HBO's 'Paterno' trailer revisits the Penn State sex abuse scandal

HBO has released the first trailer for Paterno, starring Al Pacino as the disgraced Penn State coach Joe Paterno.The promo cycles through a lot of the major beats you'll remember from 2011: Paterno being confronted with the fact that his assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky,

'The Office' just reinvented the ABCs

It's been five long years since The Office finale, but thankfully its supporters have ensured that the show will live on forever.Twitter user @The_life_of_ACE is the latest fan to continue the show's legacy in the best way possible:

Everything you need to know about Alison Ettel, aka 'Permit Patty'

Another month, another phone-wielding woman from Oakland gone viral.In May, the world was introduced to "BBQ Becky," an Oakland woman who called the police on two black men grilling without a permit. Now, we've found her successor in "Permit Patty.

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' made $500 million before it even hit U.S. theaters

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was a half-billion dollar moneymaker before its U.S. release on Friday. It has an outside chance of hitting the $1 billion milestone by the end of next weekend.

The World's Ugliest Dog contest crowns its latest, absolutely PRECIOUS winner

All dogs are good dogs. But all dogs are not beautiful dogs (on the outside, at least).The World's Ugliest Dog competition brought its annual show to the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in California on Saturday night. And the precious angel you see pictured above,

With prestige TV, sometimes less is more

We live in an era of peak television – peak prestige television. Shows with prolific stars, massive budgets, and high production value are competing as viciously as the rest, sometimes at the cost of what the writers actually mean to say.As we fall for labyrinthine shows like Westworld,

Why we could be watching 'The Simpsons' for another 30 seasons

When The Conners arrives on ABC for its first season sans Roseanne this September, another more enduring working-class American family will return to our screens for its 30th season. And none of its cast members will have aged a day since their first appearance — least of all the baby. 

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' sequel title leaves Peter Parker far from home

We have a title.Tom Holland's habit of "spoiling" the biggest secrets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not to be confused with Mark Ruffalo's actual spoilers) continued on Saturday night. The Spider-Man:

6 Gmail tips, tricks, and hacks to help you master your email

Have you ever accidentally sent a damning email to someone that you intended to save for the rest of time as a draft? Or made a friend audibly gasp at the sight of thousands of unread email notifications on your phone?

Las Vegas airport installs marijuana trash cans so tourists can ditch their weed

What you smoke in Vegas, unfortunately, has to stay in Vegas.Visiting a pot-friendly state such as Nevada now offers tourists a whole new legal experience, thanks to the recreational sale of cannabis.

Check out newly leaked Galaxy S9 photos before leaks don't matter anymore

Before Samsung's Galaxy S9 takes its big bow on Feb. 25, there's one, (presumably) last leaky look at the hinted-at-but-technically-unannounced smartphone and its larger S9+ sibling.Photos posted to what looks like a recently created Instagram account offer views of each phone's startup, home,


情人节发福利!新一期的《W》杂志无比热火,Miley Cyrus、Rita Ora、Miranda Kerr、Cindy Crawford、Vanessa Hudgens、Ciara、Tyra Banks、Milla Jovovich、Kendall Jenner、刘雯等二十位明星魅惑出镜,讲述和枕头的故事!

LinkedIn-Owned Email Widget Rapportive Is About To Get Less Useful

All good things must come to an end. Rapportive, the fantastically helpful email widget which jazzed up your Gmail sidebar with rich contact information pulled from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more, is getting its first big revamp following its acquisition by LinkedIn in 2012.And frankly,

WPF使用MediaElement方法介绍 - WuRang

搬运自:在WPF或Silverlight中使用MediaElement控件可以方便的制作一个视频音频播放器。首先制作一个UserControl:代码如下: 播放...


Twitter工程师Mazdak Hashemi称,日本用户发推的方式不同于地球上其他地方的人(Twitter于2009年7月在中国被屏蔽,当时Twitter还没有像今天这样流行)。



在 2014 年,Apple 正被「虫」蛀

2014 年对于 Apple 来说并不是多么顺风顺水的一年。尽管有光鲜的财务数字遮挡着,但是我们仍然能看到一个被虫蛀了的 Apple……

供应链回应4英寸iPhone 6s传闻: 只是炒作


与途观竞争 宝沃BX7将于2016年4月上市

宝沃品牌复活后推出的首款SUV车型——宝沃BX7于法兰克福车展首发,近日有国内媒体报道,这款车的国产版本将于2016年4月的北京车展上正式上市。另外,我们还了解到,宝沃汽车中国销售公司将于12月宣布成立。  之前 ... ...


上周,Blizzard 对制作一系列外挂的团队提起诉讼,Blizzard 指出这些程序能让玩家在游戏中作弊。根据国外媒体 Kotaku 报导,外挂的制作者宣称 Blizzard 窃取他们的程序代码。  Blizzard 为了杜绝玩家透过不正 ... ...

纽约时报:苹果高成长光环褪色 已被定为价值股

1 月 25 日消息,《纽约时报》网络版周日撰文指出,长期以来,成长一直是推动苹果股价持续上涨的关键因素。不过从去年开始,投资人开始越来越怀疑苹果作为成长股是否已成为历史。以下为文章内容摘要:  考虑到 ... ...

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