Time Warner will be fine even if the AT&T acquisition doesn’t go through

Time Warner will be fine even if the government blocks the bid from AT&T to buy the company. That’s the word from John Martin, the free-wheeling chief executive of Time Warner subsidiary, Turner Inc.,who was speaking at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach. For the record,

Aereo’s Dissent

I’ve been waiting for the Supreme Court ruling on Aereo all week. When it came down yesterday, it felt a little bit like Groundhog Day. If the Supreme Court sided with Aereo, winter would be over; if they didn’t, six more weeks of cold. Either way,

Facebook, Google face first GDPR complaints over “forced consent”

After two years coming down the pipe at tech giants, Europe’s new privacy framework, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is now being applied — and long time Facebook privacy critic, Max Schrems,

Dot lets you invest in property without the hassle of a traditional mortgage

Dot, a new U.K. startup de-cloaking today, aims to make it easy to invest in property without the hassle of taking out a traditional ‘buy to let’ mortgage. The company is founded by Gray Stern, who previously co-founded London-based Buy to Let mortgage lender Landbay,

Take a look at your Twitter timeline 10 years ago

Here’s a fun thing for a Friday: go back and see what your Twitter timeline looked like 10 years ago. Twitter has pretty powerful search settings,

Lime, Bird and Spin have to temporarily remove scooters from SF

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has officially made available its permit application for electric scooters to operate in the city as part of a one-year pilot program. Part of that means companies like Bird,

Jury finds Samsung owes Apple $539M in patent case stretching back to 2011

A patent case that began back in 2011 has reached a conclusion, with Samsung ordered to pay about $539 million to Apple over infringements of the latter's patents in devices that are now long gone.

Snapchat launches less creepy Send and Request Location features

Snapchat is taking another shot at location after its always-on coordinate-broadcasting Snap Map proved a bit invasive for some users. Snapchat now lets you send your on-going real-time location to a friend, or request theirs, which show up on the Snap Map and within your message thread.

Andy Rubin’s Essential is reportedly up for sale and has cancelled work on its next smartphone

Essential, the smartphone company helmed by Android co-creator Andy Rubin is trying to sell itself and has cancelled development of its next phone, Bloomberg reports. The report states the Essential has hired Credit Suisse Group AG to advise them on potentially selling itself.

The sudden death of the website

Unlike most startup founders who saw the birth of the internet in the mid-1990s, I am still CEO of my company. My longevity in this position gives me a unique perspective on the changes that have happened over the past two decades,

Particle announces the Mesh board, an easy way to make your DIY talk to itself

Particle – which used to be called Spark – has released the third generation of their tiny, networked computing boards. Their new product, called Mesh, allows you to connect either to a Wi-Fi or cellular network but also allows you to create a mesh network between multiple Mesh devices.

A Google R&D team wants to bring Smart Reply to all your chat apps

Smart Reply, the clever A.I.-powered technology that automatically creates responses to your inbound messages, first debuted in Google’s email client Inbox over two years ago, before later rolling out to Gmail, Android Messages on Project Fi, and Allo. Now,


与苹果有关的一些名人花边新闻总会引起我们的关注,不过这种情况一般都是与三星产品代言人使用 iPhone 的形式出现,今天我们则是见到了不一样的新闻。



id Software创始人在Softdisk开发的游戏开源

约翰·卡马克(John Carmack)、约翰·罗梅洛(John Romero)、阿德里安·卡马克(Adrian Carmac)在成立id Software前是Softdisk的雇员。他们在开发的游戏大卖后一起辞职创建了id。他们在Softdisk开发的游戏现在属于Flat Rock Software。


为自己找到第二个合适角色,可不是件容易的事情,尤其是身家已超200亿美元,把一生中最最好的34年时光奉献给微软 […]

CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers

An anonymous reader writes: U.S. authorities have arrested and indicted the CEO of a mobile software company for selling spyware that enables "stalkers and domestic abusers." The U.S. Department of Justice accuses the man of promoting and selling software that can "monitor calls, texts,

Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

New submitter rvw sends word that Bill Gates has posted a review Capital in the Twenty-First Century, an acclaimed book by economist Thomas Piketty about how income equality is a necessary result of unchecked capitalism. Gates, one of the most successful capitalists of our time,


2014年移动媒体趋势报告:中国网络媒体的未来 您可能也喜欢的文章: 网易:2012年中国人移动阅读报告 易传媒:2012年中国移动互联网网民调研报告 中国游戏报告:移动端网游市场或超30亿

《极限竞速:地平线 2》独立扩展包《速度与激情 》公布

《速度与激情》系列电影最新作《速度与激情7》即将在今年四月迎来首映,为了推广该电影,环球影业也和微软展开合作, […]

Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL now up for pre-order at Microsoft Store UK

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the budget-friendly Lumia 640 and 640 XL, carrying an extremely attractive price tag and specification. The handset is expected to launch in several markets in the coming weeks, and if you're based in the UK,



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