Adikteev raises $12 million for its mobile marketing platform

French startup Adikteev raised a $12 million funding round led by Ring Capital and BNP Paribas Développement, with existing investors ISAI, Ventech and Laurent Asscher also participating.

Space Force will be a Marines-like branch under Air Force authority

President Trump is expected to sign into creation the Space Force today, as a special branch of the military overseen by the Air Force Department, according to a report in The Washington Post. The President’s decision is considered a win for the Air Force and Defense Department broadly,

Amazon’s Audible expands its original programming with new comedy series

Over the past few years, Amazon -owned Audible has been expanded beyond audiobooks to include more original content, like the short-form audio programming offered through Audible Channels, for example. Today, the company announced a new partnership for original comedy projects,

Watch the historic first private mission to the Moon launch Thursday night

For the first time later this week, a privately developed moon lander will launch aboard a privately built rocket, organized by a private launch coordinator.

Audi’s new V2I feature helps drivers hit every green light

Audi has added a new feature to the vehicle-to-infrastructure technology embedded in its newer models that’s designed to help drivers catch every green light. The tech, called GLOSA or Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory, is part of the automaker’s built-in traffic light-reading technology.

Macquarie Capital Venture Studio adds three new companies to infrastructure tech portfolio

Macquarie Capital Venture Studio, the infrastructure-focused accelerator affiliated with the nearly $500 billion-dollar investment firm, Macquarie Group, has added three companies to its portfolio. The companies, AirMap, Envoy Technologies, and Teralytic,

Samsung’s foldable phone? Meet the Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s promised a much better look at its foldable phone at tomorrow’s big S10 event. We already caught a glimpse of the product late last year at the company’s developer conference, but among the many uncertainties with the product is what the hell the company will name the thing. After all,

Why can’t we build anything?

Last week, California governor Gavin Newsom announced that he was intending to aggressively scale back plans for the state’s high-speed rail system, which in its most ambitious routing would have connected Sacramento to San Diego. The immediate cause was ballooning costs,

HTC’s smartphone chief and ex-CFO, Chialin Chang, resigns

HTC’s smartphone and connected devices president and former CFO, Chialin Chang, has resigned. The move, spotted earlier by Engadget, was announced today and is effective immediately. Read More

Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Viva Technology conference

Third time is a charm. Viva Technology (or “VivaTech” for short) hosted its kick-off press conference to present this year’s event. And this year is going to be quite special for TechCrunch as well because we’re hosting a Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech and a Hackathon.

Announcing Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech this May

TechCrunch Startup Battlefield is headed to VivaTech in Paris on May 24th to find and feature the best early-stage startup across Europe! In partnership with VivaTech,

Southeast Asia Film Platform Viddsee Lands Content Deal With Yahoo

There is a wealth of filmmaking talent across Southeast Asia, but it is very difficult for independent filmmakers there to gain exposure beyond occasional festivals. Founded earlier this year,

苹果将再一次发行债券: 数额仍然是170亿

威锋网讯 4 月 28 日消息,根据《金融时报》的最新报导,苹果正在计划进行新一轮的债券发行,这一次的数额仍将会达到 170 亿美元。报导称,苹果发行新的债券将有助于该公司近日宣布的股票回购计划的执行。

iCloud 私照外泄导致iTunes商店停运6小时

苹果再一次被推到了风口浪尖上。虽然业界都在为即将到来的 iPhone 6 发布会进行着积极的准备,但是号称好莱坞史上最大规模的私照外泄事件还是让 iCloud 在全球范围内成为了热议的对象。

[图+视频]会跳舞的红绿灯 让你过马路绝不闯红灯

过马路前的等待无疑是折磨人,即使是老外也经常会强冲,非常危险。德国公司 BBDO 联合 Smart 公司搞了一个非常有趣的概念,绝对能让你老老实实留在斑马线前。这个概念名叫“The Dancing Traffic Light”,会跳舞的红绿灯。

业界良心?iOS版 Office 编辑不再需要订阅

早在今年 3 月,微软就推出了 Office for iPad,将 Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 带到了 iOS 平台。微软的这一举动受到了 iPad 用户的欢迎,因为 Office for iPad 上架至今的下载量已经突破了 4000 万次。




两年前科学家可能并不确定是否美国宇航局好奇号火星车在火星表面探测到生命迹象,但目前是适当的时机收集一些有希望的线索了。2014 年 12 月,好奇号火星车研究小组宣称,火星车周围空气中甲烷指数是 2013 年底 ... ...

锋友曝 iPhone 7 谍照:这“行走”的白色天线

威锋网 3 月 16 日消息,最近基于各种消息和传言,国外和国内不少媒体都设计了 iPhone 7 渲染图,而这些渲染图无一例外地都将 iPhone 机身上两道非常显眼的白色天线给去掉了,还有机身底部的 3.5mm 耳机接口也不见了。不少看过渲染图的人表示非常满意,因为他们非常不喜欢目前 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6s 机身上的两道白色天线。  可是今天在威锋论坛中名为 FXip7 的锋友表示对于最近频繁出现的这些渲染图实在是看不下去了,所以这名锋友“冒死”发布了一张从富士康朋友手中拿到的 iPhone 7 图片。

The Punisher's Actor Says We Haven't Actually Met the Punisher Yet

Which is presumably why the character’s getting his own series . Read more...

Office Mobile apps get access to Azure Rights Management on Android

Microsoft has announced that it is expanding Azure Rights Management to all of its Office Mobile apps on Android, as it brings the feature to its Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. This means that...The post Office Mobile apps get access to Azure Rights Management on Android appeared first on WinBeta.

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