'Black Panther' has highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action superhero movie

Excited for Black Panther? So are we. Which is why we're rolling out obsessive coverage with Black Panther Week.T'Challa reigns supreme over movie reviews, where Black Panther has the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action superhero movie. As for superhero movies in general?

Why you should care about GDPR, even if you don't live in Europe

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last few weeks, then you've probably noticed that just about every company you've ever interacted with has been busy sending out a flood of emails notifying you about changes to their privacy policies.The reason for this, of course,

Get a custom, single speed coaster bike for less than $200 and have it delivered to your house

Summer is fast-approaching, which means you need to prepare yourself for a series of heat waves. And while it's tempting to hog the AC to get that cool blast of air, doing so is, well, not so cool for the environment. Why not bike the heat away instead?

Charge your phone wirelessly while you're driving

Sorry to get all grim here, but when you get behind the wheel, you become responsible for your life, your passengers’ lives, and the lives of your fellow drivers. So don’t be mucking around with your phone while you’re speeding down the highway, ok? 

Anne Hathaway rewatched her first ever commercial and it's so bad it's good

This might even rival Aaron Paul's incredibly 2000s Juicy Fruit commercial.SEE ALSO: Sandra Bullock on 'Ocean's 8' all-female cast: it was 'a long time coming'Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway was on The Late Show on Thursday evening.

Adam Levine totally kept his cool when a cop told James Corden to 'be careful' during 'Carpool Karao

Turns out the Maroon 5 frontman is a man of many talents.SEE ALSO: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and James Corden argue about who's the ugliestIn the newest episode of Carpool Karaoke, host James Corden was joined by singer Adam Levine. As well as the usual belters, the pair played a few games.

Emma Watson sends moving message to people voting in Ireland’s abortion referendum

Emma Watson has tweeted an inspiring message to people voting in Ireland's historic abortion referendum. On May 25, Irish people cast their votes to decide whether the country's 8th amendment—which currently makes abortion illegal in almost all circumstances—should be repealed. SEE ALSO:

Here's what your Twitter timeline would've looked like 10 years ago

Ah, 2008.You might not remember, but those were the days when the term "Web 2.0" was thrown around like it was going out of fashion (it eventually did), and Pownce was used in the same sentence as Twitter.SEE ALSO: Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, says he doesn't have a laptop. At all.Speaking of Twitter,

Fall in love with this tasty mountain of shredded ice

'The Little Ones' dessert shop is a sweet cafe in New York City serving authentic Japanese treats. Kakigōri is a mound of shredded ice with fruit, other flavors, and treats inside. Their limited edition Valentine's Day special is pink and perfect for sharing! Even better, it's dairy free. 

What is Team OAR and why are they in the Olympics?

With the Olympics underway, there's already hot competition and more than a little confusion. Commentators keep mentioning Russian athletes, but weren't they banned? And who is this Team OAR that keeps cropping up and winning medals? What's the deal? SEE ALSO:

Movies to watch this Valentine's Day if you want to pick a fight with your significant other

Some days, you come home wanting to snuggle up with your sweetheart and watch something that'll make you laugh, cry, swoon, and fall in love all over again.Other days, you come home ready to pick a fight.SEE ALSO:

娱乐双眼:Xbox One的Xbox Music支持播放MV

Xbox One 小组日前为该游戏平台上的 Xbox Music 增加了一个新的功能,支持用户搜索和播放 92000 多条 MV。该服务自发布起就是 Xbox One 的一部分,但是支持用户观看 MV 这还是第一次。  

Mobile app of the day: Writeily

Writeily is a really basic – and therefore really fast and efficient – way of getting thoughts out of your head and into your handset. Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/07/mobile-app-of-the-day-writeily/


三星Gear Live 、LG G Watch、摩托罗拉Moto 360三款Android Wear智能手表的 […]


作为出差旅行的最佳搭档,地图 APP 可谓每部手机的必备应用,我们耳熟能详的有百度地图、高德地图、谷歌地图、搜狗地图那么你知道人们使用最多的是哪款么?  中国互联网络信息中心 CNNIC 最近发布了《中国移动 ... ...

A gun silencer cut in half looks really weird inside

I have always wondered about two things since I was a kid and saw James Bond screwing a silencer into his gun: How the hell does a silencer look inside and how does it work? The picture above answers the first question and this animated infographic by SilencerCo, the second:Read more...

VS2015模拟器更新 适配Android lollipop

最新的 Visual Studio 2015 预览版针对 Android Lollipop 更新,包含的 Android 模拟器已支持 Android Lollipop,也即 Android 5.0 版本。新的 SDK 里,还包含 OpenGL ES 支持、多点触摸输入,以及高级摄像机仿真技术。 By Jonathan Allen Translated by 徐川


提要:鲍康如起诉凯鹏华盈性别歧视案,让当今硅谷风投行业关于性别多样性的讨论再度成为焦点。 本文由 Monica Leas 和 Julie Oberweis 两位 Crunch Network 专栏作者撰写。 Monica Leas 是斯坦福商学院校友,同时是一位数字内容高管。

Elon Musk: Tesla May Limit Autopilot Because People Are Idiots

On an earnings yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally responded to “some fairly crazy” Model S Autopilot videos that show reckless idiots pushing the feature beyond where it’s supposed to go. He isn’t pleased.Read more...

飞机正在降落 飞行员耳机却传来药品广告


Sonos宣布于2月10日起正式支持Apple Music

早在去年6月,就有消息称家庭智能无线音响制造商Sonos将会在年底之前增加对Apple Music的支持;去年12月15日,首个beta测试版本正式上线。在邀请了数十万用户聆听长达两个的Beta测试之后,Sonos于今天正式宣布将于明天开始正式支持Apple Music,全球各地的Sonos消费者可直接播放Apple Music的内容,并访问For You、Radio和My Music等Apple Music功能。

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