People freak out over Shaun White's Olympic win, but it's not the only thing they're talking about

Snowboarder Shaun White has cemented his place as one of the sport's greatest of all time — but some old accusations have joined the moment.The 31-year-old Californian won his third Olympic gold medal at the men's halfpipe event on Tuesday,

John Krasinski talks about working with Emily Blunt, proves they're the ultimate power couple

When John Krasinski and Emily Blunt starred together in the movie A Quiet Place, they cemented their status as a true celebrity power couple.  Krasinski just shared his feelings on working with his partner on Jimmy Kimmel Live,

Receive a 60-day free trial of Audible with selected electronic products

Driving or commuting can be a real drag. It doesn't have to be this way though. That time when you are physically occupied but your mind is free can be harnessed and transformed into a time for relaxation and reflection.This is where Audible come in. Audible sells digital audiobooks,

The best UK deals for Wednesday: Shark vacuum cleaners, Bosch screwdrivers, Fitbits, and more

It's around two months until Christmas. This means that it is still pretty much unacceptable to discuss, or even think about Christmas, correct? Incorrect. Now is the prime time to start thinking, planning, and then thinking some more.

Stephen King just tweeted his reaction to 'The Haunting of Hill House'

Okay, fine, I guess I'm going to have to watch The Haunting of Hill House.Ever since the nightmare-inducing trailer came out I've been half-intrigued, half-wary (I'm embarrassingly easy to scare when it comes to supernatural, jumpy stuff). But now Stephen King has waded in, so I guess that seals it.

Stephen Colbert fires back at Trump calling Stormy Daniels 'horseface'

Trump's branding of Stormy Daniels as "horseface" was as low as they come, but the stoush wasn't a surprise to Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night. "Yes, horseface. You heard it straight from the horse's ass," Colbert quipped.

The future of flying is electric planes

If you’ve ever played with a carbon footprint calculator and plugged in your flight history, you’ve seen how a trip just an hour or two away ballooned your total impact on the environmentAll that jet fuel takes a toll, but electric planes may swoop in and help — one day.

If you love TV but hate paying for cable, then this sale on digital HD TV antennas is for you

Watching TV is starting to get complicated. With super expensive cable packages and multiple streaming services splitting all your favorite shows up into different subscriptions, it can be hard to find everything you want to watch let alone pay for it.

Olympian Adam Rippon speaks out about his starvation diet

Olympian Adam Rippon has spoken candidly about his starvation diet for the same reason he publicly came out: to start a conversation.The U.S. figure skating champion told the New York Times of his incredibly strict 2016 diet, which consisted of three pieces of bread and not much else.SEE ALSO:

Snake slithers into a Gryffindor backpack, seriously

Slytherins, always causing trouble.In what's perhaps a perfect metaphor for the Harry Potter universe, a snake somehow snuck into an Australian student's Gryffindor print school bag on Tuesday.SEE ALSO: Here's a snake eating a possum,

Please pause the Winter Olympics because Michael Phelps just had another baby

We interrupt the 2018 Winter Olympics to bring you some very important Summer Olympics-related news.Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole have just welcomed their second child, Beckett Richard Phelps.You know what that means? Boomer’s a big brother, baby.SEE ALSO:

Google Publicly Debuts Its Late-Stage Growth Fund, Google Capital

Google is amping up its investing efforts, today announcing Google Capital, a "growth stage" investment effort that as already put money into SurveyMonkey, Renaissance Learning, and Lending Club.




-- 忆峥嵘岁月 寻浪潮足迹 北京2014年8月19日电 /美通社/ -- 伴随着中国信息产业的发展,浪潮已走过45年的IT历程,创新是浪潮的生命线,在中国信息产业发展的每个时代,浪潮都以极具前瞻性的技术创新引领中国IT产业的发展。

Apple brings the Mac Mini back from the dead

When I worked at CompUSA, we had a dedicated Apple section filled with beautiful computers. I regularly sold Macs, but with nowhere near the frequency of the Windows-based computers.Read more:

Officer fired after posing in Confederate flag underwear — and nothing else

When nine people were killed in a hate crime shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, the Confederate flag came under scrutiny. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said it's time to move the flag,

最新截图首曝:这就是Windows 10正式版

Windows 10已经完成了Build 10176/10208/10224/10240四个候选正式版,RTM版极有可能从它们之中脱颖而出,可能性越来越大了。

Stack Overflow创始人:VR在五年内不会成为主流

Stack Overflow创始人、程序员大牛Jeff Atwood近日撰文称,在VR技术上挑战非常艰巨,就他个人体验到的来看,VR在5年之内成为主流是不太可能的,甚至在10-20年内都难发生。

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is “looking good” for a new Windows 10 Mobile build

After a somewhat frustrating series of fits and starts that left Windows Insiders without a new mobile build over the weekend, it looks like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  In a...

不光苹果受侵害 Android开发工具被曝同样受影响



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