Philanthropy foundation co-founder Melinda Gates questions president Trump’s budgetary priorities fo

Melinda Gates recently offered her heavy criticism of president Donald Trump's newly unveiled budget plan

Microsoft releases new patch for the Windows 10 April 2018 update

The build 16299.755 for the Windows 10 April 2018 Update is now available to download and it brings a pretty long list of fixes.

Here’s what’s new in OneNote for October 2018

The new features list for OneNote will streamline the Mac, Windows 10 and Online versions and bring them more in line with the way OneNote 2016 functions.

Minecraft held a virtual music festival last month, and called it Coalchella

A group of Minecrafters and DJ's started the first major music festival in Minecraft, humorously named Coalchella.

Apple announces October 30th NYC event, new iPads and Macs expected

News just in, Apple has announced a Special Event, for October 30th. This image looks like Simpsons with Marge at the bottom, but expect more artistic flair from the event. Is there a hint of Apple going back to its roots? New Apple iPads and Macs are expected, with Face recognition,

Samsung shows off its Surface-like Galaxy Book2

At first, second and even third glance, the Samsung Book 2 looks in most respects, just like a Surface Pro

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box and three more Valve games are now Xbox One X enhanced

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box bundle, Portal: Still Alive, Left 4 Dead and its sequel Left 4 Dead 2 are now enhanced for the Xbox One X, with a 9X resolution bump, better textures and smoother performance.

Analysts expect Microsoft to bounce back from recent stock woes with earnings report next week

Analysts believe there's at least a recovery on the way for Microsoft after it reports its quarterly earnings next week.

Bill and Melinda Gates take on the “tough questions” about their foundation

Most of the correspondence between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the public is done through press releases after philanthropic donations or programs have been initiated. However, for the past ten years,

Amazon Music comes to the Windows 10 Microsoft Store

Amazon is following Spotify by bringing a dedicated Amazon music streaming app to the Microsoft Store in Windows 10.

Windows Analytics Service adds Meltdown / Spectre insights for IT Pros

The Redmond giant is now adding more capabilities to the free Windows Analytics service to give IT Pros detailed insights on Meltdown and Spectre.


威锋网 2 月 17 日消息  LG 最新发布了 3 款中低端智能手机,分别为 LG L90、 L70 和 L40,这三款手机预装安卓 4.4 kitkat 系统,将会亮相 MWC 2014 大会。  我们先来看第一款 LG L90,该手机搭载一枚 1.

LinkedIn移动应用更新 个人档案界面更易读



谢谢@刘尧 的邀请(原谅我不知道怎么安特别人)1. 会给车载信息系统带来什么样的变化?首先,车联网属于物联网这块儿.我理解的"联"不单纯地指移动终端比如手机和车载系统的有线或无线连接,亦或者是将车整合到互联网中.

还是那么炫酷 达芬奇为钢铁侠设计战衣

漫画家兼概念艺术家 Axel Medellin 最近突发奇想:如果让达芬奇设计钢铁侠战衣会是怎样?于是这些相当有趣的草图出炉了。  

US Government Fights To Not Explain No-Fly List Selection Process

An anonymous reader writes: On August 6, U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga ordered the federal government to "explain why the government places U.S. citizens who haven't been convicted of any violent crimes on its no-fly database." Unsurprisingly, the federal government objected to the order,


除34英寸弧形显示器外今天戴尔还对旗下外星人(Alienware)备受推崇的桌面游戏PC进行了更新,最新上线的Area-51依然具备大块头,采用三角/六角(准确的说是介于两者之间)的重工业外观设计,Alienware自己称之为“triad case”。

什么样的 iPad 能激起你的购买欲?

还有一天左右,苹果就又要开发布会了。根据媒体的剧透,此次发布会上苹果将推出 iPad Air 2 、新一代的 iPad mini,及升级版的 Mac 系列产品。

自拍 + 大屏二代目,​索尼 Xperia C4 Dual 动手玩

大萤幕、自拍相机,这两个元素都是近年主打女性智能手机市场必备的元素。通过日常的观察(没救的职业病),去年混合两者的 HTC Desire Eye 和索尼 Xperia C3 都有着不错的成绩。

Twitter Is So Hopelessly White Its Only Black Engineering Boss Just Quit in Protest

Leslie Miley was “the only African-American in [engineering] leadership” at Twitter, a company that employs thousands, and owes much of its success to adoption by non-white users. Then he quit, as he explains in a new blog post, because the company is absolutely brain-dead on race.Read more...

針對不同領域最佳化, ARM 發表針對嵌入式領域的 ARMv8-M 架構

ARM 近期發表針對嵌入式領域的 64 位元全新指令集架構 ARMv8-M ,是基於 ARMv8 指令集延伸的新版本,強調此次將具高安全性的 Treus Zone 帶到微控制器 MCU 領域,藉 TrustZone 技術使資料區建立獨立的安全( trusted )和一般( non-trusted )模式,在物聯網盛行、對安全性要求越來越高的情況下,提供更高的安全層級。

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