Donald Trump asks Mar-a-Lago guests what he should do about guns

In the wake of the most recent mass shooting, President Donald Trump sought advice on gun control from a trusted source: rich people staying at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. According to the Washington Post, Trump spent the weekend at his resort watching cable news,

'The Office' just reinvented the ABCs

It's been five long years since The Office finale, but thankfully its supporters have ensured that the show will live on forever.Twitter user @The_life_of_ACE is the latest fan to continue the show's legacy in the best way possible:

Everything you need to know about Alison Ettel, aka 'Permit Patty'

Another month, another phone-wielding woman from Oakland gone viral.In May, the world was introduced to "BBQ Becky," an Oakland woman who called the police on two black men grilling without a permit. Now, we've found her successor in "Permit Patty.

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' made $500 million before it even hit U.S. theaters

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was a half-billion dollar moneymaker before its U.S. release on Friday. It has an outside chance of hitting the $1 billion milestone by the end of next weekend.

The World's Ugliest Dog contest crowns its latest, absolutely PRECIOUS winner

All dogs are good dogs. But all dogs are not beautiful dogs (on the outside, at least).The World's Ugliest Dog competition brought its annual show to the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in California on Saturday night. And the precious angel you see pictured above,

With prestige TV, sometimes less is more

We live in an era of peak television – peak prestige television. Shows with prolific stars, massive budgets, and high production value are competing as viciously as the rest, sometimes at the cost of what the writers actually mean to say.As we fall for labyrinthine shows like Westworld,

Why we could be watching 'The Simpsons' for another 30 seasons

When The Conners arrives on ABC for its first season sans Roseanne this September, another more enduring working-class American family will return to our screens for its 30th season. And none of its cast members will have aged a day since their first appearance — least of all the baby. 

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' sequel title leaves Peter Parker far from home

We have a title.Tom Holland's habit of "spoiling" the biggest secrets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not to be confused with Mark Ruffalo's actual spoilers) continued on Saturday night. The Spider-Man:

Michelle Obama raves about 'Black Panther' on Twitter

Michelle Obama is constantly reminding us how lucky we were when she was first lady. Recently, she helped unveil a stunning, groundbreaking portrait, then she won Valentine's Day. Now she's showing love to our latest obsession, Black Panther. 

Forget yoga pants. Criticising other women's sartorial choices is bad for women.

You might have spotted that the New York Times has waged war on women's workout gear. Yoga pants, to be precise. An op-ed published on the NYT Opinion page on Sunday added yoga pants to the ever-burgeoning catalogue of Things That Are Bad For Women™. SEE ALSO:

Why wraps are the lowest form of human lunch

Deli counters of the world — listen up. For as long as I can remember (about two years, since I no longer remember anything before Trump), wraps have been positioned near the apex of the lunch hierarchy. I cannot tell you the number of corporate seminars I've attended where low sodium, corn-heavy,


也许,某天,我们也会看到这样的场景,当终于在世界杯上夺冠的煤球举起奖杯,面对记者话筒,他说,我能取得今日的成就,完全是我个人的努力,哦,不,完全是多亏了妈妈给我织的爱心足球鞋…… 喂喂,醒醒啊,尼玛,你家足球鞋是毛线打的啊?

USB2Go Is A Smartphone-Powered Micro USB Dev Board For Building Android Connected Gadgets

Android developers wanting a quicker and easier way to hack around with hardware should point their eyes at this Kickstarter project -- called USB2Go -- which is aiming to repurpose the micro USB port of your smartphone as a portal for plugging in an ARM Cortex-M3 development board. Read More

移动4G定制版索尼Xperia Z2(L50t)开箱

感谢@latter21的投递继之前行货Xperia Z2尊享版开卖一段时间后,本周移动4G定制版本Xperia Z2(L50t)也将要上市,目前尚未有详细合约贴出,裸机价格是4999,和之前3G普通版本价格一致,不过颜色方面只有黑白两色可选,无紫色。

Microsoft launches Interflow, a new collaborative security platform

The new software will enable quicker communication between online security providers in a collaborative effort that extends upon the firm's 2008 Microsoft Active Protections Program.Read more:



微软弃诺基亚品牌改Windows Phone标识,该来的早晚会来

微软内部一份秘密文件显示,微软移动部门将在未来的产品命名方面做出一些调整。微软将在产品中隐藏诺基亚名字,一些区域性的Nokia.com网站已经开始重新导向至微软旗下网页,同时,微软将逐渐淘汰Windows Phone名字。


2014年11月6日199IT数字早报(官方微信:i199it) 您可能也喜欢的文章: 2014年11月1日199IT数字早报(官方微信:i199it) 2014年11月5日199IT数字早报(官方微信:i199it) 2014年11月4日199IT数

The Uno Noteband Doesn’t Waste Time With Notifications

The Uno Noteband is a wearable designed for those who want the convenience of getting notifications on their wrists but don’t want to spend a bunch of time fiddling with a two-inch screen when they’ve got a perfectly good smartphone in their pocket. Read More

Taxes on iOS apps are about to change in the EU

Apple users who live in the European Union could be seeing price changes in the App Store very soon.Apple recently sent out an email to iTunes Connect users with a warning about the upcoming change to value-added tax (or VAT) rates that will hit the EU on Jan. 1, 2015. Right now,

Garmin's fēnix 3 Multisport GPS Watch Keeps Its Active Side Secret

With the third version of its popular fēnix adventure watch, Garmin has embraced the notion that when someone is spending half a grand on a timepiece, they probably want to be able to wear it all the time.

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