Microsoft Rewards program now available in 21 countries worldwide

Microsoft Rewards is now available in 21 countries worldwide including Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan and more.

Nokia's reward program DVLUP is now available to developers across the globe

Nokia launched its rewards program called 'DVLUP' for Windows Phone developers last year in October. It was launched in 21 countries at that time and Windows Phone developers could join for free.

Microsoft inks deal with ClearSky Data for Server Message Block (SMB) technology

With the new partnership, ClearSky Data will be able to leverage Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) file transport technology for its cloud-based storage solutions.

Pocket Casts podcast app launches in Windows Store in beta

Pocket Casts developers Shifty Jelly has launched a beta version of their podcast app in the Windows Store

Microsoft introduces Cortana Show Me app to help you navigate Windows 10 settings

The new preview app includes 15 guides for changing different type of settings or checking basics like your current version Windows.

Windows 10 Insider build 17127 is now available in the Slow Ring

If you’ve been hanging back and running only Slow Ring builds, you’ve got some downloading to do today, too. Along with releasing Windows 10 Insider build 17128 to the Fast Ring (which  only removes the Insider watermark showing the build number),

Windows 10 Insider build 17128 released for the Fast Ring (updated)

We’re getting close now! Today, as has been a somewhat annoying new Friday tradition, Microsoft released another RS4 build to Fast Ring Insiders, it’s available now and you can begin downloading if you have access.

Latest Microsoft Launcher beta update fixes Notifications bug

All badge count issues with notifications should be fixed in this new version, and the Android launcher should also perform better with less errors and crashes.

Xbox Insider Hub adds links to Feedback and Insider Blog

Microsoft yesterday announced some new ways enhancements for the Xbox Insider Hub. There are now new links to Feedback and the Insider blog, helping ensure Insiders never miss out any new content.

Microsoft “accidently” forced upgrades on Windows 10 1703 machines set to block updates

Reports of an update that pushed devices from the build 1703 to 1709 began pouring in as users who were justifiably upset began taking to Twitter and forums

Here’s all the news from this weekend’s Inside Xbox episode

The very first episode of the monthly “Inside Xbox” webcast premiered without a hitch as Team Xbox talked about everything Xbox. Inside Xbox delved into Sea of Thieves, PUBG, Far Cry 5, and more in the inaugural episode. Just in case you missed it,

Dedicated Edge Extensions tab shows up in the Microsoft Store for some users

Microsoft appears to be testing a new Edge Extensions tab in the Microsoft Store that will make them easier to find for Edge users


一款名为八子补肾胶囊的户外广告,将产品包装盒图案印在车场的停车卡上,只需一刷,横杆立即抬起,功效明显,相当补肾。创意来自北京昌荣广告(Charm Advertising)。


英特尔宣称将于今年下半年推出800Gbps的64芯光纤连接线MXC,以便为超级计算机和云数据中心等应用带来更显著的速度提升。新线缆基于英特尔的硅光(Silicon Photonics)技术打造,有望淘汰现在的铜线传输技术。


暗黑破壞神 III:奪魂之鐮『典藏版』開箱

距離《暗黑破壞神III:奪魂之鐮》3 月 25 日全球同步上市,就剩下最後 2 天!阿輝也先來大家低調的炫耀一下,是的今天就是要來開箱《暗黑破壞神III:奪魂之鐮》的典藏版!閱讀全文    


近日的一份报告显示,77%全职工作的人,要么在寻找新的工作,要么准备今年跳槽。   而对于那些多年没有换工作,远离求职市场的人来说,他们会发现如今的行情发生了很大的变化。

[组图]国航提供机上宽带上网服务 刷微博发视频不受限



对于 PC 用户来说,转移设备上数据可以使用非常古老的方式——移动硬盘。通过移动硬盘,PC 用户可以既快速又方便地将照片、文件等资料传到另外一台或多台 PC 上面。

Lyme Bacterium's Possible Ancestor Found In Ancient Tick

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "A few ancient ticks, some 15-million to 20-million old, trapped inside a piece of amber were bought by a researcher some 25 years ago, in Dominican Republic. Upon examination, he found ancient spirochetes bacterium,

These Flare Gas Trucks Get High on Their Own Supply

America is undergoing a fossil fuel renaissance thanks to a resurgent natural gas industry. But with many new wells being built far from existing oil pipelines, crews often vent excess gas. One such field in North Dakota is putting that gas to work running the company's fleet of field equipment.

Samsung Galaxy A5 實機照片流出 機背有金屬手感!

早幾日前曾介紹過 Samsung Galaxy A 系列中其中一部型號為 SM-A500 的手機,而今日有傳媒終於率先取得這部新機,而且根據開機畫面顯示,其最終名稱將會為 Galaxy A5。

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