Microsoft “accidently” forced upgrades on Windows 10 1703 machines set to block updates

Reports of an update that pushed devices from the build 1703 to 1709 began pouring in as users who were justifiably upset began taking to Twitter and forums

Bing Maps adds colored traffic info to routes

Bing Map users will now be able to toggle a setting that enables colored mapping of traffic along routes destinations.

How to sync your Windows clipboard contents across your devices

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update added a new convenience feature which lets you synchronise your clipboard across all your devices. It works seamlessly with the existing Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts, while adding another layer of advanced functionality. First,

Microsoft and UW demo automated data storage in fabricated DNA

Microsoft has, with the help of researchers from the University of Washington, successfully created its very first automated system for storing data within DNA strands.

Advertisers can now target LinkedIn audiences using Bing Search data

Specifically, advertisers will get access to Lookalike Audiences dashboards, Audience tenplates and Interest Targeting.

How to Enter Safe Mode in Windows 10

Microsoft Support uses Safe Mode in Windows 10 for troubleshooting issues you might be having with Windows 10. By starting your PC in Safe Mode, you start Windows 10 in a bare-bones state, often limiting the number of files and drivers available to you.

Microsoft releases patch to notify Windows 7 users about upcoming end of support

Microsoft has already pushed its first patch which includes the popup informing users of the deadline on January 14th, 2020.

How to set your default printer in Windows 10

Windows 10’s printer settings allow you to customise which printer is used as the default. This is the printer which receives your document when you press a “Print” button without having explicitly chosen a printer to use. Since the Windows 10 November 2015 update,

Here’s all the news from this weekend’s Inside Xbox episode

The very first episode of the monthly “Inside Xbox” webcast premiered without a hitch as Team Xbox talked about everything Xbox. Inside Xbox delved into Sea of Thieves, PUBG, Far Cry 5, and more in the inaugural episode. Just in case you missed it,

Dedicated Edge Extensions tab shows up in the Microsoft Store for some users

Microsoft appears to be testing a new Edge Extensions tab in the Microsoft Store that will make them easier to find for Edge users

Win some real golden bananas with new Sea of Thieves treasure hunt

Sea of Thieves is set to launch on March 20th, but Microsoft is giving gamers the chance of winning some gold of their own.

[多图]IUNI OS公测版发布 首批支持三星Galaxy S4

IUNI OS公测版来了,2月24日,据刷机精灵官方消息,即日起三星S4用户可从刷机精灵ROM市场下载体验最新版本的IUNI OS。

Snapchat enters into electronic payment transfer market with two new patents

Trademark patents have been unearthed this week, showing the Snapchat have registered two money transfer patents. Is the company planning to rival Paypal, or is there a simpler explanation?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

老凉:小冰毁誉参半 微软在华互联网丛林法则中艰难抢跑

CNET科技资讯网 7月3日 评论文章(文/梁钦):随着二代小冰的发布,微软已经把小冰从一只丑小鸭塑造成一个小天鹅。从这里面,我们可以看出微软必应在华发展的无奈与烦躁。


苹果目前已经在美国北卡罗来纳州建立了两个大型的太阳能发电站,这两个发电站是苹果 iCloud 服务背后的主要动力来源。

做一枚更健康的水果:苹果禁用 iPhone 和 iPad 组装中的两种危险化学品

五个月前,关心中国劳工福利的美国组织 China Labor Watch 和旨在推进绿色经济的 Green America发起请愿,向苹果施压,要求后者禁用 iPhone 和 iPad 最终组装过程中的两种化学品—— 苯(benzene)和正己烷(n-hexane)—— 这两种物质分别会导致白血病及神经损伤。




根据美国研究生院委员会(US Council of Graduate Schools)周三公布的一份报告,在美国研究生院注册的中国留学生数量出现至少10年来首次下滑。


还记得不久前闹得满城风雨的YotaPhone 2么,其实它并不是一款特别好特别吸引人的手机,但既然能被当作“国礼”相送,本身也就证明了其品牌的价值。更遑论它还有一个个性的双屏设计,以及较为主流的性能。


劲量去年推出了原料包含回收电池的一次性硷性电池 EcoAdvanced,那时候就有想,可多次使用的充电电池版本不是更环保吗?所以在今天,该公司正式推出了同样包含了约 4% 回收电池原料的可充电电池 Recharge,分有 AA 和 AAA 大小。虽说 4% 的比例并不算多,但也是劲量定下在 2025 年时使用 40% 回收物料目标的好开始。接下来消费者的责任,就是想一想如何减少我们在生活中的耗电和电子垃圾,多为环保出一份力吧。...

【美國直擊】Google I/O 2016 展出與高通合作 Android in-car 概念車

Android Auto 並非新的產品,但在今年 Google I/O 裡就展出了與高通合作 Android …The post 【美國直擊】Google I/O 2016 展出與高通合作 Android in-car 概念車 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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