Mafia II and the 2006 Prey game are now backward compatible on the Xbox One

Two new Xbox 360 games are joining the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list today, the open world action game Mafia II and the 2006 FPS Prey.

Play Dark Souls: Remastered right now on Xbox One

The remaster of the original Dark Souls video game is now available on all Xbox One consoles and with visual enhancements when played on an Xbox One X. Here’s the official game description and trailer. Then, there was fire. Re-experience the critically acclaimed,

Universal Zip app is now free on Windows 10 Mobile and PC for a limited time

The Universal Zip app is currently free to buy and download on Windows 10 Mobile and PC for one week. The app usually retails for $4.99 so it’s a worthy download if you ever think you might need a new program for compressing and uncompressing files. Here’s the official store listing.

Windows 10 Preview 17677 comes with heafty list of fixes and known issues for Fast Ring and Skip Ahe

Windows 10 Insider preview 17677 is another solid release with a handful of new tweaks and features and another healthy dose of fixes and known issues that have cropped up over the past week and a half for Insiders.

First Windows 10 Redstone 5 Bug Bash set for June 22nd – July 1st

To tie in with the day's release of Build 17677, Microsoft also announced the first First Windows 10 Redstone 5 Windows Insider bug bash for June 22nd – July 1st.

New in Windows 10 build 17677— clearer settings in Microsoft Edge, narrator improvements, and more

Microsoft made some service-side changes last night and just pushed out Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17677 to the desktops of Windows Insiders across the world. There's some new stuff with this build, and here's what you need to know before installing on your PC.

Miramar, PUBG’s new desert map, arrives on Xbox One

PUBG on Xbox One is finally getting Miramar, the game’s new desert-themed map that previously launched on PC and mobile.

Battlefield 1943 is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today

Microsoft's Major Nelson today announced that Battlefield 1943 is coming to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility today.

Rare opens up about PC specs for upcoming Sea of Thieves release

The game studio detailed six different sets of specs for the PC version of Sea of Thieves, going from the “Cursed” 540p at 30FPS to the “Mythical” 4K at 60FPS.

Microsoft acquires Chalkup, plans to expand Teams

Microsoft today announced they have acquired the collaboration software startup, Chalkup. The acquisition is part of the company's plans continued investment to help save teachers time, build collaborative classrooms

Run Cortana on Android’s Microsoft Launcher in any country with this little trick

There is now a neat little trick which can help you enable Cortana on Android regardless of your country.

推荐几本产品类的书 - IT米粉


這就是新 iPhone? 設計草圖可能曝光

今天出現一個十分少見的 iPhone 流出,不是任何零件,也不是外殼,而是設計草圖。第一張顯示一部十分大的 iPhone,闊 3.3 吋; 高 5.9 吋。這個尺寸比現存 iPhone 5s (4.87 x 2.32) 大了很多,甚至比新 HTC One (5.7 x 2.

White House Worried About Discrimination Through Analytics

Cludge writes "Describing concerns about the potential for big data methods to inadvertently classify people by race, religion, income or other forms of discrimination,

WP版HTC One比Lumia 930更轻薄?没悬殊

全新 WP 8.1 旗舰新机 HTC One M8 for Windows 日前已经发布,然而同样高端定位的旗舰机诺基亚 Lumia 930 免不了被拉来进行各种比较。

Seth Rogen and James Franco Strip Down for Jimmy Fallon's Birthday Surprise

It has to be pretty difficult to come up with decent gift for someone like Jimmy Fallon, who just turned 40 on Friday. For the wildly successful host of The Tonight Show, you have to think outside the box.The nearly naked duo of Seth Rogen and James Franco definitely fit the billSee also:



使用Windows Azure创建和发布ASP.NET应用程序 - Francis Liang

Windows Azure为我们提供了一个功能强大的PaaS平台,使得我们无须部署和维护基础架构就可以根据需求发布开发的应用程序,并且支持多种语言及平台,如:ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java等。



C++STL:插入迭代器 - 青藜学士

迭代器是一个纯粹抽象概念:任何东西,只要其行为类似迭代器,它就是一个迭代器。C++标准库提供了数个预先定义的特殊迭代器,即迭代器适配器(iterator adapters)。



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