SpareMin Headliner turns podcast clips into shareable videos

One of the great thing about podcasts is the opportunity to discuss things in-depth, without having to squeeze it all down into a 30- or 60-second sound bite. But that creates a subsequent challenge: What’s the best way to promote those longer conversations on social media?

Canonical plans to raise its first outside funding as it looks to a future IPO

It’s been 14 years since Mark Shuttleworth first founded and funded Canonical and the Ubuntu project. At the time, it was mostly a Linux distribution. Today, it’s a major enterprise player that offers a variety of products and services. Throughout the years,

SpaceX gets FCC approval to add 7,518 more satellites to its Starlink constellation

SpaceX's application to add thousands of satellites to its proposed Starlink communications constellation has been approved by the FCC, though it will be some time before the company actually puts those birds in the air.

Facebook will pass off content policy appeals to a new independent oversight body

Facebook doesn’t want to be the arbiter of decency when it comes to content policy decisions, similar to how it looked to third-party fact checkers rather than becoming an arbiter of truth. Today on a press call with journalists,

OpenStack regroups

Only a few years ago, OpenStack was the hottest open-source project around, with a bustling startup ecosystem to boot. The project, which gives enterprises the tools to run the equivalent of AWS in their own private data centers,

Facebook reports a massive spike in government demands for data, including secret orders

Facebook has published the details of 13 historical national security letters it’s received for user data. The embattled social media giant said that the letters dated between 2014 and 2017 for several Facebook and Instagram accounts. These demands for data are effectively subpoenas,

What the FDA’s restriction of e-cig flavors means for Juul

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has revealed his plans to combat underage use of e-cigs and nicotine, which has grown 78 percent among high school students from 2017 to 2018.

After first commercial launch, Rocket Lab announces $140 million in funding

When it rains, it pours. And when you're a successful space startup, it pours money. Rocket Lab, the New Zealand-based launch provider,

Twitter’s Dorsey downplays acquisition possibilities, sees “strength to our independence”

If you’re a Twitter shareholder wondering if the company is about to get acquired, co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t want you to get that impression. “There’s a lot of strength to our independence,” he said, at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Time Warner will be fine even if the AT&T acquisition doesn’t go through

Time Warner will be fine even if the government blocks the bid from AT&T to buy the company. That’s the word from John Martin, the free-wheeling chief executive of Time Warner subsidiary, Turner Inc.,who was speaking at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach. For the record,

The sudden death of the website

Unlike most startup founders who saw the birth of the internet in the mid-1990s, I am still CEO of my company. My longevity in this position gives me a unique perspective on the changes that have happened over the past two decades,


5月14日消息,谷歌无人车项目主管表示,‍‍‍‍‍谷歌正在就无人车技术推广‍‍‍‍‍事宜与汽车制造商谈判。谷歌无人车项目主管克里斯·阿姆森(Chris Urmson)表示,无人车问世仍需六年的时间。

配电子墨水屏的手机 续航时间长达1个月

智能手机厂商最喜欢炫耀的手机元器件是显示屏。例如,三星在大多数高端Galaxy系列Android手机上使用的炫丽屏(Super AMOLED),索尼在高端智能手机上使用的Bravia显示屏,苹果在iPhone上使用的视网膜(Retina)显示屏。

Little girl teaches us to never care what people think, farts

This little girl won't apologize for anything — except, maybe, fartingIn Katie Ryan's most recent Vine, she captures her daughter making a bold proclamation about not caring what people think. But that proclamation is cut short when she...cuts the cheeseSee also:

Salesforce财报:2014年Q3 Salesforce净亏损3892万美元


This LED lamp charges an iPhone, an Apple Watch and a battery pack

There are a ton of great docks available for iOS devices. But what about a dock that can charge your iPhone, your Apple Watch, an external USB battery and another USB device? Oh yeah, and it's also an LED desk lamp.See also: Apple Watch reportedly blocked in Switzerland over patent,


我在这里同意 @王怡蕊 关于日常生活中普通人单纯地打东西、尖叫来发泄,甚至随便找个发泄屋来发泄,并不能真的帮助当事人缓解压力的观点。

Martin Schoellar 这一系列肖像作品拍摄时是如何布光的?

en先谢谢你让我认识这么一个摄影师。他的这个close-up系列,最突出的特点也是最吸引人的地方是人物的眼睛。 同时我们也可以通过眼睛大致判断人像的布光。

This NYC Skyscraper Design Is Like the Chrysler Building Went to Burning Man and I Love It

The crop of new skyscrapers going up on 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan are very tall, whisper thin, and—yawn—rather boring. This idea for a supertall on the same street is a throbbing EDM antidote to the architectural elevator music that’s taking over New York City.Read more...

Tesla Model X can perform a Christmas light show all by itself

You have to hand it to Tesla: The company really knows how to surprise its customers, and in a good wayIn a YouTube video posted Wednesday, you can see a Tesla Model X performing a three minute-Christmas show,


编者按:今天的访谈人物@张晓翔Celegorm 同学们都耳熟能详了,自学成才的UI设计大神,追波收赞人气高手,做过策划、平面设计、甚至是建筑灯光设计,...

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