Announcing Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech this May

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield is headed to VivaTech in Paris on May 24th to find and feature the best early-stage startup across Europe! In partnership with VivaTech,

Facebook changes algorithm to demote “borderline content” that almost violates its policy

Facebook has changed its News Feed algorithm to demote content that comes close to violating its policies prohibiting misinformation, hate speech, violence, bullying, clickbait so it’s seen by fewer people even it’s highly engaging. In a 5000-word letter by Mark Zuckerberg published today,

Zuckerberg denies knowledge of Facebook’s work with GOP opposition research firm

Today in call with reporters preceded by a frantic if fairly uneventful distraction-pushing media blitz, Facebook responded to a damning New York Times story published yesterday that cited interviews with more than 50 sources privy to Facebook’s decision making.

Citrix pays $200M to acquire Sapho, which connects legacy software with ‘micro apps’

As large organizations grapple with adopting modern work practices without throwing out all of their legacy software, a company that works with them is making an acquisition that it hopes will help with that process. Citrix today is announcing that it has acquired Sapho,

Wonder Ventures aims to dazzle L.A. startups with its new seed-stage fund

Dustin Rosen thinks L.A. has a problem, aside from its famously car-choked highways. There aren’t enough investors willing to write small checks. Most of the so-called micro venture funds have grown their funds to the size of traditional venture firms, and are making bigger bets as a result.

Canonical plans to raise its first outside funding as it looks to a future IPO

It’s been 14 years since Mark Shuttleworth first founded and funded Canonical and the Ubuntu project. At the time, it was mostly a Linux distribution. Today, it’s a major enterprise player that offers a variety of products and services. Throughout the years,

SpaceX gets FCC approval to add 7,518 more satellites to its Starlink constellation

SpaceX's application to add thousands of satellites to its proposed Starlink communications constellation has been approved by the FCC, though it will be some time before the company actually puts those birds in the air.

Facebook will pass off content policy appeals to a new independent oversight body

Facebook doesn’t want to be the arbiter of decency when it comes to content policy decisions, similar to how it looked to third-party fact checkers rather than becoming an arbiter of truth. Today on a press call with journalists,’s logistics business raises $2.5B from Hillhouse, Sequoia China and others, the Chinese e-commerce giant that is Alibaba’s closest rival, is raising giving its logistics spin-out business a huge boost after it announced that the unit is raising $2.5 billion. JD Logistics, which became a standalone business last April,

Outbrain is launching a product allowing publishers to recommend content on each other’s platform

Outbrain, the network known for distributing garbage clickbait articles and ads on sites across the internet, is now going to offer a premium product that ensures that the articles recommended to folks at the bottom of their screens will be less garbage. Onstage at the Code Media conference,

Homesnap raises $14 million for real estate intelligence

Rockville, Maryland-based Homesnap has come a long way from its days as a consumer-facing app for displaying information about local homes by taking a photo. While its current app still works this way for prospective buyers, these days its core focus is for U.S. real estate agents,

Apple Working On More Third-Party Integrations For Siri With iWatch In Mind, Report Claims

Apple is working to make Siri play nice with more third-party apps and services, according to a new report from The Information. Within a larger piece on the mobile search battleground and app integration, the tech site revealed that Apple is working on improving Siri’s search capabilities,

Fujifilm and Xerox unite to build a robotic printer so smart it delivers documents straight to your

The smart printer has been designed for public places such as an airport lounge and uses sensors to navigate around obstacles, but is it just "technology for technology's sake?" Read more: http://www.itproportal.


12张图看美国消费者财务状况 您可能也喜欢的文章: 美国消费者满意指数:2014年度轻型汽车品牌消费者满意度排行榜 马萨诸塞州银行:调查显示65%的美国消费者不太可能会购买比特币 Nielsen:

Apple Pay 难以阻挡 明年将可直接用于加油

美国大型能源公司雪佛龙(Chevron)是 Apple Pay 最早的合作伙伴之一。苹果在今年 10 月份推出 Apple Pay 时,雪佛龙的加油站就已经开始接受 Apple Pay 支付,只不过当时只支持加油站的店内消费。

CES 2015吹响4K时代号角?急什么!

这一届 CES 大展的一大看点是什么?必须是 4K!大量新产品争奇斗艳,好一番繁盛景象。是不是已经摩拳擦掌准备掏腰包赶时髦了?急什么,再等等!  


本文是为“初学者”或者作为从一开始就想要学习更多跨DPI和跨平台设计知识的中级设计师准备的序言读物。 没有复杂 […]


近日,有媒体报道称由于资本市场对小米“反应热烈”,曾多次声称未来几年内不会上市的小米正在商讨加速上市进程。   虽然小米相关负责人否认了这一消息,称小米压根就没有上市计划。但是业界认为其言不由衷。   





飞利浦 Plus Base 显示器 底座可变色

飞利浦刚刚宣布了新款显示器 - Ambiglow Plus Base。

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