Microsoft’s iOS OneDrive app updates with enhanced security

Microsoft’s official OneDrive app for iOS devices has now updated to Version 10.4. This latest update fixes a bug relating to the upload button but also adds support for multi-factor authentication powered by Symantec VIP. Symantec is a company that specializes in IT security,

Microsoft updates Office Lens on iOS for Office 365, adds Business Card mode to all versions

Microsoft Office Lens is an excellent scanning utility for capturing documents, photos, and whiteboard images and sending them to OneDrive, OneNote, PDF, and other Office apps. Office Lens runs on iOS, Android, and Windows...The post Microsoft updates Office Lens on iOS for Office 365,

Microsoft announces new services, products, and partnerships for a mobile-first cloud-first world

During TechEd North American 2014 today, Microsoft announced new services, products, and partnerships to help IT professionals, developers, and technology users embrace the cloud. Microsoft has enabled more secure ways to connect to the cloud, enhanced cloud computing, networking, and storage,

Microsoft’s “Skype For Business” iOS App Now Available To All

Microsoft’s “Skype for Business,” the communications service designed to replace the older tool Microsoft Lync, is rolling out publicly to iOS users today, the company announced this morning. The app, now live on the iTunes App Store,

Weekend Recap: Windows 10 for phones, 6snap and Snapchat, CES 2015, and much more

This week has been quite interesting in the world of Microsoft. We've covered a lot over the past week and chances are you most likely missed an important piece of news. Let's take a look back in a feature we call "Weekend Recap," highlighting the popular stories from the past week.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about the transformation of Office

Microsoft Office 2016 goes live today, ending a months-long preview program that has revealed a solid upgrade with enhanced functionality and closer integration with the cloud. Office is, of course, a strategic product for...

159,818 total apps in the Windows Store and the top Windows 8.1 apps as of May 11th

It's Sunday, May 11th, and its time to take a look at the Windows Store, which is home to both Windows 8.1 and Windows RT apps. Let's take a look at the total app count, which apps are at the top of the charts, and highlight some new apps for our readers. Lets begin!

Microsoft Announces Office 2016 Will Arrive September 22

Microsoft announced this morning the official launch date for the long-anticipated new version of Microsoft Office: Office 2016 will be broadly available starting on September 22, the company says. Meanwhile,

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella waxes philosophical on Office 2016 release

Microsoft Office 2016 went live today, ending a months-long preview program that revealed a solid upgrade with enhanced functionality and closer integration with the cloud. Office is, of course, a strategic product for Microsoft, serving...

Bing is down in China, did it get blocked by the Great Firewall?

Bing is apparently suffering widespread outages in China, starting late Wednesday local time. A VentureBeat report says that Microsoft is aware of the reports and are investigating. The post points to Reddit’s r/China,

Microsoft rebrands Skype Rooms Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms

In just two years time, Microsoft Teams has managed to envolope many of the companies communication efforts and as of today its branding is getting plastered on the former Skype Room Systems.

Latest Windows Insider Bug Bash starts today

Microsoft is hosting what it calls its "Bug Bash" for Windows Insiders previewing upcoming changes to the 19H1 branch of Windows 10.

Skype for web will soon be replaced by new version that only works in Edge and Chrome

Microsoft has started warning Skype for Web users that the app will soon be replaced by a new version based on Skype v8, which requires using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Microsoft builds Fake News spotter NewsGuard into Edge mobile browser

As we reported earlier this this month, Microsoft is baking NewsGuard into the mobile versions of its Edge web browser for Android and iOS devices via an optional switch, and now the feature is moving out of beta. This is likely part of an ongoing effort by many businesses, Microsoft included,

Halo:MCC news, Championship gaming coming to SXSW in March

Beyond being part of Halo history, those in attendance at the SXSW19 HCS will also be privy to some exclusive annoucements regarding the franchise.

First build for Windows 10 “19H2” Fall 2019 release spotted via leaked build numbers

If you’ve been following along at home, there’s been quite the saga surrounding leaked Windows 10 build numbers lately. Recently, the site went dark, after an enthusiastic Windows enthusiast offered up thousands of unreleased build numbers to the site,

Direct Twitter sharing coming to Xbox One consoles soon

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra and Jason Beaumont confirmed on Twitter that the ability to directly share Xbox One video game clips on the social network would soon be coming to Xbox One consoles. Getting close! Team had to line it up with a console update because it involved changes to shell code.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet launches on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, a new video game based on the popular Sword Art Online anime series, is now available to play on the Xbox One family of consoles. The game is an action roleplaying game and supports online multiplayer for up to eight players.

Kiwi for Gmail is a Windows app that transforms your Gmail and G Suite experience

Kiwi for Gmail puts Gmail and Google Apps into a desktop app and is a simple productivity hack that people who live in the Google ecosystem will appreciate.

[图]为补偿3月11日的网络问题 微软延长一周Xbox Live Gold订阅

根据IGN报道称微软已经通过Xbox One信息系统向部分用户发出通知,将免费享受一周的Xbox Live Gold服务。在通知表示:“我们已经知道在2014年3月11日出现了登陆和使用问题。



三星申请两项注册商标 或为智能眼镜铺路

据Phonearena网站报道,三星目前正在韩国申请两项注册商标,商标名称分别为“Samsung Gear Blink”和“Samsung Rounded”,这或许暗示了,三星在未来将推出新款产品。

防水泳裤出水即干不湿身 售价约270元



人们倾向于认为,女性天生就有当妈妈的潜质。但是研究表明,父亲在参与照顾幼儿之后,大脑中构成“育儿网络(parenting network)”的两个脑区会被激活。这和怀孕与分娩对女性大脑造成的影响相似。

推荐13款javascript模板引擎 - 爱北鲨

javaScript 在生成各种页面内容时如果能结合一些模板技术,可以让逻辑和数据之间更加清晰,本文介绍 X 款 JavaScript 的模板引擎。

GoPro channel is now officially available on Xbox One

GoPro, the tiny mountable video cameras, have revolutionized our point of view on many things. We can now plunge down mountain sides with the best skiers and mountain bikers in the world, even ride the massive waves of Hawaii on the "virtual" surfboard. 



Report: Whisper Tracks Users Even When They Ask It Not To

You should know by now that purportedly anonymous apps aren't really anonymous . But now, The Guardian reports that Whisper, the secret-telling app and so-called "safest place on the internet," actually tracks its users to a frightening degree of detail. Even if you opt out of location services,

微软发布WP8.1视频编辑应用Movie Creator

威智网 11 月 14 日消息,微软移动今天又发布了一款 Windows Phone 8.1 版的视频编辑应用 Movie Creator Beta,同时也有 Windows 8.1 版本,可以分别在 WP 应用商店和 Windows 应用商店下载。  

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