Please pause the Winter Olympics because Michael Phelps just had another baby

We interrupt the 2018 Winter Olympics to bring you some very important Summer Olympics-related news.Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole have just welcomed their second child, Beckett Richard Phelps.You know what that means? Boomer’s a big brother, baby.SEE ALSO:

Chewbacca met the hobbits, but there was a problem

Move over, Infinity War – there's a new cinematic crossover in town.Joonas Suotamo, a.k.a. Chewbacca from Solo: A Star Wars Story, recently spent some time with Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, and Billy Boyd, a.k.a. Sam, Frodo, and Pippin from Lord of the Rings.SEE ALSO: Who's who in 'Solo:

Ronan Farrow had a terrifying Harry Potter take

Ronan Farrow had some hot takes for Twitter on Sunday – specifically that we reexamine some highly hated figures in children's literature and see if they don't deserve a new assessment. His examples included Miss Trunchbull in Matilda and Harry Potter's Dolores Umbridge.To which we say...yikes.

Ariana Grande learning what 'oomf' means is too cute

It's tough to keep up with jargon when the internet moves so fast. Pop star Ariana Grande announced Saturday that she had learned what "oomf" meant ("one of my friends" or "one of my followers"). Knowledge is power, and Grande expressed an immediate feeling of empowerment.SEE ALSO:

Shut it down everyone, Billy Idol had the best tweet about the Royal Wedding

You'd think if anyone had an obvious Royal Wedding joke lined up and ready to go, it'd be Billy "White Wedding" Idol.Turns out what Idol had in mind was even better.SEE ALSO: The best memes from the Royal WeddingLike seemingly everyone else on Twitter,

Inside that beautiful aerial shot of Harry and Meghan

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a beautiful spectacle all around, but one aerial shot of the newlyweds making the rounds on social media was particularly stirring. The photo, from the Sunday Times Twitter account, went viral online,

CyberGhost is a VPN that stands out, and not just because it's on sale

One bright spot in this year's black hole of bad news concerning internet privacy and data security: VPNs are thriving. It seems like you can throw a rock while blindfolded and hit a crypto-technology company, many of which are just variations on the same theme.SEE ALSO:

Rashida Jones calls out Pixar's poor track record with female directors

It's hardly news that Hollywood tends to favor white men, to the exclusion of everyone else. And Rashida Jones is done putting up with it.Jones called out Pixar's lack of diversity in an interview with Net-a-Porter,

How to watch Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster disappear into deep space

We've been watching "Starman" cruise through space in his cosmic Tesla Roadster for a week now.But on Valentine's Day, Elon Musk's shrewd payload from SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket will disappear into deep space — and you can watch it happen live.SEE ALSO:

Google engineer shares terrifying video of his plane falling apart, makes dad jokes

Passengers on United Airlines flight 1175 from San Francisco to Honolulu experienced an unfortunate incident Tuesday when the engine's cowling fell off mid-flight. The plane made it to its destination safely, though it did make an emergency landing. Google Engineer Erik Haddad was on the flight,

Facebook Messenger is getting a surprising new Valentine's Day update

Ten years ago, the pressure my fellow teens and I felt to make a budding relationship "Facebook Official" was real. But with fewer teenagers than ever using Facebook (in favor of Snapchat), and with us now-twenty-somethings living our lives on Instagram,





American Capital Energy & Infrastructure 扩大北美投资团队阵容

马里兰州安纳波利斯2014年6月27日电 /美通社/ -- American Capital Energy & Infrastructure 今天宣布,该公司新增两位成员以扩大其北美投资团队阵容,他们分别为 Ben Bonnet 和 David Elizondo,均是副总裁。

Nokia's New Strategy: All Lumia, All the Time

If there's one big takeaway from today's colossal job cuts at Microsoft, it's that Nokia's surprising strategy of trying to market Android phones — ostensibly as an oblique way to seed the popularity of its higher-end Lumia smartphones — is dead.

DWARF 中的 Debug Info 格式 - twoon

本周花了几天的时间来研究怎么在 breakpad [[1](, [2](] 中加入打印函数...

PLSQL_Oracle临时表Temporary Table基本概念和用法(概念) - 东方瀚海

2014-06-08 BaoXinjian一、基本概念1. 我对临时表的理解:在 Oracle 中创建一张表,这个表不用于其他的什么功能,主要用于自己的软件系统一些特有功能才用的,而当你用完之后表中的数据就没用了。

Further thoughts on the smart hub to grease the wheels of the Internet of Things

A dozen or more IoT alliances have emerged in the past few months all vying to be ‘the one ring that binds them all’ – and we’ve got some thoughts on the best solution in that endeavour.Read more: http://www.itproportal.




如果说影响应用排名的最大因素是什么?那一定是用户体验了。再也没有什么比它更重要的了,但是很多开发商在忙着开发和 […]

What's the Most Absurd Big Foot Photo You've Ever Seen?

Only four days into 2015, and we already did it. We caught Big Foot. What a year!Read more...

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