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Microsoft Edge helps Virgin Galactic showcase new age of space exploration

Microsoft today is highlighting a new partnership with Virgin Galactic helping the spaceflight company showcase a new age of space exploration. T

Select Xbox Insiders can now test a new Shopping Cart feature in the Xbox Store

Xbox Insiders in the Skip Ahead, Preview Alpha and Beta rings can now test a new Shopping cart feature in the Xbox Store that syncs with the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and the web.

Microsoft releases “Patch Tuesday” build 17134.228 with additional Spectre protections, battery life

This new Windows 10 build brings a fix for a new variant of the Spectre CPU security flaw that was discovered earlier this year, as well as some battery life improvements for laptops and tablets users.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17738 to Fast Ring, here’s what you need to know

This build does not come with any new features and just has some fixes and known issues in tow. Here's what you need to know before installing.

Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary now playable on Xbox One, get them while they’re on

Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary are the latest Xbox 360 games to join the Xbox One Backward Compatibility List.

Ex Google tech lead says Surface Go is nothing more than a cheap netbook

There have been a few scathing reviews of the Surface Go, and an ex-Google tech lead has decided to chime in with his, two weeks into Surface Go's public lifespan.

Microsoft unveils new Phantom Black and Grey/Blue Xbox controllers

Microsoft has just announced new Phantom Black and Grey/Blue Xbox One controllers, giving you more ways to customize your gaming setup.

Cortana collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa could happen as early as this week, says WSJ

After missing a 2017 deadline, The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the much-anticipated Cortana/Alexa integration could go live “as early as this week.”

Mafia II and the 2006 Prey game are now backward compatible on the Xbox One

Two new Xbox 360 games are joining the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list today, the open world action game Mafia II and the 2006 FPS Prey.

Rare opens up about PC specs for upcoming Sea of Thieves release

The game studio detailed six different sets of specs for the PC version of Sea of Thieves, going from the “Cursed” 540p at 30FPS to the “Mythical” 4K at 60FPS.

Microsoft acquires Chalkup, plans to expand Teams

Microsoft today announced they have acquired the collaboration software startup, Chalkup. The acquisition is part of the company's plans continued investment to help save teachers time, build collaborative classrooms

An in-depth look at whether your networking hardware is affected by Heartbleed

You need to be aware of the effects of the Heartbleed bug on not just your passwords, but also your networking devices – and we’ve got the full lowdown here.Read more:

为慈善,Tim Cook 再次拍卖自己的时间,赢得拍卖者可与之共进午餐

Cook 最近可是动作频频,先是给苹果最新的 Earth Day宣传短片《Better》 配音,接着发布苹果 Q2 财报,今天,据 9to5Mac 消息,“Cook 时间”又开始拍卖了,这次不是一起喝咖啡,而是一起吃午饭。

Small Genetic Change Responsible For Blond Hair

sciencehabit (1205606) writes "For all those brunettes wishing they were naturally blond, a small genetic change could have made all the difference.



Scientists Made This Entire Mouse Transparent Using Detergent

Last year, scientists did the wacky and cool thing of making a mouse brain transparent . Now they've gone and done it to an entire mouse by pumping detergent through its veins. The transparent mouse looks like gross rodent jello (yes, there is a photo),

EA游戏畅玩计划Access在Xbox One平台上正式开启

EA在Xbox One平台上推出的订阅式游戏畅玩EA Access计划现已结束Beta测试,正式为所有玩家开启。我们曾经报道过,通过这项计划,用户可以通过以5美元/月或30美元/年的价格订阅,在服务期内运行EA Access下面任何一款游戏。

Microsoft drops Lumia 930 price in UK, includes free wireless charger and MD-12 portable speakers

This Algae Farm Eats Pollution From the Highway Below It

A highway overpass is the last place most of us would think to install a farm. But algae, that wonderful little ecological miracle , is different. Since it consumes sunlight and CO2 and spits out oxygen, places with high emissions are actually the perfect growing area .

Nvidia在GTC 2015上畅谈深度学习和自动驾驶汽车


Netflix Stock Surges After Beating Q4 Earnings And Global Growth Estimates

Netflix just released its fourth quarter earnings report, sending the stock up nearly 9 percent (as of 4:17pm Eastern) in after-hours trading. The company reported revenue of $1.82 billion, up from $1.48 billion during the same quarter last year, and earnings per share of 10 cents.

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