Olympic curling is a great way to trick your children into cleaning the house

Need to clean your house but keep dragging your feet? Just pretend you're curling.Better yet, get your children to pretend they're curling — a genius idea perpetuated by the Olympics network itself, NBC. All you need is a broom or Swiffer and a rounded object of some kind. Anything will work,

This massive fried rice prank turned into a great Photoshop battle

Twitter has always loved to ride the wave of internet culture. And this wave is certainly a big one. Originating with the popular Japanese channel Mizutamari Bond, YouTuber Kanta created a prank video featuring an artificial giant fried rice wave, which he claims cost approximately $3,938.00. 

Mark Zuckerberg killed a goat and served it to Jack Dorsey... cold

Mark Zuckerberg had Jack Dorsey over for dinner and it was somehow even more weird than you might expect.When asked about his most "memorable encounter" with Zuckerberg, Dorsey revealed that not only did Zuckerberg once invite him over for an (undercooked) goat dinner,

'Vane' is a terrible video game, but you should play it anyway

The following is a spoiler-free review for Vane.Sometimes a bad experience is still worth having.Vane, a highly hyped indie release from developer Friend & Foe, hit gaming platforms last week only to be met with a resounding and less-than-complimentary "pass" from players.

Major corporations are bracing for climate change

From Coca-Cola to Apple, a new report shows the ways major corporations are preparing to lose — and gain — profit in a world of extreme weather. Read more...More about Apple, Disney, Mashable Video, Climate Change, and Business

House hunting apps make me want to gouge my eyes out

When I turned 33-years-old, I decided it was time for me to become a "real adult" and do things real adults do — eat meals at a table, learn what a stock is, and maybe even buy a house.The former goals were what I could foreseeably accomplish, the latter was what I wanted most of all.

Amazon's drones still aren't here, but this little robot is now delivering packages

Clear the sidewalks, Amazon's new delivery bot Scout is coming through.The Prime bot, which looks like a light blue cooler on six wheels, started delivering packages Wednesday in Snohomish County, north of Seattle. 

Spotify debuts new 'mute' feature

If there is an artist you don't want to hear on Spotify, you can now block them on the streaming service. Read more...More about Features, Spotify, Mashable Video, Artists, and Mute

Here's how single people of all ages feel about these hotly debated love topics

With every Valentine's Day comes the unavoidable question all single people silently ask themselves: Does everyone else hate this as much as I do?Hater, the dating app that matches people based on their mutual dislikes,

Roommates prank friend by turning their bedroom into a bad museum from the future

When Ellen Huet's roommates went on vacation, she pulled out her laminator and went to work.Everyday objects haphazardly thrown around the room became exhibits in an error-filled museum from the future. Her housemates, Tony Lai and Nihar Madhavan wrote descriptions for each ancient relic. 

Extremely rich dude Tim Cook just doesn't understand the need for money

Money, who needs it?Not extremely rich dude and Apple CEO Tim Cook, apparently. Sure, Cook's estimated net worth is around $666 million, but, as he explained while waxing philosophic during Apple's annual shareholder meeting on Feb. 13, that doesn't mean he likes the stuff in its current form. 

4 Parking Garages That You Wouldn't Mind Getting Lost In

Cars are wonderful things. They take us places, they bring us joy, they're arguably one of the most important consumer technologies of the last 150 years. Parking garages, on the other hand, are more like a necessary evil.

三星就Galaxy Note 4缝隙问题发表声明

新一代 iPhone 一上市就遭遇“弯曲门”,三星 Galaxy Note 4 的上市也不顺利,日前被爆出“缝隙门”,被认为做工不严谨。日前有消息称 Galaxy Note 4 的屏幕与金属中框之间存在缝隙。

新手程序员光看不写永远也不能成为高手 - 昨夜冷雪


Arctic invasion: Unusual cold sweeping U.S. is here to stay

The Arctic invasion has begun.A cold front pushing Arctic air southward out of Canada on Monday is pushing through the Front Range of Colorado, where temperatures were in free fall, from the mid-60s Fahrenheit this morning, to the mid-20s Fahrenheit by the afternoon.


编者按:礼盒绘制是设计师的必备技能之一,特别是有节日庆祝或者有奖活动时,礼盒元素几乎是不可少的,今天@畅游VC 的同学以一个游戏专题为例,给同学们示范...

Dogs can tell when you're happy or sad

Science is finally showing what all dog lovers already knew: Dogs can recognize your facial expressions.In a study by the Messerli Research Institute's Clever Dog Lab in Vienna, scientists trained dogs to associate pictures of happy or angry faces with their corresponding emotions.See also:

iOS 8.3 测试版4继续对系统的表情进行调整

在 iOS 8.3 beta 2 中苹果增加了全新 emoji 表情和表情肤色,在后来发布的几个测试版中,苹果继续对表情库进行小幅调整。在最新的 iOS 8.



阿里云推出自称中国第一家的人工智能平台 DT PAI

阿里巴巴集团 的云计算部门 阿里云 推出了自称中国第一家的人工智能服务。这一名叫 DT PAI 的平台整合了阿里巴巴所使用的机器算法以及深度学习技术,将它们呈现在拖拽使用的简易界面上。

Python开发入门与实战21-订阅事件(subscribe) - wuch


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