Facebook Messenger is getting a surprising new Valentine's Day update

Ten years ago, the pressure my fellow teens and I felt to make a budding relationship "Facebook Official" was real. But with fewer teenagers than ever using Facebook (in favor of Snapchat), and with us now-twenty-somethings living our lives on Instagram,

This massive fried rice prank turned into a great Photoshop battle

Twitter has always loved to ride the wave of internet culture. And this wave is certainly a big one. Originating with the popular Japanese channel Mizutamari Bond, YouTuber Kanta created a prank video featuring an artificial giant fried rice wave, which he claims cost approximately $3,938.00. 

Mark Zuckerberg killed a goat and served it to Jack Dorsey... cold

Mark Zuckerberg had Jack Dorsey over for dinner and it was somehow even more weird than you might expect.When asked about his most "memorable encounter" with Zuckerberg, Dorsey revealed that not only did Zuckerberg once invite him over for an (undercooked) goat dinner,

'Vane' is a terrible video game, but you should play it anyway

The following is a spoiler-free review for Vane.Sometimes a bad experience is still worth having.Vane, a highly hyped indie release from developer Friend & Foe, hit gaming platforms last week only to be met with a resounding and less-than-complimentary "pass" from players.

Major corporations are bracing for climate change

From Coca-Cola to Apple, a new report shows the ways major corporations are preparing to lose — and gain — profit in a world of extreme weather. Read more...More about Apple, Disney, Mashable Video, Climate Change, and Business

House hunting apps make me want to gouge my eyes out

When I turned 33-years-old, I decided it was time for me to become a "real adult" and do things real adults do — eat meals at a table, learn what a stock is, and maybe even buy a house.The former goals were what I could foreseeably accomplish, the latter was what I wanted most of all.

Amazon's drones still aren't here, but this little robot is now delivering packages

Clear the sidewalks, Amazon's new delivery bot Scout is coming through.The Prime bot, which looks like a light blue cooler on six wheels, started delivering packages Wednesday in Snohomish County, north of Seattle. 

Spotify debuts new 'mute' feature

If there is an artist you don't want to hear on Spotify, you can now block them on the streaming service. Read more...More about Features, Spotify, Mashable Video, Artists, and Mute

Call your bannerman: A 'Game of Thrones' iOS game is coming

In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Or maybe you tap on your touch screen to try again.HBO and game developers Behaviour Interactive and GAEA Technology just announced their partnership to create a strategy iOS game based on the TV series.

Olympic curling is a great way to trick your children into cleaning the house

Need to clean your house but keep dragging your feet? Just pretend you're curling.Better yet, get your children to pretend they're curling — a genius idea perpetuated by the Olympics network itself, NBC. All you need is a broom or Swiffer and a rounded object of some kind. Anything will work,

Here's how single people of all ages feel about these hotly debated love topics

With every Valentine's Day comes the unavoidable question all single people silently ask themselves: Does everyone else hate this as much as I do?Hater, the dating app that matches people based on their mutual dislikes,

徕卡又推出两款限量版相机 售价达10万

著名德国相机品牌徕卡常常会向粉丝推出限量版徕卡相机,虽然价格普通人难以承受,但徕卡从来不愁销量。近日,徕卡又推出了两款限量相机 Leica MP Olive 和 X2 Olive,前者限量 100 台,后者限量 50 台。    

H.R. Giger, Alien Artist and Designer, Dead at Age 74

M3.14 writes: "H. R. Giger, the Swiss artist and designer of Ridley Scott's Alien, has died, aged 74. Hans Rudolf 'Ruedi' Giger sustained injuries caused by a fall, Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung has reported (link in German — English summary available).



I Wore Part of the Army's Real-Life Iron Man Suit

The US Army is working on a real-life Iron Man suit , and the first prototypes are coming later this week. But yesterday I got a sneak preview of one of the many clever components. It's not a rocket launcher or a bulletproof shield, but it does a very, very important job:

Forza Horizon 2 推出前 200 多款經典名車全公開

Forza Horizon 2 是 Xbox One 的撒手鐧,針對 PlayStation 的 Gran Turismo 系列,吸引喜愛賽車遊戲的玩家。今年 7 月底,Microsoft 公佈了遊戲內 100 部會出現的名車,早前就公佈餘下的車款,令出現在 Forza Horizon 2 的名車總數達 210 部。

[组图]180元 诺基亚超廉价新机发布



优酷播放地址欢迎关注氪 TV 的微信号“krvideo”,和我们的优酷频道,第一时间收看更多有趣的科技视频。新版36氪 iOS 客户端正式上线。

Video: A closer look at the new Windows 10 for phones build 10051

Yesterday, Microsoft launched a new Windows 10 for phones preview build which introduced a ton of new changes and features. As per all new builds leaked or released officially, we've placed our hands all over them to give you a good look at what's new and what's changed.

An 'Orange Is the New Black' character we never hear from shines in Season 3

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black. Read with caution.Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black brought many inmates to the forefront who, in previous seasons, never quite had a chance to shine.

Windows 10 build 10158 now available for Insiders, download now

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 build for Windows Insiders today, which features a few new additions over the last public preview build. Todays new release is build 10158, and is now being pushed out to Insiders in the fast ring.

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