Twitter’s Dorsey downplays acquisition possibilities, sees “strength to our independence”

If you’re a Twitter shareholder wondering if the company is about to get acquired, co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t want you to get that impression. “There’s a lot of strength to our independence,” he said, at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Amazon’s Prime Rewards Visa cardholders now get 5% back at Whole Foods if they pay for Prime

Amazon has already rolled out price cuts for Whole Foods shoppers as a result of its acquisition of the grocery chain. It has also rolled up its Treasure Truck deals service to Whole Foods locations, and began delivering Whole Foods groceries through Prime. Now,

Update for iOS and Macs negates text bomb that crashed devices

Last week we reported a major bug in Apple operating systems that would cause them to crash from mere exposure to either of two specific Unicode symbols. Today Apple fixes this major text-handling issue with iOS version 11.2.6 and macOS version 10.13.3, both now available for download.

The $20 Wyze security camera gets a sequel with improved intelligence and Amazon Echo support

The team behind WyzeCam is full of surprises. First they introduced a $20 plug and play security camera in October of last year, and now they’re already back with the sequel. The simply titled WyzeCam v2 is here, less than half a year later, bringing with it some pretty welcome updates.

Author Brian Dear talks about the amazing PLATO computing system

Before Xerox Parc there was PLATO. This amazing computing system came to life in 1960 and by the 1970s was running a number of graphical terminals well before the rise of Xerox PARC and the Alto.

Combining augmented reality, 3D printing and a robotic arm to prototype in real time

Robotic Modeling Assistant (RoMA) is a joint project out of MIT and Cornell that brings together a variety of different emerging technologies in an attempt to build a better prototyping machine. Using an augmented reality headset and two controllers,

Algorithmic zoning could be the answer to cheaper housing and more equitable cities

Zoning codes are a century old, and the lifeblood of all major U.S. cities (except arguably Houston), determining what can be built where and what activities can take place in a neighborhood. Yet as their complexity has risen,

Life sciences startup Avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches

Avro, a life sciences startup in Y Combinator’s current batch, is banking on a method to deliver medications to populations unable to swallow or chew — It will administer them through the skin. Starting with allergy medications,

Time Warner will be fine even if the AT&T acquisition doesn’t go through

Time Warner will be fine even if the government blocks the bid from AT&T to buy the company. That’s the word from John Martin, the free-wheeling chief executive of Time Warner subsidiary, Turner Inc.,who was speaking at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach. For the record,

The sudden death of the website

Unlike most startup founders who saw the birth of the internet in the mid-1990s, I am still CEO of my company. My longevity in this position gives me a unique perspective on the changes that have happened over the past two decades,

Particle announces the Mesh board, an easy way to make your DIY talk to itself

Particle – which used to be called Spark – has released the third generation of their tiny, networked computing boards. Their new product, called Mesh, allows you to connect either to a Wi-Fi or cellular network but also allows you to create a mesh network between multiple Mesh devices.




IDC和Gartner的数据都显示,第一季度PC出货量延续了过去一年的下跌趋势,Windows XP的终止支持目前看起来并没有大幅推动PC的更新换代潮,但XP的影响可能要从第二季度开始才会显示。

台湾资讯工业策进会:调查显示逾96%台湾网友使用社交网站 最爱Facebook


deerlet-redis-client添加集群支持,邀请各路大神和菜鸟加入。 - 左潇龙

引言 经过几周的修改,deerlet已经添加了对于redis集群的支持,策略与memcached客户端一样,采用一致性Hash。不过目前Hash的算法取自Java自带的String类型的HashCode算法,因此还有待优化,后续会选取一个相对更加优秀的Hash算法。

DockerCon回顾(二): Ready for Production?

本文总结了今天主题演讲中围绕Docker生产场景应用及商业模式的几大热点,在第一时间与读者分享。 By 陈恺

Video: Giant shredder machine chomps down and swallows cars

Car, meet giant shredder machine. Giant shredder machine, meet car. Oh dammit, you’re going to eat the car.

Want to know how not to get kicked off a plane?

Last month the New York Post ran a story about a passenger who was kicked off a flight for “no good reason.”The “no good reason” turned out to be ...well, they didn’t know. Which I suppose is how they came up with “no good reason." In a passenger-recorded video,




北京和上海2015年11月30日电 /美通社/ -- “2015中国企业大学百强榜”于11月18日公布,途牛学院以其在行业内的创新性、价值性和影响力,荣获“2015年中国百强企业大学”荣誉。

Faraday Future Secured $335 Million In Incentives For Its New Nevada Factory

The mysterious new car company Faraday Future, who promises to have electric cars on the road by 2020, managed to secure 335 million dollars in incentives from the State of Nevada for its new billion dollar manufacturing facility.Read more...

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