Please pause the Winter Olympics because Michael Phelps just had another baby

We interrupt the 2018 Winter Olympics to bring you some very important Summer Olympics-related news.Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole have just welcomed their second child, Beckett Richard Phelps.You know what that means? Boomer’s a big brother, baby.SEE ALSO:

Adorable exchange between Ryan Reynolds and Tessa Virtue reignites Moir shippers

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, the gold-winning figure skaters from Canada, are the Ross and Rachel of this year's Winter Olympics. SEE ALSO: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir: The endless 'will they,

Dude crashes Olympic skating rink wearing only a tutu and monkey sock

The men's 1,000m speed skating event at the Winter Olympics may have been the most risqué event in Pyeongchang yet, thanks to a nearly-naked man in a tutu with a monkey pouch covering his privates. Nope, this is not a joke. SEE ALSO: Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski's Olympics outfits,

Stoneman Douglas alumni rise up in incredible ways to support shooting survivors

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, may look like any other American high school from the outside.But former students who spent their teenage years in its hallways and classrooms will tell you there's something special about the school's culture. SEE ALSO:

'Dunkirk' may win without it being anybody's favorite movie

Danielle Radford (@danielleradford) of Screen Junkies, Tights and Fights, and more joins us this week to weigh Dunkirk's chances of winning Best Picture. Is the movie even worth it if you're not seeing it in IMAX? Or is it going to skate on a technicality all the way to the big win?

Brands are cutting ties with the NRA after student-led campaign

Companies are cutting ties with the National Rifle Association after Parkland students and gun control activists called for an end to their support. In the past 24 hours, these companies have ended their relationship with the @NRA:

Everyone is freaking out over 'Black Panther' with memes

Marvel Studios’ 'Black Panther' has created a ton of buzz amongst Marvel fans, film critics, and of course, the online community. Here’s how the internet expressed their feelings about the epic movie.Tune in to All the Memes to see the next meme of the week! Read more...More about Watercooler,

FCC chairman who killed net neutrality given gun and award from NRA

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai was set to give a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland Friday afternoon, but instead the organization surprised him with a "Courage Under Fire" award for standing up to net neutrality supporters. 

How to watch Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster disappear into deep space

We've been watching "Starman" cruise through space in his cosmic Tesla Roadster for a week now.But on Valentine's Day, Elon Musk's shrewd payload from SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket will disappear into deep space — and you can watch it happen live.SEE ALSO:

Google engineer shares terrifying video of his plane falling apart, makes dad jokes

Passengers on United Airlines flight 1175 from San Francisco to Honolulu experienced an unfortunate incident Tuesday when the engine's cowling fell off mid-flight. The plane made it to its destination safely, though it did make an emergency landing. Google Engineer Erik Haddad was on the flight,

Facebook Messenger is getting a surprising new Valentine's Day update

Ten years ago, the pressure my fellow teens and I felt to make a budding relationship "Facebook Official" was real. But with fewer teenagers than ever using Facebook (in favor of Snapchat), and with us now-twenty-somethings living our lives on Instagram,

These Floating Compost Islands Would Turn NYC's Garbage Into Gold

The average New Yorker generates about three pounds of trash every day, and a huge amount of that is food waste—which could be composted, if only we had the space. Enter "Green Loop," a proposal to build massive composting islands off the coastline of NYC. Read more...    


美国已经证实了三起MERS(中东呼吸综合症)病毒感染案例。美国疾控中心(US CDC)今日宣布:在首例MERS感染被证实两周以后,一名伊利诺斯州男子已于昨日被检出阳性。

'American Idol' Judges All Returning for Season 14

American Idol's judges are sticking around for another season.Fox announced Monday that Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. will return to the judges table in the upcoming Season 14. Host Ryan Seacrest will also be back.SEE ALSO:


我的餐桌是一个热闹的动物园, 快来跟我一起与它们玩一玩; 高大的长颈鹿脖子长又长,低下头倒出了醋和酱油~ 肥嘟 […]

Car Rental Startup Zoomcar Raises $8 Million To Democratize Transportation In India

Following on from Socar, Korea’s answer to ZipCar, which raised $18 million earlier this month, another car rental startup in Asia is in the money today. India-based Zoomcar has added $8 million to its coffers with a funding round led by Sequoia Capital. Read More

移动不交电费 郑州坐地铁手机没信号  



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北京2015年3月18日电 /美通社/ -- “一场说走就走的旅行”绝不只是网友的调侃。2015年,在政策、资本推动之下,诸多移动互联网企业针对旅游服务的竞争升级。

Linux SPI驱动框架剖析 - 猛虎嗅薇

(说明:我的开发平台是TQ210,处理器是cotex-A8架构的s5pv210,Linux内核版本:linux-3.10.46。)一、SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface)总线特点1.该总线式摩托罗拉公司于1979年推出,用于主芯片和外围设备通讯的高速(10Mbps)、支持...

能「翻译」汪语言的狗狗智能穿戴设备 TailTalk

不懂自家狗狗到底想说什么?戴上狗狗智能穿戴设备帮你解读。TailTalk 通过分析狗狗尾巴摆动方向及速度,可以得出狗狗当天心情是阴是晴。

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