Download Apple's update to protect your iPhone from the Telugu bug

Apple issued a fix to the bug that was crashing iPhones with a single character. On Monday, the company released several updates, including iOS 11.2.6. If you've got an iPhone or iPad, you should probably download it ASAP.SEE ALSO: Apple's slow iPhone X sales are hurting Samsung tooLast week,

'The Office' just reinvented the ABCs

It's been five long years since The Office finale, but thankfully its supporters have ensured that the show will live on forever.Twitter user @The_life_of_ACE is the latest fan to continue the show's legacy in the best way possible:

Everything you need to know about Alison Ettel, aka 'Permit Patty'

Another month, another phone-wielding woman from Oakland gone viral.In May, the world was introduced to "BBQ Becky," an Oakland woman who called the police on two black men grilling without a permit. Now, we've found her successor in "Permit Patty.

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' made $500 million before it even hit U.S. theaters

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was a half-billion dollar moneymaker before its U.S. release on Friday. It has an outside chance of hitting the $1 billion milestone by the end of next weekend.

The World's Ugliest Dog contest crowns its latest, absolutely PRECIOUS winner

All dogs are good dogs. But all dogs are not beautiful dogs (on the outside, at least).The World's Ugliest Dog competition brought its annual show to the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in California on Saturday night. And the precious angel you see pictured above,

With prestige TV, sometimes less is more

We live in an era of peak television – peak prestige television. Shows with prolific stars, massive budgets, and high production value are competing as viciously as the rest, sometimes at the cost of what the writers actually mean to say.As we fall for labyrinthine shows like Westworld,

Why we could be watching 'The Simpsons' for another 30 seasons

When The Conners arrives on ABC for its first season sans Roseanne this September, another more enduring working-class American family will return to our screens for its 30th season. And none of its cast members will have aged a day since their first appearance — least of all the baby. 

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' sequel title leaves Peter Parker far from home

We have a title.Tom Holland's habit of "spoiling" the biggest secrets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not to be confused with Mark Ruffalo's actual spoilers) continued on Saturday night. The Spider-Man:

So here's these dogs dressed up as Master Chief and Marcus Fenix

The Year of the Dog fortunately means we get to see more, you guessed it, dogs.To commemorate the Lunar New Year, Xbox devised an adorable cosplaying puppy gang called the CosPups. They dressed up a whole bunch of pooches as the platform's most popular characters: Master Chihuahua, Sea of Fleas,

Volcano in Indonesia unleashes massive explosion

Mount Sinabung in Indonesia has been erupting for about the past five years now, displacing tens of thousands as it sends debris flows toward populated areas. On Feb. 19, the volcano unleashed a far more explosive eruption that vaulted smoke and ash more than 25,000 feet into the air,

This Silicon Valley skier just gave the least impressive performance of the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics have been full of mind-blowing feats of athleticism and artistry. This is not one of them. Elizabeth Swaney made her Olympic debut in the freeski halfpipe on Monday. It was ...not impressive. She casually slides back and forth down the halfpipe,

Microsoft demos video conferencing between Skype and Lync, now more compatible than ever

After spending months figuring out how to collaborate its various communication technologies, Microsoft has finally hit the spot. Bridging the gap between company’s consumers and business communications,



Ubuntu Touch要来了?ThinkPad 8竟可运行

Ubuntu Touch 是 Canonical 公司专为智能手机和平板电脑等移动设备专门打造的操作系统,该系统发展几年来似乎并不顺利,因为目前仅两款设备支持该系统,分别为 Nexus 4 和 Nexus 7。



Imoji Launches An SDK To Put Millions Of Custom Emoji In All Your Apps

Apple’s new set of ‘diversity’ emoji attracted a lot of attention when it was released in all of its glorious shades last week — but what comes next? What is beyond the emoji? Read More


前几日尼泊尔发生的 8.1 级大地震,微软灾难响应中心在其官方博客页面表达了对遭受灾害侵袭相关人员的惋惜,捐赠 […]

Microsoft's Windows Phone presence is disappearing in the US

In a new phone market share report over at comScore, Apple claimed top OEM spot with 43.5 percent. However, platform market share was awarded to Android, which is on 52.1 percent of phones. A side note, Facebook is listed as the top individual smartphone app.With a slight drop in share,

A giraffe telling a joke wins Australia's Vine film festival

It turns out you only need six seconds to make a bizarre, funny or even touching film.That's been proven this year by the finalists in 2015's #TROPVINE competition, where filmmakers make an extremely short looping film on Twitter's video platform, Vine. To enter,


编者按:注册过用户名的人应该都有过这种经历,自己想注册的名字总是被抢了。纽约一家创意机构的产品总监 Adam Ghahramani 提出了他的修改建议。Twitter、YouTube、Pinterest、Instagram 等一大堆数字平台的共同特点是什么?对待用户名的态度就像婴儿对待尿片一样,而不是宝贵的、有利可图的资源。因为采用的是成就的先到先得模式,导致大部分的后来者都拿不到心仪的名字,不得不在自己想起的名字前后加上一堆没用意义的文字或符号(比如 “boogie2988”、“Rclbeauty101”、“realDonaldTrump”)。先到先得起源于域名注册。


说到这个,我这个坐办公室的想起了做观测的苦逼同学了,上一张他的图,可能这是大多数做观测的天文工作者的常态吧。用他的话说,每个新的一天,都从加注液氮开始~这个是西班牙Canary Island 天文台上的一个2.5m 的望远镜,可怜的他不能够去享受来自岛上的阳光和沙滩,而要日夜照料这台冷冰冰的镜子。然后默默地记录数据。不过,这是个高尚的工作,因为当夜晚的时候,你会觉得你是离群星最近的人啦~(*^__^*) ——————————————————————————————其实做无论做观测还是做理论,做模拟。大部分时间还是和普通职员一样~但是如果有去山上观测的机会还是有非常不错的体验。

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