Microsoft Rewards program now available in 21 countries worldwide

Microsoft Rewards is now available in 21 countries worldwide including Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan and more.

Nokia's reward program DVLUP is now available to developers across the globe

Nokia launched its rewards program called 'DVLUP' for Windows Phone developers last year in October. It was launched in 21 countries at that time and Windows Phone developers could join for free.

You can now design your dream Xbox One controller in the Microsoft Store app with the Xbox Design La

Since the inception of the Microsoft Store app, it has continued to grow through the addition of new product categories, such as offering up Microsoft’s range of devices, to an enhanced Games section with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

How to make Windows 10 feel faster by disabling animations

Windows 10 added a lot of design refinements to the Windows desktop. Especially since the introduction of Microsoft’s new Fluent Design System, motion and animation has become much more prevalent throughout the user interface. While animations can make for a more polished, streamlined feel,

Microsoft reportedly working on a low cost – no disk drive Xbox One

After releasing the Xbox One S in 2016 and the Xbox One X console a year later, we could get new Xbox One hardware as soon as next year.

Microsoft Transforms France’s Mont St. Michel with HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens is responsible for helping create a 3D model of Mont-Saint-Michel, an island and monastery in Normandy, France. Those equipped with a HoloLens can see the inside and outside of the cathedral as a part of an interactive exhibit at the Musée des Plans-Reliefs in Paris, France.

Edge wins an Emmy for helping to standardize HTML5

Microsoft was honored with an Emmy for its role in supporting TV experiences over the web via its new Edge browser.

Microsoft is apparently testing showing ads to non-Office 365 subscribers in its Windows 10 Mail app

Microsoft could soon show some ads to users of its Windows 10 Mail who don’t have an Office 365 subscription.

Sunset Overdrive officially coming to Windows 10 & Steam today

It’s official, both Microsoft and Insomniac Games confirmed yesterday that Sunset Overdrive is coming to Windows PCs today.

Microsoft “accidently” forced upgrades on Windows 10 1703 machines set to block updates

Reports of an update that pushed devices from the build 1703 to 1709 began pouring in as users who were justifiably upset began taking to Twitter and forums

Here’s all the news from this weekend’s Inside Xbox episode

The very first episode of the monthly “Inside Xbox” webcast premiered without a hitch as Team Xbox talked about everything Xbox. Inside Xbox delved into Sea of Thieves, PUBG, Far Cry 5, and more in the inaugural episode. Just in case you missed it,

Dedicated Edge Extensions tab shows up in the Microsoft Store for some users

Microsoft appears to be testing a new Edge Extensions tab in the Microsoft Store that will make them easier to find for Edge users

Microsoft Office for iPad 直到 2014 年才发布,为时已晚吗?

作为设计Office for iPad的产品经理之一,我估计很难站在中立的立场来发表意见。请见谅。首先,“这么多年用户习惯形成以后”这个陈述缺乏依据。

In the New Age of Game Development, Gamers Have More Power Than Ever

Velcroman1 writes: "In the olden times before high-speed Internet, the game you purchased on day one was what you were still playing months later. Now we live in an era of day-one patches, hotfixes, balance updates, and more. Diablo III, for example,

iOS历史精彩视频 这是从陌生到熟悉的过程

iPhone 的操作系统至今已经过 8 次的更新换代。对于一家世界科技巨头来说,这是一个不长的历史,但对于普通果粉来说,从第一代 iPhone OS 一直支持到现在的 iOS 8,已经是一段了不起的时间了。  

We could have had AC 50 years earlier but the ice lobby killed it

With another sweltering summer over you might have already forgotten the glory of your AC unit, the 100-year-old modern convenience which truly changed the way we live. But the U.S. might have felt the cool breeze of relief a half-century sooner,

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Gets a $10 Discount

Pay $10 less for Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Not expecting this to hang on the ledge for long.Read more...

破解不是夢!黑客展示 iOS 8.4 越獄成果

正當不少 iPhone、iPad 用戶期待著為 iOS 8.3 Jailbreak 之際,iOS 8.4 的 Jaibreak 已經獲得確認。日前著名的 Jailbreak 開發者 Stefan Esser(即是 i0n1c)在 YouTube 發表了破解 iOS 8.4 beta 1 的片段。以下有更多資料The post 破解不是夢!

Chatpad announced for Xbox One, pre-order now

The Xbox One, when initially released, was conceived as something of a media machine, at the expense of its gaming capabilities. Since that point, numerous concessions have been made by Microsoft towards the hardcore gaming crowd, and today at Gamescom 2015, it sweetened the deal even further.

Giphy Wants To Become A Full-Fledged, Gif-Based Media Company

Giphy, which launched out of betaworks in 2013 as a search engine for gifs, is evolving into something much bigger. In the last year, we’ve seen Giphy launch a standalone mobile app for creating your own gifs, called GiphyCam.

Redstone development branch “rs1_release” showing up for some Windows Insiders

With Threshold 2 now in the rear-view mirror development wise, Microsoft has now turned its focus over to Redstone, the next major update for Windows 10 slated launch in 2016. Internally, development is now...

Synology x HGST 聖誕送大禮 陪你玩轉 4K 轉碼新時代


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