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LG set to reveal mobile AI platform

New offerings will be publicly launched at Mobile World Congress later this month, with voice commands and camera tools included.

Android phones will soon connect to your hearing aid

Google and Apple bring hearing aid support to smartphones.

Q&A: Craig Stewart, SnapLogic – Academia and AI innovation

When it comes to testing AI, academia is free from the many constraints that often hold back businesses.

Mozilla removes 23 Firefox add-ons in security clampdown

Firefox add-ons found to be tracking users web activity and sending data back to remote servers.

Disruption or evolution? Why blockchain is the future of global lending

Blockchain and its distributed ledger technology is poised to change the way banks lend to customers on a global scale.

Data collection: good for your health?

When it comes to healthcare, data collection is all about providing useful information on a patient's well being.

It’s electrifying… what does the future spell for the auto industry?

Car manufacturers must adapt their current technologies to ensure their brands survive.

Trump relaxes rules on US cyberattacks

Obama's 'Directive 20' is no more as current administration prepares for cyberwar.

London revealed as one of the world's smartest cities

The UK capital was ranked ahead of Barcelona and just behind Singapore when it came to the implementation of smart city technologies.

Smart cities set to go worldwide by 2025

Seagate report claims that increasing floods of data will transform the way many of us go about our everyday lives.

Using conversational UI for mobile apps and why it matters

Today, people no longer want to communicate with computers on inhuman terms by entering syntax-specific commands.

Exploring Paris (And The New Jersey Turnpike) Through Smell

On a recent evening in San Francisco, a couple dozen well-dressed and hiply bespectacled young people leaned over glass cones and inhaled. The purpose? Time travel. Read more...    


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Now's Not the Time for Fur: BaneCat Rules the Litter Box of Shadows

The villainous Bane is back, this time in frightening feline form.BaneCat is an evil kitty that terrorizes his owner by smashing plates and peeing on food. When his owner attempts to secretly find the cat a new home, he does exactly what Bane would do: threaten his life.See also:


在微软-诺基亚收购案正式完成之前,这两家公司曾对交易涉及的部分协议条款进行过变更声明,其中涉及一项诺基亚网络在线资产管理权的问题。基于双方最终达成的一致协议:微软将接管诺基亚 nokia.

地球磁场以十倍速衰减 通信系统或面临危险



东京--(美国商业资讯)--东芝公司(Toshiba Corporatioo) (TOKYO: 6502)今天宣布,该公司将在闪存峰会(Flash Memory Summit)上展示其最新的NAND闪存和存储产品。

Everything You Need to Know About the New USA FREEDOM Act

Ever since the Snowden revelations, honest (and some dishonest) efforts have been made in Congress to try to scale back at least some of the NSA's spying. It's a complex problem,

巧妙利用访问时间提取和重组代码的实践 - clover_toeic

说明 本文主要介绍巧妙利用访问时间提取和重组某嵌入式产品SDK代码的实践。一 问题提出 目前产品平台为便于编译管理,要求各模块组织为include-source目录结构,分别存放头文件和源文件。



临时工的春天? 苹果的保安将获得正式雇佣合同

在哪上班? 苹果! 听起来不错喔。不过,苹果这样的科技公司不只有高薪高福利的攻城狮,还有大量低薪卖命的后勤服务人员。

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