This team turned an entire room into a massive four-player game of Pong

It’s been over 45 years (!) since Pong debuted. At this point, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding someone who grew up playing it. But they probably haven’t played it like this. Read More

Amazon’s Prime Rewards Visa cardholders now get 5% back at Whole Foods if they pay for Prime

Amazon has already rolled out price cuts for Whole Foods shoppers as a result of its acquisition of the grocery chain. It has also rolled up its Treasure Truck deals service to Whole Foods locations, and began delivering Whole Foods groceries through Prime. Now,

Update for iOS and Macs negates text bomb that crashed devices

Last week we reported a major bug in Apple operating systems that would cause them to crash from mere exposure to either of two specific Unicode symbols. Today Apple fixes this major text-handling issue with iOS version 11.2.6 and macOS version 10.13.3, both now available for download.

The $20 Wyze security camera gets a sequel with improved intelligence and Amazon Echo support

The team behind WyzeCam is full of surprises. First they introduced a $20 plug and play security camera in October of last year, and now they’re already back with the sequel. The simply titled WyzeCam v2 is here, less than half a year later, bringing with it some pretty welcome updates.

Author Brian Dear talks about the amazing PLATO computing system

Before Xerox Parc there was PLATO. This amazing computing system came to life in 1960 and by the 1970s was running a number of graphical terminals well before the rise of Xerox PARC and the Alto.

Combining augmented reality, 3D printing and a robotic arm to prototype in real time

Robotic Modeling Assistant (RoMA) is a joint project out of MIT and Cornell that brings together a variety of different emerging technologies in an attempt to build a better prototyping machine. Using an augmented reality headset and two controllers,

Algorithmic zoning could be the answer to cheaper housing and more equitable cities

Zoning codes are a century old, and the lifeblood of all major U.S. cities (except arguably Houston), determining what can be built where and what activities can take place in a neighborhood. Yet as their complexity has risen,

Life sciences startup Avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches

Avro, a life sciences startup in Y Combinator’s current batch, is banking on a method to deliver medications to populations unable to swallow or chew — It will administer them through the skin. Starting with allergy medications,

Twitch’s latest features highlight channels’ top fans

The majority of Twitch’s product announcements lately have been focused around new tools or expanded money-making opportunities for its video creators. Today,

Apple is developing a scripted basketball show inspired by Kevin Durant’s life

The Warriors are currently atop the Western Conference standings, but from the looks of it, Kevin Durant is shaping up to be every bit as  in demand off the court. Roughly a month ago,

Pulse Q&A wants to transform the way we gather data from CIOs

Lots of companies need to understand what CIOs are thinking, but it’s hard to get a group of busy people to give meaningful answers about the products they use or their budget priorities in public forums for obvious reasons.

HTC And Nokia Troll Samsung

As the classic saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game. But HTC and Nokia couldn’t help themselves yesterday during Samsung’s big Galaxy S5 reveal and took to Twitter for a bit of internet trolling. HTC, again, reminded its followers about a big reveal on March 25th.

庆祝获奖 3A潜行大作《共和国》现已降价!

《共和国》(Republique)是开发商 Camouflaj 去年上架的一款潜行大作,Camouflaj 集合了众多实力制作人员,创始人 Ryan Patton 曾参与和负责了《合金装备4》与《光环4》的开发,团队中也有不少来自《合金装备》、《极度恐慌》、《上古卷轴》等知名游戏系列的业界高手。

Images of Prestigio's Windows Phone device leak into the web

Psychology's Replication Battle

An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from Slate: Psychologists are up in arms over, of all things, the editorial process that led to the recent publication of a special issue of the journal Social Psychology. This may seem like a classic case of ivory tower navel gazing,

大数据的未来--个人信息/情报/认知服务的思考 - xuybin

1.未来大数据的一切都都关于人 ...不论述2.



擴充版圖!iPhone 6 十月內增加 36 個發售地區

Apple 在發佈會中說過,要在年底之前把 iPhone 6 系列帶到 115 個地區發售,而看來貨源開始穩定,在今個月內 Apple 就會在 36 個新的地區,發售不少人期待著的 iPhone 6 系列。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 擴充版圖!



ARM 發表新一代架構 Cortex-A72 ,效能比起五年前架構提升 50 倍



微软正计划推出Windows10移动版,取代目前的Windows Phone8.1。Windows10移动版将内建一个全新的文件资源管理器,并且采用了全新用户界面。

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