Donald Trump asks Mar-a-Lago guests what he should do about guns

In the wake of the most recent mass shooting, President Donald Trump sought advice on gun control from a trusted source: rich people staying at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. According to the Washington Post, Trump spent the weekend at his resort watching cable news,

Tropical Cyclone Nora intensifies off Australia's northern coast

While Australia's been dealing with the year's strongest storm on one side of the country, another tropical cyclone is ramping things up in the north.Category 2 Tropical Cyclone Nora continues to intensify toward a Category 3, reports the Bureau of Meteorology,

More than 150 whales strand themselves on Western Australian beach

Only 15 short-finned pilot whales are alive after a mass stranding event which saw more than 150 of them stranded on the West Australian coast.Volunteers, veterinarian staff and wildlife officers made their way to Hamelin Bay early on Friday morning, working to ensure their survival. SEE ALSO:

Unusual smoke-breathing elephant baffles scientists

For scientists conducting long term research on tigers and their prey, catching an elephant smoking is a rather strange sight.That's what they discovered when they visited camera trap locations around India's Nagarahole National Park.

7 wild moments from Playboy playmate's CNN interview about alleged Trump affair

Today in the world is a dumpster fire, CNN aired a revealing interview with ex-Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, who alleges she had an intimate relationship with President Trump over 10 years ago.Trump has denied the affair,

These teams are competing to create devices that can extract water from thin air

Clean water is a necessity, but as recent events in Cape Town have shown, securing it isn't so easy.That looming challenge has led to a competition called the Water Abundance XPRIZE. It's getting teams to build technology which can extract a minimum of 2,

Sloppy VPN mistake reportedly exposed DNC hacker as Russian spy

Even Russian spies apparently make mistakes when it comes to VPNs.Like Guccifer 2.0, the self-proclaimed hacker apparently responsible for burrowing into the Democratic National Committee computer network, then sending stolen emails to WikiLeaks.According to a new report by The Daily Beast,

Pup doesn't approve of violent video games

Usually it's parents who disapprove of violent video games. In this case, it was the family dog. YouTuber Zane Schwartz posted this video of his mom playing Call of Duty WWII. His mom enthusiastically gunned down the enemy, blood splatter and all. His dog, on the other hand,

Michelle Obama raves about 'Black Panther' on Twitter

Michelle Obama is constantly reminding us how lucky we were when she was first lady. Recently, she helped unveil a stunning, groundbreaking portrait, then she won Valentine's Day. Now she's showing love to our latest obsession, Black Panther. 

Forget yoga pants. Criticising other women's sartorial choices is bad for women.

You might have spotted that the New York Times has waged war on women's workout gear. Yoga pants, to be precise. An op-ed published on the NYT Opinion page on Sunday added yoga pants to the ever-burgeoning catalogue of Things That Are Bad For Women™. SEE ALSO:

Why wraps are the lowest form of human lunch

Deli counters of the world — listen up. For as long as I can remember (about two years, since I no longer remember anything before Trump), wraps have been positioned near the apex of the lunch hierarchy. I cannot tell you the number of corporate seminars I've attended where low sodium, corn-heavy,

OPPO Find 7预售价格曝光 定价3498元

尽管OPPO Find 7还有一周才会正式发布,但该机轻量版的售价却已经在网络上被曝光。根据网友在贴吧爆出的线下专卖店的预订信息显示,OPPO Find 7已经在OPPO专卖店开始了预订,而手机的售价则为3498元。



如何有效使用Project(1)——编制进度计划、保存基准 - 王福朋




挪威奥委会:Marit Bjrgen荣获2014年“FAIR PLAY Mecenate”大奖

挪威奥斯陆--(美国商业资讯)--奥运会越野赛事冠军Marit Bjørgen女士被授予2014年国际Fair Play Mecenate奖。Bjørgen女士将于7月23日周三在意大利菲奥伦蒂诺堡接受这一殊荣。   获奖者Marit Bjørgen表示,非常荣幸能获此殊荣。

與高通深度技術合作 , TIMEX 推出 IRONMAN ONE GPS+


「深藍」駕到!HTC One E8 新色登場

HTC 手機向來鍾意「玩色」,剛推出的 One E8 除了有搶眼紅色,今日它們再宣布推出藍色,售價同為 $3,998,現凡購買還可以優惠價 $168 購買 HTC Dot View 保護套。The post 「深藍」駕到!HTC One E8 新色登場 appeared first on UNWIRE.

Diaspora decentralised social network cannot prevent Islamic State extremist posts

After Twitter suspended various accounts, Islamic State supporters and fighters have turned to the decentralised social network to get their message out there.Read more: Discloses Top Donors

theodp (442580) writes "Under the leadership of, explained the ACM, it joined CSTA, NCWIT, NSF, Microsoft and Google in an effort "to reshape the U.S. education system," including passing a federal law making Computer Science a "core subject" in schools.

AT&T致信FCC:新规前景不定 暂停高速网络投资仅影响新客户


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