Playing with the classic Pogo Bal

Host Dustin McLean and guest Eva Gardner review the classic toy "Pogo Bal," looking into its origins and putting it to the test to find out if it still holds up. 

Facebook hires one of the least popular party leaders in modern British history' to fix its image

Facebook has hired the former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as its head of global affairs and communications. The former Liberal Democrat politician will be relocating to Silicon Valley in the new year, but starts work on Monday, according to the FT.SEE ALSO:

Roll your eyes all you like, but Instagram poets are redefining the genre for millennials

We millennials like our poetry typed out in neat fonts on rustic pastel backgrounds, centred in a tiny square on a small screen. We read short, simple,

Sales for Oct. 19: Save on iPads, Epson printers, FitBits, Beats headphones, Keurigs, Echo Show, and

With the weekend here (woot!), we rounded up the best deals on electronics, stuff for the kitchen, and Amazon devices for video streaming and home security so you can do some online shopping during your down time. We also have deals on web design and coding courses from Udemy,

The best iPhone XR pre-order deals all in one place

Sound the iPhone claxon for all to hear because you can now pre-order the iPhone XR.SEE ALSO: The best iPhone deals in the UK for OctoberWhat exactly is the iPhone XR and how does it differ from the XS and XS Max we hear you ask?Well, let's not pretend that is has everything that the XS has,

Put Thanos' face on a pumpkin and you'll get a pretty glorious Photoshop battle

Halloween will soon be upon us, which means that it's almost the time of year where we collectively turn the humble pumpkin into an elaborately carved and decorated work of art.SEE ALSO: This artist's incredible,

What you need to know about the two spacecraft launching to Mercury Friday

Most deep space missions send spacecraft hurtling far from the sun, into the frozen unknown hundreds of millions of miles beyond Earth. But on Friday, the European Space Agency (ESA) will blast two orbiters to heavily cratered Mercury, the planet closest to the sun.

Actually, Banksy meant to shred the whole painting. Now it's likely worth much more.

In a 'Director's half cut' uploaded on YouTube, Banksy revealed the secret shredding mechanism he had installed inside the frame of a copy of  “Girl With Balloon.”It was supposed to shred the whole canvas, but seems to have gotten stuck.

The best hookup apps for casual daters

The biggest players in the online dating scene tend to emphasize the chance for a lasting connection. But the reality is, plenty of people out there are just looking for something casual. When so much of the dating site marketing promises love,

Man set a sphere made of matches on fire, and it is, in fact, lit

Have you ever wondered what a sphere made out of matches looks like when it's set on fire? Neither have I. But now you don't have to.Over the course of months, YouTuber All Is Art turned 42,000 matches into a large sphere, then set it ablaze. 

Benji the scruffy crime solver is back in a Netflix reboot

Netflix's trailer for the newest Benji movie shows the classic character finding a new family and solving a crime. Read more...More about Movies, Netflix, Dogs, Mashable Video, and Family

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Veronica Mars

Although the Veronica Mars movie hit an unanticipated speed bump today, we're still thrilled that it got made. We're betting the Kickstarter backers who got speaking roles in the movie are even more excited. See if you can spot them in this clip!Read more...    

iOS 8地图新功能: City Tours带你环游城市

尽管关于 iOS 8 地图深层次的改进工作依然在进行中,但其实苹果在 WWDC 的时候是为地图发布了一项隐藏的功能的,这项功能名为:City Tours。


先大致说一下自己的情况吧。 1.没错,我是受益者,前后吃了差不多半个月的免费外卖吧,两家都点,推广初期bug实 […]

实现虚拟模式的动态数据加载Windows窗体DataGridView控件 .net 4.5 (一) - Endv

实现虚拟模式的即时数据加载Windows窗体DataGridView控件.net 4.5原文地址 : 译 Q:77811970实现虚拟模式的原因之一DataGridView控制只检索数据,因为它...

今日新聞淺談:重開手機電腦頻率最高的一晚...facebook 今年第二次大當機

週六晚上我正要準備在某個人的臉書動態上留言,卻發現怎麼重新整理都無法留言,重新試過手機和電腦和平板,臉書都無法正常下載資訊,此時我就嗅到了不尋常的氣味,過沒幾小時家人就開始嚷嚷問我怎麼重開 “中華電信的那個網路的盒子”,上新聞網看一下才知道臉書果然又掛了,這是今年第二次了啊.

Product Hunt’s Starting Line

The first happy hour the aggregation platform held had a line down the street and around the corner. This time I breezed right through the doors at 620 Jones, a full hour after the party started. The party was held to celebrate the launch of Product Hunt’s gaming vertical.


彭博社报道,阿里巴巴董事局副主席蔡崇信将出任口碑网董事长。并且,消息得到阿里的邮件证实。阿里和蚂蚁金服在初期将各自向口碑网注入 30 亿人民币,并各自占有 50% 的股权。

投资有信后 微博也可以打电话了


在与 FBI 的对抗中,苹果最新发布的这款产品也许是一个奇兵


据美国科技网站CNET 5月15日报道,今年九月即将发布的iPhone7整体外形将不会产生过大的变化,而明年的iPhone7s才会在外形方面有大的变化。根据最新传闻,iPhone7 plus或将搭载双摄像头,但其他不会有巨大的改变。 ... ...

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