Fast Ring PC Insiders are warned of a few Known Issues for Windows 10 Preview 17107

Insiders are given a few cautions about some known issues, that most likely won't be addressed by the Windows team this weekend or before the next release.

Bing is down in China, did it get blocked by the Great Firewall?

Bing is apparently suffering widespread outages in China, starting late Wednesday local time. A VentureBeat report says that Microsoft is aware of the reports and are investigating. The post points to Reddit’s r/China,

Microsoft rebrands Skype Rooms Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms

In just two years time, Microsoft Teams has managed to envolope many of the companies communication efforts and as of today its branding is getting plastered on the former Skype Room Systems.

Latest Windows Insider Bug Bash starts today

Microsoft is hosting what it calls its "Bug Bash" for Windows Insiders previewing upcoming changes to the 19H1 branch of Windows 10.

Skype for web will soon be replaced by new version that only works in Edge and Chrome

Microsoft has started warning Skype for Web users that the app will soon be replaced by a new version based on Skype v8, which requires using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Microsoft builds Fake News spotter NewsGuard into Edge mobile browser

As we reported earlier this this month, Microsoft is baking NewsGuard into the mobile versions of its Edge web browser for Android and iOS devices via an optional switch, and now the feature is moving out of beta. This is likely part of an ongoing effort by many businesses, Microsoft included,

Halo:MCC news, Championship gaming coming to SXSW in March

Beyond being part of Halo history, those in attendance at the SXSW19 HCS will also be privy to some exclusive annoucements regarding the franchise.

First build for Windows 10 “19H2” Fall 2019 release spotted via leaked build numbers

If you’ve been following along at home, there’s been quite the saga surrounding leaked Windows 10 build numbers lately. Recently, the site went dark, after an enthusiastic Windows enthusiast offered up thousands of unreleased build numbers to the site,

Windows 10 Insider Preview 17107 drops for Fast Ring PCs with ‘Settings’ fixes in tow

While there might now be a shiny new Skip Ahead release scheduled for today, Windows 10 Insiders are still being greeted with a much appreciated Fast Ring fix it build. Hello #WindowsInsiders we have released Build 17107 to the Fast ring. There won't be a Skip Ahead build for this week. https:

You’ll soon be able to run multiple instances of some UWP apps at the same time

Starting in Redstone 4, developers will be allowed to opt-in to a behavior which supports running multiple instances of some UWP apps at the same time.

Two new Microsoft patents reveal locking mechanism, detachable hinge for foldable mobile device

Two new patents that seem to be related to Microsoft's rumored "Surface phone" have been published this week, and one of them could gives “2-in-1 device” a whole new meaning.



GoPro competitor Contour releases their official app for Windows Phone

GoPro competitor Contour has released their official app for Windows Phone. For now, the app is in beta and works with their Contour+2 and ContourROAM2 devices. 




北京2014年7月18日电 /美通社/ -- 北京怡和嘉业医疗科技有限公司(以下简称:“怡和嘉业” )于2014年6月24日收到苏州凯迪泰医学科技有限公司(以下简称:“凯迪泰”)向苏州市中级人民法院提交的诉状。

hadoop1.2.1伪分布模式安装教程 - 分宜人

1:软件环境准备1.1Hadoop:我们使用hadoop Release 1.2.1(stable)版本,下载链接:我们选择hadoop-1.2.1-bin.tar.gz文件下载...

消息称百度出资6亿美元投资Uber 与快的、滴滴竞争


Nike confirms self-lacing sneakers from 'Back to the Future' are real

Marty McFly's self-lacing Nikes from Back to the Future are finally real.Nike has confirmed to Mashable the "first pair of self-lacing Nike Mag shoes is in New York City." The company didn't provide further details as to sneakers' precise whereabouts in the city,

消息称美国政府还想让苹果解锁更多 iPhone

最近法院要求苹果必须协助 FBI,将加州圣伯纳迪诺枪击恐袭案凶手法鲁克(Syed Farook)的手机解锁,以便执法当局可以取得手机内的信息。然而苹果公司拒绝了法院的要求,甚至还两度发布公开信,公开表明自己的态度和立场。  而根据《华尔街日报》的最新报道,除了法鲁克的 iPhone 之外,美国政府还希望法院能够下令要求苹果公司协助绕过另外大约十二部 iPhone 的安全密码。这十几部 iPhone 不是任何恐怖袭击案件的涉案设备,但是报道称检察官也试图通过 1789 年法案《All Writs Act》来施压,以便访问这些设备。  

Jada Pinkett-Smith finally responds to Chris Rock's Oscar joke

Jada Pinkett-Smith is brushing off Chris Rock's joke about her at this year's Oscars. On Saturday, the actress responded to paparazzi who asked what she thought about Rock's dig about her boycotting this year's awards ceremony. "It comes with the territory, sweetheart," she responded. SEE ALSO:

百度地图宣布国际化 称目前国内市场份额第一

新浪科技讯 4月19日下午消息,百度地图今日在京宣布国际化战略,2016年年底将完成全球覆盖,到2020年将实现50%用户来自海外的目标,并最终成为世界地图。百度地图宣布国际化 称目前国内市场份额第一百度方面表示 ... ...

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