Xbox One Preview Alpha build 1804.180308-1900 fixes Dolby Atmos bugs

Preview Alpha build 1804.180308-1900 has begun to roll out to select Xbox Insiders. This latest build fixes a few issues with Dolby Atmos for Home Theater that were causing sound to cut out on some systems and settings to revert on others.

Windows 10’s People Bar set for the chopping block

The company appears set to scale back its People Bar feature in the next public Windows 10 update.

Xbox 360’s HBO NOW app to be discontinued next month

The HBO Now app for Xbox 360 will no longer be available after January 8, 2019, though the Xbox One app will continue to be supported.

Microsoft’s sleeper hit, Kaizala, powers over 1000 organizations in India already

Microsoft has announced that Kaizala is now powering over 1000 organizations in India across government and business institutions. Business organizations using this product represent a cross-section of industry sectors, from BFSI to manufacturing to retail, and include YES Bank, UPL, Alembic,

Microsoft SharePoint gets @ mentions and more in latest iOS app update

The Microsoft SharePoint app updated to Version 4.5.0 on Apple’s iOS devices this morning. This latest update added the ability to use @ mentions in comments, now allows users to be notified when someone mentions them by name with an @ mention, and also enabled file renaming.

Jurassic World Evolution’s new DLC adds 3 new dinosaurs to the video game

The Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack downloadable content (DLC) for the Jurassic World Evolution Xbox One video game is now available to download. This latest Jurassic World Evolution DLC adds three new dinosaurs for players to use; the Iguanodon, the Carcharodontosaurus, and the Dreadnoughtus.

Telegram updates on Windows with custom languages and more new features

The popular Telegram messaging app updated to Version 1.5 today on Windows computers and added a lot of new functionality. In addition to new emoji, improved scaling for larger screens, 2x speed for video and audio, and Twitter and Instagram link previews,

BELOW is now available on Xbox One for sale and for free play in Xbox Game Pass

The atmospheric action and adventure title, BELOW, is now available to purchase outright on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles or play for free as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. BELOW is designed to be challenging gaming experience with randomly-generated locations,

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra is already using a new Xbox Avatar

A Twitter user by the name of Rand al Thor 19 noticed yesterday that Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, who is the company’s corporate vice president of gaming, has updated his Xbox profile to include a representation of himself in the new, yet to be released, Xbox Avatar style.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) fixes bugs in latest Xbox One update

The hit Xbox One video game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG for short), received its 10th update since launching on Microsoft’s family of consoles this week.

New Devil May Cry HD video game collection launches on Xbox One

The Devil May Cry HD Collection is now available to play on all Xbox One video game consoles. This new collection features HD remasters of the first three Devil May Cry titles, Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, which are now playable in 60 frames per second. […]

智能手机市场开始走下坡路 但iPhone仍是王者


莫博士评三星Galaxy S5:防水是最大亮点

美国资深科技媒体人沃尔特·莫斯伯格(Walt Mossberg)今天发布评测文章称,三星新一代旗舰机Galaxy S5很不错,但并没特别令人兴奋、特别新颖之处。该产品最大的亮点在于防水功能,适合手机时常掉水里的消费者使用。

Mariah Carey Plans Unconventional Album Release Similar to Beyonce's

Vocal powerhouse Mariah Carey is gearing up to release her 14th studio album, her first in nearly half a decade, exclusively online through digital services.Carey also plans to skip some traditional promotional marketing tactics — opting to unleash the album, cover art,

'Game of Thrones' Actress Had the Best Reaction to Being Recast

Anyone in the market for a Princess? Former Game of Thrones actress, Aimee Richardson, who played Myrcella Baratheon, has been recast for season 5 of the hit HBO show. But Richardson dealt with the blow the best way possible — a little social media humor. See also:






今年暴雪嘉年华(BlizzCon)开幕式将会联合Xbox进行流媒体视频直播,虚拟门票39.99美元,这可是 Xbox 的「第一次」呢……


《大西洋月刊》撰稿人伊安博格斯特(Ian Bogost)发表文章称,一些人把程序员称为工程师,这破坏了工程的一个悠久的传统为公众利益而设计和建造基础设施。以下为全文摘要:  我的一个朋友最近提到:科技界习惯 ... ...

宇宙中可见物质为 4%,暗物质和暗能量占 96% 是怎么算出来的?

先说一条新闻:就在今天(2015.11.11),目前世界上最灵敏的探索暗物质的仪器 XENON1T 正式启用,明年年初预计会有first science results。


根据一份来自TorrentFreak的报道了解到,现在,盗版者想要攻破最新的PC游戏变得越来越难,这导致一些有名的破解组织开始有了放弃的念头。特别是在过去的18个月内,大量游戏都需要很长的时间才能破解。据了解,盗版者用了一个多月的时间才破解了《龙腾世纪:审判(Dragon Age: Inquisition)》,而像《FIFA 16》(去年9月发售)、《正当防卫3(Just Cause)》(去年12月发售)则都还没有破解。

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