Artists behind the Obamas' portraits also have some pretty incredible Instagrams

History was made and rules were broken when former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama commissioned Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald respectively to paint their likeness for their Smithsonian presidential portraits. For the first time,

Get a custom, single speed coaster bike for less than $200 and have it delivered to your house

Summer is fast-approaching, which means you need to prepare yourself for a series of heat waves. And while it's tempting to hog the AC to get that cool blast of air, doing so is, well, not so cool for the environment. Why not bike the heat away instead?

Charge your phone wirelessly while you're driving

Sorry to get all grim here, but when you get behind the wheel, you become responsible for your life, your passengers’ lives, and the lives of your fellow drivers. So don’t be mucking around with your phone while you’re speeding down the highway, ok? 

Anne Hathaway rewatched her first ever commercial and it's so bad it's good

This might even rival Aaron Paul's incredibly 2000s Juicy Fruit commercial.SEE ALSO: Sandra Bullock on 'Ocean's 8' all-female cast: it was 'a long time coming'Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway was on The Late Show on Thursday evening.

Adam Levine totally kept his cool when a cop told James Corden to 'be careful' during 'Carpool Karao

Turns out the Maroon 5 frontman is a man of many talents.SEE ALSO: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and James Corden argue about who's the ugliestIn the newest episode of Carpool Karaoke, host James Corden was joined by singer Adam Levine. As well as the usual belters, the pair played a few games.

Emma Watson sends moving message to people voting in Ireland’s abortion referendum

Emma Watson has tweeted an inspiring message to people voting in Ireland's historic abortion referendum. On May 25, Irish people cast their votes to decide whether the country's 8th amendment—which currently makes abortion illegal in almost all circumstances—should be repealed. SEE ALSO:

Here's what your Twitter timeline would've looked like 10 years ago

Ah, 2008.You might not remember, but those were the days when the term "Web 2.0" was thrown around like it was going out of fashion (it eventually did), and Pownce was used in the same sentence as Twitter.SEE ALSO: Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, says he doesn't have a laptop. At all.Speaking of Twitter,

Amazon Echo secretly sent family's private audio to some random person

There's been deep concern that AI voice assistants might be always listening, and for one Oregon family, their Amazon Echo reportedly did just that.As first reported by local station KIRO-7,

Why women need Galentine’s Day more than ever this year

In 2010, Galentine's Day was just another Parks and Rec episode, but in recent years it's become a symbol of female empowerment and solidarity. The fictional holiday, brought to life by Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler), was a day filled with "ladies celebrating ladies." Since the episode aired,

Salon's new business plan is running cryptocurrency-mining malware on your computer

It's hard out there for a publisher. But what if, ya know, the blockchain could fix it?That appears to be the thinking of digital media brand Salon, which today launched a new way to generate revenue off its readers. No, not some fancy subscription model,

The best smart speakers according to Amazon reviewers

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.If you’re searching for a new smart speaker, the market is flooded with options.



YC新“校长”Sam Altman 谈员工股权激励

YC新“校长”Sam Altman认为目前创业公司的股权激励计划存在以下问题:1)员工分不到足够的股权。 2)离职时无力支付行权费用。 3)员工期权的征税政策不合理。 4)员工根本不了解自己持有的股票或期权的情况。



Yik Yak threats shut down two California high schools in one week

As one southern California high school reopened Thursday after a two-day lockdown following threats from an anonymous social networking app, another was put on lockdown.In both instances, the threats came from an app called Yik Yak, which allows users to post anonymously from anywhere within a 1.

SOBEWFF 2015: Escape winter with the world's best food and wine festival

Feeling a little crushed, locked up in winter's icy grip? Well, there's a solution, and it lies in the balmy southern city of Miami, where there's a place full of food, wine, and music — a gathering of the greatest talent in all three categories.

7 Chinese New Year foods for luck and prosperity

Gong hay fat choy! In Cantonese, this means "happiness and prosperity."Feb. 19 marked the start of the new lunar year, so you'll want to memorize and shout this phrase loudly and oftenSee also: 26 Foods You've Been Eating All WrongThe Chinese year is 4713, also known as the year of the goat,

The mutual benefits of mentorship

Presented by American GreetingsThe ThankList is presented by American Greetings. We've all heard of a bucketlist, but what about a ThankList? It's a list of people you want to thank for shaping you as a person. And a step toward a world that's just a little bit nicer. Who’s on your ThankList?

新自拍潮流殺到 全景 Panoselfie 你試過未

雖然你可能仍然未曾玩厭,不過無可否認自拍(Selfie)已經興起了一段時間;最近外國開始興起一款全新的 Selfie 玩法,就是利用手機的全景相功能,拍攝特長的全景自拍照(Panoselfie)。

Parks Associates:调查显示7%的美国家庭使用宽带和OTT服务而不是订阅付费电视

美国57%接入宽带的家庭都订阅了一项OTT视频服务。在欧洲接入宽带并订阅了一项OTT服务的家庭百分比数: 英国为57%,西班牙为29%,德国为24%。

Windows Insiders program reaches 7 million members

On stage at the IFA Microsoft keynote today, Microsoft’s new star presenter Bryan Roper announced that there are now 7 million Windows Insiders.  Insiders get early access to builds and updates for both Windows...

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