Roommates prank friend by turning their bedroom into a bad museum from the future

When Ellen Huet's roommates went on vacation, she pulled out her laminator and went to work.Everyday objects haphazardly thrown around the room became exhibits in an error-filled museum from the future. Her housemates, Tony Lai and Nihar Madhavan wrote descriptions for each ancient relic. 

There are three models of Samsung Galaxy S10 and a photo of all three apparently leaked

Samsung is supposed to lift the veil off of its next-gen Galaxy S10 smartphone on Feb. 20 at an Unpacked event. Unfortunately, the internet got there first.Details about the various models of S10 have been leaking out since last summer,

Want to be a DJ? This music-mixing education is on sale for under $20.

Shaquille O’Neal made headlines this past summer when he embarked on a 15-date solo tour around the country — not to demonstrate his athletic prowess or hawk Icy Hot creams, but to DJAccording to a Forbes piece, Shaq taught himself how to spin years ago as a kid on $200 worth of equipment,

Leslie Jones *really* isn't a fan of the 'insulting' new 'Ghostbusters' sequel plan

Jason Reitman's announced Ghostbusters movie will be a continuation of the original two films and will likely not include the 2016 female-led reboot of the franchise in its canon. Leslie Jones, who played Ghostbuster Patty Tolan in the 2016 movie,

'American Gods' Season 2 trailer sets up a war of godly proportions

The war for the hearts and minds of America is already on in the trailer for American Gods Season 2, which gives fans and acolytes alike a look at what's coming up for the show's gods, heroes, and villains. 

10 ways to make your binge-watch as comfortable as possible

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal.Binge-watching is basically an endurance sport, so you need to be sure you're prepared. After all,

'SNL' game show, like everything else, is tragic for Millennials and great for Boomers

What do millennials really want? Avocado toast? Social security? Health insurance?Saturday Night Live's "Millennial Millions" sketch gives them a shot at attaining what older generations got just by showing up — with a catch.

'Saturday Night Live' unearths America's worst named people in this hilarious earthquake sketch

In "Earthquake News Report" on Saturday Night Live, a building collapse at a name change office leads to several pre–change individuals saying their increasingly silly names on air, leading to dirty puns and general hilarity. Unless, of course, your name is also Mr. Peanus. In which case,

Extremely rich dude Tim Cook just doesn't understand the need for money

Money, who needs it?Not extremely rich dude and Apple CEO Tim Cook, apparently. Sure, Cook's estimated net worth is around $666 million, but, as he explained while waxing philosophic during Apple's annual shareholder meeting on Feb. 13, that doesn't mean he likes the stuff in its current form. 

'Black Panther' has highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action superhero movie

Excited for Black Panther? So are we. Which is why we're rolling out obsessive coverage with Black Panther Week.T'Challa reigns supreme over movie reviews, where Black Panther has the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action superhero movie. As for superhero movies in general?

Fall in love with this tasty mountain of shredded ice

'The Little Ones' dessert shop is a sweet cafe in New York City serving authentic Japanese treats. Kakigōri is a mound of shredded ice with fruit, other flavors, and treats inside. Their limited edition Valentine's Day special is pink and perfect for sharing! Even better, it's dairy free. 



Dropbox新版桌面客户端支持streaming sync特性,同步大型文件的速度可提升至1.25倍 - 2倍

Dropbox 今天在官方博客上宣布,新版的桌面客户端 新增了streaming sync特性,称对大型文件的同步有明显的提速度作用,可达1.25倍 - 2倍。

Jolla 冲出欧洲的第一站将会是 -- 印度

Jolla 手机自正式推出以来,只是局部地在欧洲售卖,而他们进军亚洲的大计就是先进入印度市场了。Jolla 宣佈已经跟印度最大的网上零售店 Snapdeal 签订合约,印度市场的 Jolla 手机将会由...

Ancient Skulls Show Civilization Rose As Testosterone Fell

An anonymous reader writes "Even though modern humans started appearing around 200,000 years ago, it was only about 50,000 years ago that artistry and tool making became popular. New research shows that society bloomed when testosterone levels in humans started dropping.

霍尼韦尔 CEO:中国未来增长的三大力量

考虑短期经济放缓的同时,更要关注长期可持续增长趋势 上海2014年9月5日电 /美通社/ -- 霍尼韦尔董事长兼首席执行官高德威(Dave Cote)日前撰文《中国未来增长的三大力量》,分析了中国的宏观趋势和未来发展的主要动力。

[MFC] 高仿Flappy bird 桌面版 - beautifulzzzz

这是今年年初做的东西,一直没有时间整理,现在拿出来分享下~目录开发背景开发语言及运行环境效果展示游戏框架说明游戏状态及逻辑说明经典算法说明重量级问题解决开发感想一、开发背景: flappy bird由一位来自越南河内的独立游戏开发者阮哈东开发,是一款形式简易但难度极高的休闲游戏。

【人人早报】第344期:Apple Watch就要来了

早报导语 苹果公司日前更新了美国和欧洲多个国家地区的官方网站,其中最大变化来自于苹果智能手表Apple Wat […]

Researchers Hack A Model S, Tesla Sends Out Over The Air Fix

When it rains, it pours. After it was announced that cars from both Chrysler and GM had major security vulnerabilities last week, two security researchers announced that they had figured out a way to take control of certain components inside of Tesla’s flagship Model S line,

防止朋友手贱乱翻相册,Ninja Snap 说不定能成为有病毒传播效应的爆款

“快看,我刚刚拍了老王挖鼻孔的照片!笑shi我啦!”你打开了那张照片,笑着把手机递给了朋友。朋友接过手机:“哈哈哈,他太猥琐了吧,哈哈哈哈哈!”朋友就这么盯着屏幕笑了接近 7 秒钟。

The New Volvo XC90 Crash Lands Like A Helicopter

Yes, you read that right. If, for whatever reason, a Volvo XC90 leaves the Earth and comes crashing back down, perhaps Dukes of Hazard style, Volvo has designed a way for it to take the impact just like the UH-60 “Black Hawk”helicopter.Read more...

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