Artists behind the Obamas' portraits also have some pretty incredible Instagrams

History was made and rules were broken when former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama commissioned Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald respectively to paint their likeness for their Smithsonian presidential portraits. For the first time,

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry find inner peace in this 'anti-bad vibes' circle

It's been an understandably busy few days for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are in the midst of their first overseas visit.On Friday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped by Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, the chia seed-laden suburb that's known for its bohemia and totally chill vibes,

Tesla just announced a slightly less expensive Model 3

Nothing says "for the people" like a $45,000 car. Tesla has once again changed the game, this time with the release of a slightly less expensive version of its Model 3. Announced by Elon Musk via Twitter, the new mid-range sedan is available for order now in black, midnight silver metallic,

We watched the feature length Jake Paul docu-series finale so you don't have to

"I want a whole cake after all this is over," Shane Dawson says when Jake Paul and his girlfriend Erika Costell stroll up to his house holding baby pink cake pops shortly before their last interview. Honestly, us too, Shane. Welcome to Inside the Mind of Jake Paul,

Twitter shuts down spambots spreading pro-Saudi hashtags related to Khashoggi disappearance

Saudi leader Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is receiving some unexpected help from erectile dysfunction pill spammers.There's been an intense online campaign playing out over Twitter in the past week to control the narrative surrounding the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

How LGBTQ people are breaking down barriers to take on the great outdoors

Up until approximately, mmm, yesterday, there's been a enduring stereotype of "outdoorsy" people: They're white, cis, straight, and love granola and/or semi-automatic rifles.Of course, there have always been people who love nature and don't fall into any of those categories.

Is Apple dropping a major hint with its iPad event invitation designs?

Apple just sent out invitations for its next big hardware event. Naturally, the speculation has kicked into high gear.This year's invitations featured a colorful Apple logo, along with the tagline "there's more in the making." SEE ALSO: Apple sends invites to Oct. 30 event,

Google Maps for iOS now lets you share your ETA

For the chronically late among us, your days of lying about being "5 minutes away" are numbered. Google released its "share your real-time location" feature for the Google Maps iOS app on Thursday. It lets you send ETAs to friends and family based on satellite data — not empty promises. 

Why women need Galentine’s Day more than ever this year

In 2010, Galentine's Day was just another Parks and Rec episode, but in recent years it's become a symbol of female empowerment and solidarity. The fictional holiday, brought to life by Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler), was a day filled with "ladies celebrating ladies." Since the episode aired,

Salon's new business plan is running cryptocurrency-mining malware on your computer

It's hard out there for a publisher. But what if, ya know, the blockchain could fix it?That appears to be the thinking of digital media brand Salon, which today launched a new way to generate revenue off its readers. No, not some fancy subscription model,

The best smart speakers according to Amazon reviewers

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.If you’re searching for a new smart speaker, the market is flooded with options.

WPF触控程序开发(二)——整理的一些问题 - 热卡

上一篇(WPF触控程序开发)介绍了几个比较不错的资源,比较基础。等到自己真正使用它们时,问题就来了,现把我遇到的几个问题罗列下,大家如有遇到其他问题或者有什么好的方法还望赐教。 问题1.


上个月,我们曾报道过小米电视2代通过3C认证的消息,其型号为L49M2-AA ,屏幕尺寸为49寸,比上一代的47寸更大。


广州2014年6月19日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年6月19日,一场以罕见病患者和家庭这一特殊群体为拍摄主题的“罕-见的世界”纪实摄影展在广州东方宝泰购物广场B3层开幕。

Ancient Skulls Show Civilization Rose As Testosterone Fell

An anonymous reader writes "Even though modern humans started appearing around 200,000 years ago, it was only about 50,000 years ago that artistry and tool making became popular. New research shows that society bloomed when testosterone levels in humans started dropping.

These Are the Biggest Android Tablets You Can Buy

How big do you like your tablet? If you're designing a kid-friendly device that can be used as an easel, learning resource and game platform, the answer is probably: roughly Monopoly-board big.No, 10 or even 12 inches isn't going to do it for you.

Firefox Beta Gets Built-In WebRTC Video Calls On Desktop, Chromecast And Roku Video Casting On Andro

Mozilla is launching the latest batch of updates to the Firefox beta channels for desktop and Android today. While there weren’t all that many exciting changes in the last few releases, today’s updates include a couple of interesting new user-facing tools. Read More


想来还真是难得在周日傍晚坐在公司发更新。恍恍惚惚的一个周末,因为今天要加班,所以把想做的事情都集中在昨天一天做 […]


导语:产品经理如何快速成长为高级产品经理,解密大型互联网公司产品经理们的成长路径 我对产品经理的初印象 第一次 […]

【资讯】联手多家出版商推出独家内容,Facebook 打算在视频领域挑战YouTube?

著名女性时尚媒体Popsugar将在今日推出一档每日更新的节目Popsugar Rush。

Sony is letting NFL players see 'Concussion' for free

Sony Pictures Entertainment is hoping to score a touchdown with NFL players by offering free admission to the studio's new football-based drama, Concussion.

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