Here’s how Microsoft Photo Companion on iOS has made my life easier

Photo transfer can sometimes get messy, so enter Microsoft Photo Companion on iOS, the app that made my blogging life much easier.

Vodaphone demos holographic phone call using HoloLens and low latency 5G network

Microsoft's HoloLens has done some pretty cool things before, and in the latest, Vodafone is showcasing how the headset can be used for holographic phone calls on a 5G network

Microsoft begins counting some LinkedIn revenues under “Commercial Cloud”

Microsoft is defining the portions of "commercial" LinkedIn as LinkedIn Recruiter, Sales Navigator, Premium business subscriptions and "other."

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers brings Spongebob and more to the Xbox One

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers is finally available to digitally pre-order on the Xbox One. The game brings together an impressive number of characters from popular cartoon series such as Ninja Turtles, Spongebob Squarepants,

Ghost Recon Wildlands & Super Bomberman R now free to play on Xbox One

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and Super Bomberman R are now free to play on Xbox One consoles for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. This free play period will run from today until September 23rd and, like in previous free play weekend campaigns,

Plex for Xbox One adds chapter select and preview thumbnails

The Plex for Xbox has updated with a variety of bug fixes and new features. Amongst some of the cooler new additions are new chapter titles, preview thumbnails, and a new music mini player. Here’s the full release notes for this latest Plex for Xbox update:

Amazon announces new Echo and Skype integration

Company executives announced that its opening up its communications API to their party apps. First, among the Amazon's high profile new integrations is Microsoft's Skype.

Windows 10 RS5 build 17763 is now available for Windows Insiders in the Slow Ring

Microsoft is rolling out today the Windows 10 RS5 build 17763 to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring, just two days after it first shipped to Fast Ring Insiders.

Microsoft’s iOS OneDrive app updates with enhanced security

Microsoft’s official OneDrive app for iOS devices has now updated to Version 10.4. This latest update fixes a bug relating to the upload button but also adds support for multi-factor authentication powered by Symantec VIP. Symantec is a company that specializes in IT security,

Direct Twitter sharing coming to Xbox One consoles soon

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra and Jason Beaumont confirmed on Twitter that the ability to directly share Xbox One video game clips on the social network would soon be coming to Xbox One consoles. Getting close! Team had to line it up with a console update because it involved changes to shell code.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet launches on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, a new video game based on the popular Sword Art Online anime series, is now available to play on the Xbox One family of consoles. The game is an action roleplaying game and supports online multiplayer for up to eight players.

Bundaberg Rum

Thanks to all those involved in this fantastic, "international" project, Katie, Leo Burnett Sydney,Vince Lagana & Grant McAloon (Creative Director), Jeremy de Villiers (Executive Producer), Adrian Jung (Senior Producer) and the guys over at Illusion Co.,

Full Disclosure邮件列表复活

上周,Full-Disclosure创始人John Cartwright突如其来的宣布关闭邮件列表,许多人对此感到震惊和遗憾,其中就包括了Nmap开发者Fyodor。他宣布正着手复活Full-Disclosure。

程序员入行5年,贴一篇参加工作两年时写的一篇工作总结,给所有为程序员梦想努力的人! - 雨中的失落


Art Is Best Displayed In a Frame That Follows You Around

For artists who want to get their work known—and sold—a static frame hanging on the wall of a gallery just doesn't cut it anymore. Whey let a potential admirer—or customer—just walk by your work when there are now autonomous picture frames that can track and follow someone walking by,




OneAPM不仅是中国版的New Relic,它还有更加宏大的目标。那么OneAPM在中国有怎样的故事?OneAPM创始人何晓阳日前接受了CSDN采访,为我们详细的介绍了APM的情况,同时也为我们指出了OneAPM未来的方向。

Pasithea: 可以让iOS的剪贴板功能强化起来

威锋网讯,剪贴板可能是我们在 iOS 中最常用的功能之一,虽然它不是一个“明显”的存在。无论你是否知道剪贴板,在我们进行复制和剪切后,粘贴前我们都需要用到它,但遗憾的是它只能够保存一个内容。  


上周 9to5Mac 透露了一份为 Apple Watch 适配的 App 清单(以下简称 Watch App),有专注效率类的印象笔记(Evernote)、奇妙清单(Wunderlist)、Things,有电商成分的支付宝、Target,有社交类的微信、Line,还有媒体类的《纽约时报》、CNN 等等。

This photo of flying F-16s looks so perfect I can't believe it's real

What a perfect picture. The timing is perfect, the angle is perfect, the sky is perfect, the F-16 Fighting Falcons are perfect. I mean, the photo is so perfect that it almost doesn't feel real. Like they've been CGI'd to look like that. Or that they're toy models strung in the air. But nope,


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