This team turned an entire room into a massive four-player game of Pong

It’s been over 45 years (!) since Pong debuted. At this point, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding someone who grew up playing it. But they probably haven’t played it like this. Read More

Canonical plans to raise its first outside funding as it looks to a future IPO

It’s been 14 years since Mark Shuttleworth first founded and funded Canonical and the Ubuntu project. At the time, it was mostly a Linux distribution. Today, it’s a major enterprise player that offers a variety of products and services. Throughout the years,

SpaceX gets FCC approval to add 7,518 more satellites to its Starlink constellation

SpaceX's application to add thousands of satellites to its proposed Starlink communications constellation has been approved by the FCC, though it will be some time before the company actually puts those birds in the air.

Facebook will pass off content policy appeals to a new independent oversight body

Facebook doesn’t want to be the arbiter of decency when it comes to content policy decisions, similar to how it looked to third-party fact checkers rather than becoming an arbiter of truth. Today on a press call with journalists,

OpenStack regroups

Only a few years ago, OpenStack was the hottest open-source project around, with a bustling startup ecosystem to boot. The project, which gives enterprises the tools to run the equivalent of AWS in their own private data centers,

Facebook reports a massive spike in government demands for data, including secret orders

Facebook has published the details of 13 historical national security letters it’s received for user data. The embattled social media giant said that the letters dated between 2014 and 2017 for several Facebook and Instagram accounts. These demands for data are effectively subpoenas,

What the FDA’s restriction of e-cig flavors means for Juul

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has revealed his plans to combat underage use of e-cigs and nicotine, which has grown 78 percent among high school students from 2017 to 2018.

After first commercial launch, Rocket Lab announces $140 million in funding

When it rains, it pours. And when you're a successful space startup, it pours money. Rocket Lab, the New Zealand-based launch provider,

Twitch’s latest features highlight channels’ top fans

The majority of Twitch’s product announcements lately have been focused around new tools or expanded money-making opportunities for its video creators. Today,

Apple is developing a scripted basketball show inspired by Kevin Durant’s life

The Warriors are currently atop the Western Conference standings, but from the looks of it, Kevin Durant is shaping up to be every bit as  in demand off the court. Roughly a month ago,

Pulse Q&A wants to transform the way we gather data from CIOs

Lots of companies need to understand what CIOs are thinking, but it’s hard to get a group of busy people to give meaningful answers about the products they use or their budget priorities in public forums for obvious reasons.

Sony Xperia Z2 香港终於推出 HK$5,998,防水加 4K 拍摄该这个价钱吗?

分类: 智能手机千呼万唤始出来,Sony Mobile 香港在临时取消 Xperia Z2 发布并在 Facebook 宣布要延迟抵港後,今天总算正式把 Xperia Z2 带到香港,官方售价为 HK$5,



China Targets 2022 For Space Station Completion

Taco Cowboy writes: According to Reuters, China is aiming for 2022 to get its first space station operational. "China's leaders have set a priority on advancing its space program, with President Xi Jinping calling for the country to establish itself as a space power.

索尼将在CES 2015带来新款Walkman


5人架设《魔兽世界》私服赚230万 称已准备200万赔偿款




Lumia 950系列惨遭下架 微软手机业务再次碰壁

Lumia 950承载着微软手机逆袭的希望,但表现难以令人满意。不久前,澳大利亚运营商Telstra宣称Lumia 950系列未能通过其网络测试,需要等微软修复才能发售。        这并非个案,去年12月,德国亚马逊下架了这两款上市不久的新机,原因是其退货率过高。Lumia 950电池续航问题迟迟没有得到解决,而且系统是测试版,所以Win10频繁出现崩溃的情况;英国一些零售商随后也对该系列产品做了下架处理;欧洲最大的手机零售商Carphone Warehouse也宣布暂时下Lumia 950 XL,原因是手机有问题。        


特雷塞运动(Terasem Movement)是一家总部位于美国佛蒙特州的基金会,正致力于推动数码拷贝技术的发展,最终将人类的意识上传到电脑中。据报道,目前已经有超过 56000 人签署了协议,愿意将自己的思想以数码形式保存 ... ...




微信搜索“36氪”,获取更多高质量内容.点击进入36氪近日由维优咨询研发的区块链项目元界发起ICO(Initial Coin Offering),计划筹集资金1000-2000万元人民币,项目发起前3天即募集了350万元,截至目前共募集770万元,元界的ICO将于9月5日结束。元界是一个支持智能合约的公有链,为需要区块链服务的场景和用户提供底层的技术支持。相比于在应用层定义安全的以太坊,元界在底层定义了安全,开发应用时可以直接继承使用,既节约了开发成本,又避免了因为应用开发者相关经验不足带来的安全隐患。

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