New Devil May Cry HD video game collection launches on Xbox One

The Devil May Cry HD Collection is now available to play on all Xbox One video game consoles. This new collection features HD remasters of the first three Devil May Cry titles, Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, which are now playable in 60 frames per second. […]

Vodaphone demos holographic phone call using HoloLens and low latency 5G network

Microsoft's HoloLens has done some pretty cool things before, and in the latest, Vodafone is showcasing how the headset can be used for holographic phone calls on a 5G network

Microsoft begins counting some LinkedIn revenues under “Commercial Cloud”

Microsoft is defining the portions of "commercial" LinkedIn as LinkedIn Recruiter, Sales Navigator, Premium business subscriptions and "other."

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers brings Spongebob and more to the Xbox One

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers is finally available to digitally pre-order on the Xbox One. The game brings together an impressive number of characters from popular cartoon series such as Ninja Turtles, Spongebob Squarepants,

Ghost Recon Wildlands & Super Bomberman R now free to play on Xbox One

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and Super Bomberman R are now free to play on Xbox One consoles for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. This free play period will run from today until September 23rd and, like in previous free play weekend campaigns,

Plex for Xbox One adds chapter select and preview thumbnails

The Plex for Xbox has updated with a variety of bug fixes and new features. Amongst some of the cooler new additions are new chapter titles, preview thumbnails, and a new music mini player. Here’s the full release notes for this latest Plex for Xbox update:

Amazon announces new Echo and Skype integration

Company executives announced that its opening up its communications API to their party apps. First, among the Amazon's high profile new integrations is Microsoft's Skype.

Windows 10 RS5 build 17763 is now available for Windows Insiders in the Slow Ring

Microsoft is rolling out today the Windows 10 RS5 build 17763 to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring, just two days after it first shipped to Fast Ring Insiders.

Xbox One users given 60 days of AnimeLab Premium for free

Australian and New Zealand anime streaming service, AnimeLab, is offering new users the chance to experience their Premium subscription service for free for two months on their Xbox One console. AnimeLab is available to use for free however the Premium upgrade, which usually costs AU$6.97 a month,

Microsoft Rewards program now available in 21 countries worldwide

Microsoft Rewards is now available in 21 countries worldwide including Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan and more.

Microsoft “accidently” forced upgrades on Windows 10 1703 machines set to block updates

Reports of an update that pushed devices from the build 1703 to 1709 began pouring in as users who were justifiably upset began taking to Twitter and forums

独产成定局? 传台积电已开始生产 A8 芯片

威锋网讯 2 月 18 日消息,根据一则从苹果亚洲供应链传来的消息,台积电(TSMC)已经开始了苹果下一代移动处理芯片 A8 的生产工作。消息来源还表示,目前还不知道其它厂商是否已拿到 A8 芯片的生产订单。


3月中旬的某一夜,微信封杀了很多公众账号,这里面还不乏一些知名的账号,这让很多微信公众账号的运营者惴惴不安,怕一不小心触到一根摸不着看不到的红线,虽然在第二天在腾讯公关总监在其个人微博@饭珠三角 为此做了回应: 为保障用户体验,微信公众平台严禁恶意营销以及诱导分享朋友圈,严禁发布色情低俗、暴力血腥、谣言散播等各类违反法律法规及相关政策规定的信息。

Podcasts再发2.1.1版本更新 修复重大问题

Podcasts 应用继上次 2.1 版本更新,添加对 Siri 的支持之后,本周它再次获得更新,修复用户广泛反应的播放无响应、下载时崩溃等问题。苹果在更新版本说明中指出,2.1.

一键root大师PC版2.4:支持LG G3一键Root

“一键Root大师”是由国内著名应用开发团队OPDA Team开发完成的一款工具软件,旨在帮助用户方便、快捷的获取手机root权限。

A 'Fake ID' Flaw in Android Leaves Millions of Phones Vulnerable

A team of security researchers has discovered a security flaw in Google's mobile OS which affects handsets running versions up to and including 4.4—leaving a potential 82 percent of Android users at risk.Read more...

Why the Universe Didn't Become a Black Hole

StartsWithABang writes: With some 10^90 particles in the observable Universe, even stretched across 92 billion light-years today, the Universe is precariously close to recollapsing. How, then, is it possible that back in the early stages after the Big Bang,

BrightFunnel Raises $2.5M For Its Marketing Prediction Software

Marketing startup BrightFunnel is announcing that it has raised $2.5 million in seed funding.I last wrote about the company in January, after it raised an “advisory round” totaling what co-founder and CEO Nadim Hossain said was just under $1 million. Read More


投资机构:纪源资本(GGV Capital)(寰慧投资) 创业机构:杭州恩牛网络技术有限公司 涉及行业:金融服务 事件属性:私募投资 5000万 美元 2015年2月4日,杭州恩牛网络技术有限公司开发的51信用卡作为一 ... ...

懂行的人都在!参加OpenCloud 2015的十大理由

在2015年4月16-18日,一场由CSDN打造技术盛宴OpenCloud 2015将正式对外开放,汇聚近40名国内外的大牛讲师,为业界梳理云计算与大数据的技术创新与应用实践。大会前夕,CSDN总结了OpenCloud 2015不可错过的十大理由。

[视频]亚马逊与Crytek达成协议 或借此提升影视剧特效水平

在今年的游戏开发者大会(GDC 2015)上,Chris Burns在体验了由Epic Games带来的《Thief in the Shadows VR》之后,得出了“电影的未来,或许要靠视频游戏引擎来支撑了”的结论。而今天,亚马逊也与Crytek也达成了一项协议。

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