

《Entity Framework 6 Recipes》中文翻译系列 (19) -----第三章 查询之使用位操作和多属性连接(join) - china_fucan

翻译的初衷以及为什么选择《Entity Framework 6 Recipes》来学习,请看本系列开篇3-16过滤中使用位操作问题 你想在查询的过滤条件中使用位操作。解决方案 假设你有一个实体类型,它有一个你想用来做位标识的整型属性。

任天堂将于14日召开新直面会 E3详细计划公布



阿迪达斯和新百伦在过去几个月先后推出了3D打印量身定制跑鞋。而近日来自加拿大温哥华的初创公司 Wiivv Wearables在经过了12个月的努力研发和多达72次的迭代后为客户推出了定制化3D打印鞋中底——BASE。 BASE具有中性的生物力学特性,能明显减轻前脚掌受到的压力,增加运动稳定性。

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