Playing with the classic Pogo Bal

Host Dustin McLean and guest Eva Gardner review the classic toy "Pogo Bal," looking into its origins and putting it to the test to find out if it still holds up. 

Get a custom, single speed coaster bike for less than $200 and have it delivered to your house

Summer is fast-approaching, which means you need to prepare yourself for a series of heat waves. And while it's tempting to hog the AC to get that cool blast of air, doing so is, well, not so cool for the environment. Why not bike the heat away instead?

Charge your phone wirelessly while you're driving

Sorry to get all grim here, but when you get behind the wheel, you become responsible for your life, your passengers’ lives, and the lives of your fellow drivers. So don’t be mucking around with your phone while you’re speeding down the highway, ok? 

Anne Hathaway rewatched her first ever commercial and it's so bad it's good

This might even rival Aaron Paul's incredibly 2000s Juicy Fruit commercial.SEE ALSO: Sandra Bullock on 'Ocean's 8' all-female cast: it was 'a long time coming'Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway was on The Late Show on Thursday evening.

Adam Levine totally kept his cool when a cop told James Corden to 'be careful' during 'Carpool Karao

Turns out the Maroon 5 frontman is a man of many talents.SEE ALSO: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and James Corden argue about who's the ugliestIn the newest episode of Carpool Karaoke, host James Corden was joined by singer Adam Levine. As well as the usual belters, the pair played a few games.

Emma Watson sends moving message to people voting in Ireland’s abortion referendum

Emma Watson has tweeted an inspiring message to people voting in Ireland's historic abortion referendum. On May 25, Irish people cast their votes to decide whether the country's 8th amendment—which currently makes abortion illegal in almost all circumstances—should be repealed. SEE ALSO:

Here's what your Twitter timeline would've looked like 10 years ago

Ah, 2008.You might not remember, but those were the days when the term "Web 2.0" was thrown around like it was going out of fashion (it eventually did), and Pownce was used in the same sentence as Twitter.SEE ALSO: Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, says he doesn't have a laptop. At all.Speaking of Twitter,

Amazon Echo secretly sent family's private audio to some random person

There's been deep concern that AI voice assistants might be always listening, and for one Oregon family, their Amazon Echo reportedly did just that.As first reported by local station KIRO-7,

The best hookup apps for casual daters

The biggest players in the online dating scene tend to emphasize the chance for a lasting connection. But the reality is, plenty of people out there are just looking for something casual. When so much of the dating site marketing promises love,

Man set a sphere made of matches on fire, and it is, in fact, lit

Have you ever wondered what a sphere made out of matches looks like when it's set on fire? Neither have I. But now you don't have to.Over the course of months, YouTuber All Is Art turned 42,000 matches into a large sphere, then set it ablaze. 

Benji the scruffy crime solver is back in a Netflix reboot

Netflix's trailer for the newest Benji movie shows the classic character finding a new family and solving a crime. Read more...More about Movies, Netflix, Dogs, Mashable Video, and Family




蓝色是受到最普遍喜爱的颜色。这就是为什么许多公司用蓝色作为商标颜色或者移动应用程序的图标颜色。但是,这并不意味 […]

Breaking Bad's Scientific Consultant On Making Meth and More

sciencehabit (1205606) writes "Science sat down with Breaking Bad science consultant Donna Nelson, an organic chemist at the University of Oklahoma. Nelson was one of several expert advisers for the show who began consulting several episodes in on multiple topics,


德国队以1比0击败阿根廷队,历史上第4次捧起世界杯冠军奖杯。6月21日,wetech曾做报道,解密德国队如何用 […]

華為發表雙主鏡頭手機榮耀 6 Plus 與首款自主 64 位元架構處理器機種榮耀暢玩 4X


俄火箭发动机公认最棒 却遭美国会禁购


【CES 2015 现场】主打夜景自拍,HTC 发布 Desire 826

HTC 在打造“拍照”特色上一直不遗余力,现有的产品线中,Desire 和 One 系列都装上了怪兽级的摄像头配置,捧红了不少新鲜但是充满争议的玩法,诸如双摄像头、UltraPixel、前置 1300 万像素、Eye Experience 等等。

腾邦国际推股权激励计划 并购公司共享绩效财富

深圳2015年1月27日电 /美通社/ -- 腾邦国际在经历一周停牌后,于1月26日发出公告,将推出第二期限制性股票激励计划,并于26日复牌交易。此次腾邦国际拟以14.





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